Sunday, June 28, 2009


This morning, the registration for the first year students in the university campus close by, began. We avoided the normal passage through the campus to Ampang Jaya for Sunday's religious class. AND today also, we were supposed to meet a blogger friend which was set in the afternoon before.

Somehow, after our class, we were unsuccessful in contacting him via phones. We took a drive and got caught in the campus jam. Under the circumstances, WE have zilch idea where to begin but somehow, we drove up to the second college near the Hospital University. Failing to get through numerous calls, we drove out and went home.

Apparently, my "blogger family" friends cum relatives, had already arrived at the Golf Club nearby. Grabbing my handbag and with Hafiz tagging along, we drove out and reached the club in no time, to find them waiting patiently in the lobby of the coffee house on the terrace.

Meanwhile, Harith, his Mama, Papa and Aunty Zaza were leaving to attend two different wedding receptions, so they did not join us.

This family except their mom, are all bloggers. The youngest blogger, as mentioned before, (assuming in the world) also comes from this family. He is now six. After greeting each other, we headed for the coffee house and ordered our food. The five-bloggers, should be called the A Team.

Karim, their father, is also an ardent blogger. The traffic in his blog is enormous and kept on increasing by the hour (as he mentioned). He sends postings every now and then. This motivate his children to follow greatly. A very supportive and high motivation father, he is.

I have no pictures taken, so nothing was to share until one of them started posting about our meet in his/her blog later. Karim took pictures of us...

We started ordering our food beginning with "Kuey Teow Beef Ginger"(broad, flat noodles cooked in corn flour savory sauce with beaten eggs, ginger and beef) , then went on to "Chinese Fried Rice", and "Mamak Fried Noodle". Drinks were juices of guava, water melon and, and, and, oh MY! I forgot what did Hafiz ordered. Sorry Fiz.

We chatted for almost two hours about almost everything we have been doing in our volunteer work... leaving not much space for the kids to interrupt neither joining in. Hafiz was quiet. He was just listening to us. Hani (the children's mom) and me, we were dominating the "lunch meet" with lots to share.

Then by three something, it was time to leave... I signalled to Hafiz to go to the counter for our bill. Had it not been for him getting up to check, I would have been in an embarrassed state... WHY? "Senior Moments" had set in. In the rush just then, I totally forgot that my purse was in my other bag that carried my writing materials and my book. While Hafiz was at the counter, I took a look into my handbag. I saw a few black items but never seen my purse! OMG! Luckily Hafiz carried some cash! Slowly, I zipped my handbag and "pretended" nothing had happened.

Thank you Hafiz for coming to the rescue!!!!! And saved Mummy's embarrassment of the year!


On our way out to an afternoon wedding reception, Hafiz was asking which way to take to reach the 28 km destination.

"Today is a Saturday Fiz." I made a statement, half leaving the facts behind, in my mind.

"Why? What about Saturday?" a natural question was shot by Hafiz.

"People from the private sectors are working you know?" said I.

"oooooh!" Hafiz, giving a brief respond.

"Okay, we shall take the NKVE route then" half ordering him.

Tralala, tralala LA!LA LA!!!! Osh Kosh Bigosh!

"Look Hafiz!!!! the massive jam has started"... it was only five minutes away from the first toll house. Perhaps... perhaps there might have been a major accident ahead. We were just going round a sharp bend joining the highway... so we couldn't see anything... specially when our views were shielded by huge and heavy vehicles.

I went quiet, limp with words, yet not totally disappointed because the vehicles were moving, though at a snail pace. The sun was at its hottest and brightest, a mid day hot sun yet hazy from the forest burning in our neighboring country, Indonesia. Admittedly also, from the light and heavy vehicles emitting smoke each second of our lives.

It was a boring ride... Scrounging deep into my not-so big-handbag, out came my cam. Once my phone cam started clicking, it would not stop until the battery went out. Then, something caught my attention and ideas to write came along. Honestly, could you guess what this is?

Okay, okay, now you know the answer... YES! It was an un-wraped "thingy" joining the jam and its long miserable journeyto its destination... either to the nearest toll house that tax our dough or further away that only "thingy" knew.

"Thingy" was right in front of us, un sheltered, un boxed, totally exposed, and was relaying its message to me via telepathy, it was thirsty. Yes, thirsty it was. Unfortunately, the HUGE water tank was too far away from the highway... and certainly was unreachable! A HUGE campaign was displayed on its structured tank, "JIMATKAN AIR" which means "SAFE THE WATER". "Thingy" couldn't reach out. It was on the far right side of the highway situated in an exclusive housing estate. Sorry, thingy! I am thirsty too...


