Wednesday, July 1, 2009


MONDAY morning:

8:30a.m: getting ready to go for my religious class nearby, at KGPA.

8:50a.m: had breakfast, a plate of mixed fried fine noodle (bee hoon) with fat yellow noodles... sitting alone at the table while watching "have forgotten what"... golfing stuffs.

9:20a.m: went upstairs into the banquet hall. Before I was seated, a friend offered me
a slice of steamed cake. Chatted for while about this cake, told her that mine turned out to be an albino because I did wait for the caramel to be brown. Looking across, I saw an old friend from college. We invited ourselves for lunch on campus (UM).

9:30a.m:our teacher started the class.

12:00noon: as soon as the formal lecture stopped and just as Q & A session was about
to begin, we signaled each other and left. Otherwise, there would be along queue to reach the traffic light down the lane.

After lunch, we each went our separate ways and home we got. Resting and then running errands. Did not touch this laptop...


a.m: spending time with my grandson, Harith and Hafiz in the house.

11:30 a.m: missed a phone call from this important office. It must have been about
Diyanah , my youngest daughter. What now...

2:13p.m: Received Diyanah's sms. The sponsor (JPA) for her scholarship called.
Another offer!

Goodness ME! AND I was to accept the offer on behalf of my daughter, what????
Another decision making in a haste??? Am I going to make a blunder this time? Is this the correct one for her? I better called someone to find out, thought I.

2:20p.m: I got through to JPA office and spoke to one officer. Apparently, the Russian Medical course's scholarship is not convertible for Local Government Univ. , instead it's for studying in our local Private Univ. So, after getting the name and telephone number of this new private medical college, I contacted the Human Resource Manager. Not quite satisfied, for a second opinion I called the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) at the University Diyanah is currently studying. After much deliberation, I was satisfied with all the positive comments from him. He was also Harith's Mama's former lecturer in the same university when she was studying medic. some years ago and my PIC's former classmate in UM when she was doing medic before to do Econs in USM.

4:19p.m: Another call from JPA. This time, I have to give my final answer to accept or
not to accept because they want to key in her name and send it to this new college.

Since it was noted that this Cyber Jaya Medical College is reputable and recognised by the MMC (Malaysian Medical Council), with no hesitation and second thoughts, I replied:

"We accept"... This time, I did not feel that I was making wrong decision for my youngest daughter anymore.

So, by 5:00p.m., after her class she called and asked what was my answer to the JPA officer or shall we discuss later that night?

"No need Diyanah, I already made the decision for you and it's final. You are to register in CBMC on Thursday, 2nd July at 9;30a.m. Tomorrow, you shall inform your lecturer that you are leaving and check out from the hostel. Then, you shall pack up and leave." I said, in one breath.

"Oh! You already gave them the answer? Oooo, ok." said Diyanah.

And what followed after this conversation was probably:
* she's a bit upset about leaving her good friends
*busy packing, gathering her stuff
*making arrangements when we could fetch her and her stuffs... and so on!

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