Friday, July 3, 2009

7:40a.m - 6:00p.m. JOURNEY

THE EARLY bird woke up at three in the morning to pack her stuffs. Getting things ready to be "on the move via nomadic-university-programs"... you know what I mean? Lol! Since February this year, this is going to be Diyanah's third registration to enroll in our local university. Perhaps? Nope! No more perhaps. This is final. Every private university is about to begin with their formal lectures and the long rigmarole of "history to their future" should start by Monday. The others have started since May and foundation courses have started even much earlier in INTEC, MARA where Diyanah first enrolled.

To her liking or not, her days began in February with packing (to enroll to a new place), unpacking (to begin with lectures) and packing (to go home leaving the university). Meanwhile, thesis presentation had begun and she had done hers... Apparently, I asked her to leave on Thursday the 14th of May and Her second enrollment (into the Univ.of Malaya) took place on the 15th of May, the last day to of registration for freshies. After about two months...

A new life, a new beginning and another history started today, 2nd July in a private university college, Cyber Jaya University College of Medical Sciences. This time the packing (from this bedroom) and unpacking (in her new apartment) is final until, insyaAllah six years from now... ...

As soon as we (Me aka RTL, Hafiz and Zaza - Diyanah's elder sis) hit the MEX highway, it rained so heavily and the visibility was evidently poor (so, no photo shots). The haze that came since beginning of April, added to the unhealthy air around. It remains bad even after the rain went away.

The registration started at 9:30a.m. but when we arrived at 8:20a.m., there were already early (er) birds in the registration hall. As we approached the lobby area, we were greeted by the university staffs and the first and third year students on duty.

The HR manager whom I have been in communication for the past two days, since Tuesday, was entertaining some other students with their registration forms. We have not met each other but we spoke on the phones a lot. I was told she was dressed in red attire. I spotted her and waited until she finished with the girls. As soon as she turned,

"Kak (sister) Emy is it?" she asked with a broad smile and warmly hugging me.

"Yes, it's me" said I offering her a big, (huge perhaps) grin with equally warm hug. This is customary only when meeting old friends but ... thank God, she offered me one. After introducing her to my (big) children, she turned to Diyanah. Business and formalities were about to start.

"Ok Diyanah, come this way. Please take your time, fill up all the forms and do not worry, we are around to see them before you queue up to submit them" she continued and showing to the direction to go.

Apparently as I was told, Diyanah's name has been famous there for the past two days. But WHY? Because the sponsor (JPA - a government scholarship) never printed her name anywhere, never "formally" submitted to the university , so they did not issue her any formal "Letter OF Offer"... LOL! All conversations were through the phones and the confirmation from the sponsor was also through the phone. Believe it or not? But it was true. The emails confirming details about the registration and all the jezz of "formalities" never arrived although it was sent twice to her. Never mind! I was asked to fill in her name following some "printed" names in a list of students registration. (her name was not missing but was never printed).

No wonder Diyanah asked me the night before,

"Mummy, is this true? The offer, I mean?" doubtfully she asked.

"Yes, of course!" confidently I answered her. though I knew for sure....

After they offered us some refreshment, we waited for the next "order" of the day. Parent (s) were then invited into the posh looking auditorium for briefings. I was seated in the third row, patiently waiting for them to start.

One thing I was concerned about was the lecturers. Hence, I paid serious attention to this topic. They were nothing short of Professors (junior and senior) . The briefings lasted about 40 minutes done by senior board members (including the programme's head and the provost).

By 12:00 noon, arrangements were announced to ferry students and parent(s) to their apartments about one kilometer away by transportation provided. No private vehicles were allowed in there to assure smooth flow of "delivery system" (?). It is right besides the MMU (Multi Media University). The residential area is mixed between students from other universities (Lim Kok Weng Univ and MMU) and the public.

After unloading her belongings, we went out for lunch and sent her back to the apartment for her to get ready with the next "order" of the day... orientation programme.

By 3:30p.m we went for our prayer in this magnificent and grand mosque, The Putra Jaya Mosque. It was under massive renovation but I was ushered to the ablution area with much less problems. Once finished I did not forget to take pictures to share with you, bloggers.

The last "duty" before going home, was to deliver a letter to the sponsor's office, JPA. Hafiz went up alone while we waited in the car... Hafiz is also a JPA scholar (a government scholarship)

Hafiz took the wheel (to and fro) and... he overshot the exit to our "zone" as he drove too fast to maneuver... so there we were... taking the longer journey home. Right into the City Center, passing Jalan Tun Razak (circular ring road), turning into KLCC, then Jalan Sultan Ismail, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Sri Smantan, Jalan Damansara and finally into Jalan Dato' Abu Bakar.

Thanks Hafiz, Zaza and me for making this "long trip" a tiring yet fruitful one. By Saturday, Hafiz is leaving his campus... 350 kilometer away.

....more pics to follow in the next post... its 2:15a.m. now... I should go to bed and get some rest.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this post. We have had 6 children go into and come out of college. Various lengths of time to complete. Leave home, come back home for many many years. It is hard to believe they are all gone and on their way. I remember the first child, our oldest son, to have to fill out all the paper work, etc. It was all worth it. Blessings

RoyalTLady said...


Great! You are my most regular visitor now.

Thanks for making my day and blogging inspirational.

Yes, they are, don't they? This morning, Hafiz left for his new Semester in a second year...

Tea Time With Melody said...

My goodness you and your daughter have been busy, busy, busy! I remember all the paperwork when my daughter registered for college. Now I am helping a friend at work with the same papers for the same college. Hopefully your daughter will relax and have some fun and most of all meet new friends. :)

RoyalTLady said...

I must thank the "smooth" registration process and "ferrying" of us all to the students' accommodation.

The officers were very friendly and extremely helpful. The students on duty approached us in the room where Diyanah was filling up the forms... her name was Iffa, a third year medical student.

Thanks a million to everyone who made Diyanah's journey a "pleasant" one... a new beginning for Diyanah's future.

TO JPA who endlessly trying to put Diyanah somewhere, numerous calls made to entertain us and of course the humble HR Manager of CUCMS who was so warm, friendly yet respectable. A HUGE thanks to all.

Humble mother,
Kak Emy

RoyalTLady said...


Hope you have had a pleasant break if not equally busy like mine was.

Yes, I certainly hope Diayanah gets along well with new faces in her apartment, in her course and most of all I hope she remains polite and likable to everyone that crosses her path.

So, Mel, we share similar episodes...


A World in a PAN said...

Busy days you've been going through! Incidentally, a whole different world here. Classes have just finished here in France ...everybody is relaxing

RoyalTLady said...

Yes Laura, been extra busy lately. Guess what? By Friday, I was totally knocked out! I took a nap which lasted for a few good extra ordinary!

What a relief for you when your classes just finished. Have a good break and send more postings...