Somehow, the wedding invitation that reached me via my hand phone had led us into several town halls... (as I learned later from one of the guests), there were altogether 32 of them in this city.

The first was an MBSA reception hall at Section 11. It was a wrong one. Confidently (as always), I walked in with a long stride because I was hungry. The groom's parents greeted us. When confirmed that it was not the one we intended to attend we left although they politely invited us to join.

It was almost half past three, the invitaion noted that it lasted until 4:00p.m. Would we be on time? So Hafiz managed a few menouverings to reach to this prestigious MBSA Banquet Hall. It was the right one. But as we entered, the hall was still crowded. The parents to the bride, was no where to be seen. We were in the middle of their guests' attention. Not long after, we located them (Haji Wan Hamid and his wife Norida) in beautiful and gorgeous blue attire and went up to greet with blessings. Worries went away! The food were still plentiful, hahahha (that mattered too). The normal half hour ride, took us more than one and a half hour's drive in the "Not Apricot JAM".


TODAY, Friday the 26th, we need to go to the optician because Uncle Hafiz's spectacles broke (last evening) at the bracket end piece.

So, the three of us got into our car, which had received heavy showers the day before and looking quite not-so-clean. Harith was strapped onto his comfy car seat, Memee aka me "the grandma blogger" (looks like it's unofficially official and everyone in this household has accepted this name to be called by him) seated by his side and Uncle Fiz was practically handling (?) the wheel. Zooooooooom! There we went, up the slope, stopped to lock the gate, left we turned and out onto the freeway, Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar!

On our way to the England Optical shop, Harith was so looking forward to see the optician.(as if he knew him). He was forever so wide-eyed and full of zest whenever we took him for a drive.  Each drive was definitely enjoyable to him.

After a long wait, we decided to ascend the covered multi-storey car park. Upon arrival, he walked into the shop looking bewildered and half-wondering where we were, with glass cabinets all around, on the floor, on the walls, there were plenty of display spectacle frames with lights shining from the ceiling and on every nook and corners.

Harith was enjoying looking at the glasses while the optician told us, including himself, they are "New Arrivals".  He has ideas what they were since he is used to seeing us wearing spects in this family (me and Hafiz). I noticed the signage had been there faithfully, since my last visit with his Mama to make my sunglasses (as a gift from Mama) on a Mother's Day in the year 2008. The cabinet evidently proved me right from wrong... I saw a few dead insects in the display cabinet...cht, cht, cht... I did not take pictures simply because I didn't intend to embarrass them...
Leaning on the glass display cabinet and  looking quite interested in the frames... I knew it! My grandson was thinking...

...and thinking out loud what to do next.

 Ha!!!!!!!!! Wait!

To everyone's surprise, "sprung"! Out came his PIC and closest ally (almost a UFO to some) from a little planet called a tout bag that I carried....

"Look what I have here! I too want to share this with you...."
"This is just fine for my size, it has ample thickness to give me comfort...when it rains..."

"AND believe ME! It's big enough Sir", looking up so convincingly straight into the optician's eyes who was smiling broadly at his gesture.

Who on earth would have thought that he was going to take his diapers out while I got my sunglasses ( taken out from the same tout bag) fixed and my normal glasses tightened up on its screws...

"BUT certainly I am not doing direct selling here. Honest! YOU better believe me"
(this is Aunty Diyanah's bit of contributory idea)

Dear readers, this amazed me so much, I tell you!  AND, and, and luckily it was a clean one... no wonder he took a peep inside the bag and ... there it was. He was trying to imitate me, taking out something from the bag and showed it to the optician.....Enjoy reading...


COME Friday the 25th, things went quiet on our end. No internet connections either. I gather, it must have been the announcement of the sudden death of our late Michael Jackson... I was a bit "lost" but by Saturday, it came back on... this time I was down with mild headache for a late night sleep... watching the TV till 2:00a.m. which sometimes the TV got to watch me!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hastily, Sok Koon came to Diyanah
"Red, red, red! Red come, under fridge!"

"What? Red? What red?" asked Diyanah in suspence.

"Red, long tail, it jump", replied Sok Koon.

"Oh, the lizard? Long tail?", Asked Diyanah.

"NO! Red! Red! I can kill it", retorted Sok Koon.

"What? Red? Long tail? Where?", asked Diyanah.

"It jump in, now under there, fridge", said Sok Koon.
"It big! I kill it, I kill it" she continued, busy pushing, shoving beneath the tight corner of the fridge.

"OOOOOOOh... that RED!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Diyanah... somehow she never went into the kitchen. She just stood by the kitchen door.

Meanwhile, Rizal (Harith's Papa) went round to the kitchen through the back door, wanting to help.  Sok Koon, refused his help.

"It's Ok brother, I can kill red, I can kill red!", said Sok Koon.

From my bedroom which is directly above the kitchen (that's why when pots of soups got burn, I could easily smell them), I could hear commotions and banging on the wall. I just ignored, thinking she was scrubbing the corners of the kitchen.

Half an hour later, when I came down, I saw her soaking in sweat but still smiling at me. When Diyanah explained the "incident', I was laughing my heart out...

It was like a chicken-half-duck talking to a duck-half-chicken... if you knew what I mean.  I also don't know if there is such thing as what I have written here.  LOL!

After such a long hide and seek with the the RED which turned out to be a big rat from the neighborhood, she succumbed to her failure!  Hahahahahha, the rat escaped.  SO, it's a rat and not red as she pronounced.

These conversation was recorded between my youngest daughter and our Cambodian cleaner that comes weekly.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The initial report

The landmark Jaya Supermarket building in Section 14 in Petaling Jaya collapsed after demolition operations went awry Thursday afternoon

PETALING JAYA: 28th May 09

The abandoned Jaya Supermarket in Section 14 here collapsed after demolition operations went awry on Thursday evening.

Part of the four-storey building, a landmark of the city, collapsed at about 4:45pm, trapping nine Indonesian construction workers. Others working at the site managed to escape.

The Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call at 5:08pm and about 50 firemen immediately rushed to the scene.

My Phone camera captured these pics (below) from my moving car as we slowly going through the street in sadness: 14th June 2009

This was the place where I found "THE FAITHFUL" posted on the 1st January 2008...

We started patronizing this super"market" since the 1980's after returning from a-four-year "normadic life" in the UK.

Most times we were there for various obvious reasons:

  • to get our grocery supplies, a few times a week
  • to visit our "panel doctor" - the then Dr.Ruby Majeed and Syed Mahmud Clinic at the far end of the corridor on the second floor, each time the children fell ill
  • to get our daily "quick lunch" at Dave's Deli, McD, Kentucky FC (for me and the kids as their school was not far off)
  • to browse for favorite books and to look for stationery from the Popular Book Store
  • to try and buy outfits for work from the Thiara Boutique, before it closed down
  • to get shoes from the BATA Shop and Scholls from the Scholl outlet
  • to try and buy clothes for me and my children from the most frequented "Reject Shop"
  • to repair and buy watches and pens from "The City Chain"
  • I would never forget The Cold Storage guys who were familiar with us that we were allowed to open mandarin boxes and choose the fresh ones for our purchase...This happened only occasionally when the Chinese New Year festival season came.
  • and there were more list of tenanted retailers and office dwellers
NOW I feel so nostalgic about this place... I almost couldn't go on with "25 years of memories" to list down... Anyway, when the building was standing strong and beautiful I never thought about capturing it from my cam.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I did not tell you to...

Perhaps... you may just be luckier than them
Your little diary did not join them
In the fire that vary day
For you were not yet born then

I still kept it somewhere...
Anyway, before you arrived, blood pressure shot high
I was so afraid on that day, 29th October 1991
That the blood transfusion might went "wrong"

A couple of days before "hiv blood"
Found its was into an old man's body
With such mistakes were they forgiven?
Not ever, ever, ever! Poor old man

A prestigious teaching hospital, committed such a mistake?
I was really scared, it might get into me!
The blood pressure was not a history to me
But that day... it shot high of fright!

9:00p.m. ... I was in the labor room
Waiting anxiously as the student doctors took blood samples
Another was trying to poke into my veins
That sent blood dripping to the floor

Nothing exciting but anguish build inside me
Voices of other mothers were heard
One went silent after a loud yell
I thought, has she gone?

When the baby arrived
I was alive and not given any sedatives
She was welcomed like all the other three
With no bother of the snow this time

It was in Kuala Lumpur, the city with tons of characters
But she grew up with no such problems
She was well brought up along with her other siblings
Being too well protected and sheltered!

I am writing all the four poems while waiting for PIC to arrive... tonight she is taking me to a wedding long readers... enjoy your week end.


You had a blue diary
But I bet if you remembered it at all
I carefully transcripted it for you
In case you want to know all about it

The handsome gynecologist was Prof.Rachagan
Wednesday 20th May 1987 it was
Normal appointment day at the Ante-Natal
What? Did you say "the baby was no good?"

OW! Rushed up rushed here rushed there
The nurses were shoving the wheels
The graph showed a deep sunken valley-like
That showed the heart beat? Yup!

"Fetal distress", was it? Yes? No?
I was shocked... wasn't I? Of course I did
The baby was lacking oxygen?
"Cesarean"! I slumped in that blue chair

It was a taboo to hear that vary word
But the Prof.sent me home for lunch!
Meanwhile blood pressure had shot up
I was so scared of cesarean

Three o'clock was the time on the wall
Someone was with me in that cold room
That sent me shivering to my spine
My teeth were greeting each other endlessly!

For two days I did not get to see him
I was told it was a him
I prayed hard for his hands, fingers and all
Were to be normal

He was in the incubator for observation
It was that bad, the temperature had to be normal
Then he would be with me by my side
I prayed hard for his safe journey into my arms

The pains that followed, was indescribable
But I endured it with patience
Alhamdulillah syukur (Thanks Allah)
I have a little rest at last!

Son, every little word was scribed for you
To read, to share and to treasure later in life
But alas! It went elsewhere
I told you to keep it, didn't I?


Your diary was the one in red
But you never kept it safely
Or salvaged it from the burning fire
While someone was clearing stuffs in the house

Devastation crept inside me
I was frustrated
My scribes went into ashes
Such a wasted effort!

Watching "Towering Inferno" in the night
At our rented apartment
Just besides the Royal Infirmary
It was 10:00p.m. my resting time

Suddenly this "signal" came
There was no pre warnings
The pain was just (too) enormous
It surely gave me a "towering notice"

I have no idea what could have happened
It was a Sunday Night, on a week end
When we arrived, there were no doctors
I was put in the labor room

There were too few nurses
A loud yell sent them rushing to me
Someone was heard saying "Hold on"
What? Could I, could you?

The shortest arrival time with no difficulties...
4 hours later, the 11th of January 1982
It was snowing outside
You were not properly wrapped

I noticed you easily caught cold
When the temperature was low
I shun visitors with cold carriers to our house
They made you having runny nose throughout!

Living in Lake View... was fun
Our house was just a few feet away from this huge lake
But no body ever dared taking a swim
In that ice cold water

Cramlington was our next destination
The semi-detached house was rented
Friends like Christie, Bob and Mark
Shared your toys, food and drinks

When we came back to Malaysia
It was time to adjust to new things
No problems communicating in Malay language
Soon after Terengganu dialects were practiced

Time to move on, we left my parent's house
Living in the City of Kuala Lumpur
The busy and chaotic life did not bother you
Life was just as normal to you both....

I told you though! Keep that diary dear and read it once in a while. Now, I bet you remember nothing that was scribbled in it. Alas!


To My first three children...

Each time before your "arrival"
I kept this special diary
Carefully narrated on each page
What happened, when and why

Daughter NO.1... if i could recall...
Bits here and there...
A week before your arrival
We were warded in the Newcastle Royal Infirmary

I took along a change of tiny clothes
Diapers, linens and blanket
As it was wintering
Afraid you might have caught cold case you arrived

But then you were not ready to "arrive"
So we went home instead
Resting a little while longer
Waiting for the "signals" ...ready when you are!

29 years ago... On a winters day
(California dream, dream, dreaming
On such a winter's day)
On the 6th of November 1980
At a much forgotten time (really)
You finally arrived at the delights of new parents

I remember vaguely a nurse from Kuantan (Malaysia)
Working in the Infirmary and sweet as she was
We both were glad we met each other
Our home towns were not far apart
Yet we met in foreign lands

The next thing we knew
You were in the incubator
Your arrived late with jaundice
Hence the naked body shone with strong lights

I was in the other wing resting
Each feeding time was a miracle
There was no sms, no emails received
No phone calls made BUT
I knew it was feeding time

Allah sent me signals that
My baby needed me
So I walked all the way
A Five minute walk...

After you were full
I left and got in bed
Writing away all the happenings
With tiny slanting scribbles

It was a dark blue thin diary
That was not salvaged
From the fire that someone
Carelessly cleared from our bookshelf

I just remembered... had you kept it, we could compare and find similarities between you and your first born, my beloved grandson! You both look alike... but as time went on he changes bit by bit. He has got your bright eyes, your eye lashes and wearing your smiles. BUT most of all he has both his parents intelligence combined!

I told you to keep your own diary that I wrote for you! Now that dairy is no longer around, but memories linger on and on... soon there would be no more memories...


Make over on a head gear, a square scarf folded into triangles and worn with matching baju kurong... the beads were sewn to camouflage the faded embroidery threads.

Sleeves with more elaborate beads on a pale colored baju kurong...

Sleeves of my baju kurong (recycled ... the baju is almost 8 years old) that I sewn myself. Notice the hemming is quite fine. Today's tailors never sewn this "fine" (?).

One side of the completed sleeve.
When I tried to smoothen the slightly-crumpled-fabric on the other sleeve... guess what had happened to it???? Notice the darker color(???) in the picture at the bottom? It's the temperature setting doing the bit!!!! (not ME!)...Now my daughter never got to wear this blouse with beads on... sob, sob!
Sad piece of work (I have left the needle and thread intact, for months now)
Out of frustration, leaving the needle and thread on, still thinking out loud what to do with this uncompleted work... I can't figure out how other than buying a piece of new fabric and replace with new sleeves.

This dark blue baju kurong was worn by my youngest daughter on her "college graduation" night. It took me almost a week to complete the bead work. The main focus of this garment is on the sleeves and its bottom part.... knee high length...

This was my oldest bead work on my baju kurong... its almost in the middle part of the baju. Worn many times during different occasion as I love the purple color so much.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

TAGGED - fourth time

Tagged on Tuesday

I have been tagged by Peggy at queenmothermamaw.blogspot to list 6 uninteresting things that make me happy, and to pass it on.

Here are the directions to do:
Blog your 6 items, then pass the tag along to 6 other bloggers. They just need to link back to you.
Blog their 6 items, tag 6 others and so it goes.
Be sure to visit their blogs to inform them they have been tagged, if they would like to participate.

SIX interesting things that make me happy:

1. Waiting for this precious moment every day for my grandson to say

"Common meemee, give me a hug!"

There goes his kisses... its so indescribable when he presses his face, flattens his nose, grabs my neck and sometimes... he went all over my face...ow! He is now 16 months old and a real chatterbox.

2. When things go very quiet, for a while I thought I was all alone in this house. Suddenly the familiar sound breaks the monotony of the engrossed and busy blogging grandma ... It's so sweet to hear "Meemee!" Ha! Here he comes. For over ten months now I have taught him to address me as "WAN" but what he says is "Meemee, mummy!". How do you like that?

3. Out into my scruffy (?) and untidy garden...Despite this description, it still gives me great pleasure to see them growing along with me and thriving to cheer me up.

these pictures are taken using my hand phone... the shots are not so clear.

4. For 5 days looking after each other (me and my grandson) in the house, I enjoy dinners with all my children.

5. Always looking forward to host gatherings or to attend family weddings ...with old school mates from younger days... really long time friends and still very much keeping in touch...wanna try to count the years? ... it was from 1967-1974...

6. Leisurely sewing beads on old clothes as makeovers... I am still an amateur in this but I have tried doing my own designs on my daughters' garments.

Now I would like to tag these folks if they would like to play... (here comes the hardest part to choose or not to choose :)

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5. Kim of Happy @ Home
6. Beverly of Tea time and Roses

Nasi Minyak Terengganu

pictures and recipe is borrowed from another blog.
in case you have an original recipe (authentic) of "Beef Masak Hitam", please share it with me, my visitors and our kitchen.


Ingredients :

4 cups Basmathi rice ~ washed and put through a strainer

To saute :

Star anise (bunga lawang)
Cinnamon stick (kulit kayu manis)
Cardamon (buah pelaga)
Cloves (bunga cengkih)
3 shallots ~ sliced
2 cloves garlic ~ sliced
3 tablespoons ghee
1 tablespoon margarine

1/2 can evaporated milk
3 1/2 cups water
cashew nuts
1 screwpine leaf (daun pandan)
food coloring : red, green and yellow
salt to taste

Method 1 :

1. Heat a pot and add in the ghee and margarine.
2. Add in the star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon, cloves, shallots and garlic. Fry till fragrant.
3. Add in water, evaporated milk, salt and screwpine leaf. Stir well.
4. Add in the Basmathi rice and leave to cook.
5. When almost ready, put a few drops of coloring on three parts of the rice. Do not stir.
6. Leave it for a while, then stir to mix.
7. Sprinkle the cashew nuts and cover to cook.

Method 2:

1. Place rice, screwpine leaf and enough water (slightly less that what's needed to cook rice) in a pot and cook on the stove.
2. Meanwhile, in a small wok, melt margarine and ghee.
3. Add in the star anise, cinnamon stick, cardamon, cloves, shallots and garlic. Fry till fragrant.
4. Add in evaporated milk, a bit of water and salt. Stir well.
5. Pour into the half-boiling rice and stir well.
6. When almost ready, put a few drops of coloring on three parts of the rice. Do not stir.
7. Leave it for a while, then stir to mix.
8. Sprinkle the cashew nuts and cover to cook.


AN early morning call took me by surprise! It was THE Wan Syukur bin Hj.Wan Ngah, the great nasi dagang maker, caterer and a former banker. He expressed his wishes for me to write in my blog and it was not hard at all. Indeed it wasn't!! BUT from yesterday morning, I still couldn't compose myself to write and meet his request. WHY? Because I was so overwhelmed with visits and counter visits from blogger friends from across the continents.


Anyway, NOW, he starts selling Laksa Kuoh Masok Terengganu (the above picture) at Medan Selera (Subang Jaya) MPSJ in SS19 in the EVENINGS until night time. He could be contacted at this number 019-3645467 in case you get your yourself driving in the wrong direction ( I wouldn't say lost) which might end your journey to The Monash University (Malaysia) Campus in The Sunway Lagoon and Resorts.

On weekends from 7:30 am. till the food is sold out which normally finishes by 10:00am., he sells his famous Nasi Dagang with huge (very sizable) Ikan Tongkol and Acor Timun (cucumber pickle) . Nasi Minyok Terengganu with Beef Masok Hitam and Ayam Masok Meroh topped the menu list for non nasi dagang eater.... Working days normally keeping his hands full with orders from customers who come and collect cooked food from his house in Section 11, Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

I hope this announcement MEETS its purpose and hopefully too, other bloggers from Malaysia would take note of this... I guess you know who you are... Hey pal, when is our next Saturday breakfast trip to this place? I am refering to my PIC, blogger realtives, young and middle aged....

You are welcome to copy this "notice" in case I miss a lot of local "traffic"... in this blog sphere.

Nasi Dagang Terengganu

This posting is borrowed from The Terengganu State Tourism Board...

I want to related this to my next posting "Announcement Request" by Wan Syukur, the famous Nasi Dagang caterer in The Klang Valley who happened to be my friend, my relative and my constant supplier for festive seasons. We once studied together in the same institute. He later became a banker then a remisier... finally he became a businessman partnering with his dear wife... thus to us he is the famous "Nasi Dagang Wan Syukur" and not the other way round to say "Wan Syukur Nasi Dagang".

This is a Terengganu local speciality, very authentic indeed, which tourists who come by could not afford to do without. Even non-tourist like us... we could have several helpings in a day without any problems... lol!

Nasi Dagang is a rice speciality of Terengganu. The Dish is made by cooking rice and glutinous rice together, to which is then added coconut cream once it is cooked. It is eaten with it's own specially made side dishes of tuna curry and a light vegetable pickle. Simplicity is its essence.

300g nasi dagang rice or substitute with 200g
good grade Siamese rice mixed with 100g glutinous rice
1 grated coconut to extract 3/4 cup thick coconut milk
3/4 cup thin coconut milk
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds ( halba )
2 cloves garlic, sliced finely
3 shallots, sliced finely
2cm young ginger, sliced finely
1/2 tsp salt


Wash rice well and soak for five to six hours. Drain well, then steam rice for 20 to 25 minutes or until half-cooked.
Stir in thin coconut milk and continue steaming for 15 minutes until rice is nearly cooked.
Combine thick coconut milk, shallots, garlic, ginger, fenugreek and salt. Stir into the cooked rice then steam once more for 10 to 15 minutes or until rice is properly cooked.
Serve rice with kari ikan tongkol.


Nasi dagang is a special type of reddish brown glutinous rice. If it is not available, substitute with Siamese rice and glutinous rice mixture as per recipe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cna Uoy Rdea Tihs?

I can read this!!! Can You?

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too.
Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe can.
i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs forwrad it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dedicated to the Little Lady Next to Me!

I just knew how you must have felt deep down... but dear, things came all in abundance and they went beyond our control and means. Just remain there my dear, hang on there sweetheart....pray patiently and constantly to Allah who has given you everything you have asked for.

(When I asked you to perform Solat Istikharah, you told me you saw a list of answers.... which means tough decisions ahead...)

It all begin with...

The first surprise came when you had informed me of the interview before the exam results were announced. We traveled to Malacca together. Next was the registration in INTEC soon after the interview. It gave you hope! I knew it all... you were ready to fly off to this coldest part of the world (as Bebee put it) to further your studies. Months passed, things started to get into place for you. You managed well with lectures, learning the language, going through and through them all. Friendship developed.

But suddenly things turned the reverse at the first "breaking news" about graduates who could not perform while under-going "houseman-ship" in our prestigious hospitals. You spoke with the person who experienced it himself.

What? I began to wonder what was going to happen to my Little Lady? Would you be able to break this tradition? What was the cause of this non-performance? Was it just the attitude problem? Another month passed. We let the matter dwell.

But events took their course. More news were heard. Things got more serious. Similar "notes" were shared... Do I want to see my Little Lady going through this course and get you be victimized by the situation? Am I gambling with your fate and chances to further your studies abroad? I better made the decision for you!

I am lost for words to express how I felt the moment all those offers to further your studies came one after another. They have all arrived, shoved into our mail box by the faithful postman and I was for a while, overwhelmed. I knew, if I were you, I would just get as confused. Matters got worse! You were "floating" with mixed feelings of uncertainty. I felt so deeply for you. Poor Little Lady! For a month (as you related to me), you went quiet in class and your friends noticed changes in you. Uncertainty had crept inside you.

Amongst the many offers, came one from our most prestigious university. The registration day started by Monday and you was still continuing over there. I was feeling... I guess I had more butterflies in my tummy than you... I am dealing with your future and you were faithfully listening to me! Oh MY! What am I doing to my Little Lady...

Your sms came more frequent "Mummy this is my last week here, right? Please confirm"... Ooooooo... what was I to say? You sent me at least four such sms in a week. I gave an "unsure" yet quite sure answer! "YES".

One interview to do Medic in Cairo was unsuccessful because you have no "Arabic" language. So, we appealed to the authority concerned. After a three-week-long waiting in agony, (is that right?), anxiety would surely have worked up then...

Apparently, your name was listed under the government -sponsored private university and when I phoned, the officer-in-charge told me an "informal" answer, you were unofficially "offered" KL Open University Royal Medical College. A fairly new medical college. No comment!

Finally, came the day when the toughest decision was to be made! I asked you to leave INTEC, last Thursday the 24th... and the next morning (Friday the 25th May) we went to register you into this local university... (believe me, that was the toughest decision I have ever made in my entire life).

You were still hoping to get into a private-government-sponsored university...but I told you grab what's already in your hand. This is your next chance. The earlier one was to do Metric in Negeri Sembilan.

AND the much awaited answer finally arrived!!!!!!!! Last Wednesday, when the phone rang, I lowered the volume on the TV with Harith's favorite program on... "Mickey Mouse Club"...

"Hello, may I speak with Nur Diyanah please", came a sweet and polite voice on the receiver's end.

"Oh she is not home. May I know who is this speaking?"

" I am calling from JPA. It's regarding her appeal. She is to register on .. (I have forgotten what day, honestly!) in INTEC for her Russian Medic Program."

"Oh, thank you miss. But she is already registered in University Malaya and you could consider my answer as a NO and thank you."

"But aren't you going to inform your daughter first?"

"It's okay miss, I ...err...err... (to tell or not to tell?).... actually she was doing the same program under a different sponsor ..." I just blurted out those words....

How was I to know if I was saying the right thing?????

I just don't understand why they still offered her this program? Obviously people in the authority are not online with each other. So, after she left INTEC, she was supposed to register in INTEC again? (With different sponsor this time). Oh dear!

So, what had happened to her name in the private university? By this time, obviously they have scrapped it out. It was actually her only chance to go abroad (later)...on a... "better ticket"... is it? I am not too sure myself.

Poor little lady... right until the time I am writing this post... deep down I felt a certain "unexplainable" feeling for you!

Today, 12th June, I made a call to someone in the authority.

He gave me very clear perspective and commented "You made the right decision to pull her out from that program"... and he could not understand it himself why they keep sending students over there when it was seriously discussed in the Cabinet.

Alhamdulillah, finally My Little Lady is settled. This morning she submitted her scholarship application form under the Ministry of Higher Learning... the same day another sponsor offered her a place to do Metrics in MARA College Kuala Klawang in Kedah...

She is now beside me, dozing off in peace while her mummy is typing away to share with my blogger friends... all her predicaments are solved.  Alhamdulillah syukur!

I knew and I noticed... my blog pals crept in and out without leaving comments but I still welcome you... had you left comments... I would be even happier than ever. Anyway, thank you for coming by to read my scribes.

I truely welcome comments...

Friday, June 12, 2009


Malaysia's Halal Logo

Below are MALAYSIA'S Halal Logo in 3 Dimensions and various color

Be careful of this certification.

Only HDC's Halal certification is authentic!!!!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Happy to be the guard for the day... guarding the food!

Just finished tucking up the food

Rare snap with the host smiles so sweetly

Wan Hafsah told me, she dreamt of me and my family last night...

Enjoying the food... I borrowed this picture from our group email... I couldn't make it any bigger... try to make your eyes smile and am sure you could see who are in this shot.

Hasanah and Faridah Malik with her ice kacang, glasses of drinks and ....

Listening to Ati...

Everyone having their own tales to share

Ati, we shall miss you as much as you shall miss us...

11:50am: Hallie Barrie arrived at my gate and waited for me to climb the slope with gift bags in my hands as well as Dee's. Dressed in Black Miss Reed jacket, together with black and white polka dotted long skirt and light green head gear... I braved the scotching sun that could have aggravated my blemished skin. However, excitement overruled me... Hallie's light blue Suzuki  cooled me down almost instantly as we drove off. Dee turned away, got the gate locked and down the slope she trotted.

12:20pm: We arrived at the Lake Club. There were familiar figures crossing the road into the adjacent pool side building. Parking space were plentiful. No problem, just maneuver and park. We climbed up a flight of stairs and there was the club's lobby. We had to go to the pool side in the building adjacent to this one. The host had already made an arrangement with the club to book a room for 25 people. It was big. It could easily accommodate 50 pax in all. The food ranging from Chinese style fried rice, fried kuey teow, rojak mamak, mixed vegetables, muruku, assorted fruits, fresh fruits salad in black sauce (rojak), fried oysters, ice kacang, ice cream, syrup , coffee and ... plain water were served. Just before we started eating, Cik Na brought a basket full of her famous cup cakes for sale.

The occasion began with Mek Yam (Srikandi's OGA president) giving a welcoming speech, followed by Hasanah's (our monitor) and finally the guest of honor... Ati giving her semi-emotional speech. Her strong, firm and confident voice well suited her next destination of work. She would be attached to a Military Hospital in Ta'if, taking charge of the nurses. She was overwhelmed by the support we gave her and welcome us all to her place-to-be in case we went for pilgrimage in Mecca.

After that, began the "normalities"... no two persons could hear what the others were talking about. Everyone was at the top of their voices to champion each other. The room was closed. Lucky! Otherwise other guests who patronage the pool side could hear "our unlady like" talks and laughter... Excitement filled the air. Even the balloons, the walls, chairs and tables were complaining! Believe ME! Ha, ha, ha! Boarding school girls!

Some of us have not met each other at all since leaving school. It was such a great surprise to see "non-regulars" coming, a few have taken leaves from work, while some had to return to work before 3:00p.m.

Hugs and hugs were spared for the girl going off to Ta'if. She was saddened by our presence. We parted and I took a lift home from Maznah. Hallie was having a meeting in her Dental Department. She had to leave earlier. I reached home while the sun was still at its extremely high temperature. Later, Damai and Cik Na joined us for zohor prayer in our house. She was going to deliver her beautifully decorated cakes to a customer in University Hospital.

Maisarah and CT Normala organised it so well that it went without a hitch. Only the satay was missing said Mai. But we did not mind at all. Every tummy was full by the time we were leaving and some of the food were left behind. Thanks to the host for such a lovely farewell lunch.

Ati is flying off on Wednesday by 12:00 noon on Saudi Air... I hope you would enjoy the flight and happy landing in Ta'if.

parting is such a sweet sorrow...