Wednesday, April 25, 2012


There WE GO!

Moving again?  I have just did... some 5 months ago.

Feeling too much upset and remorseful weren't good for my moral.  I know it.  But there were so many faults discovered.  Too many that they sent me almost not thinking of other things.

First, there were spider-web-like-porch, then there are extremely fresh cracks on the wall, ceilings and fence!  Next is the water leaking into the bathroom each time it rains.  The stinking sewage. The alarm system and electrical mul- functioning.  Tolerable?  I have endured them since I first moved into this brand new house that was constructed by the most renowned and top award winning developer in the country!  

There was absolutely NO quality control over the sub contractors' works which offered us shoddy finishing.  The newly mended floor on the posterior of the house is beginning to show cracks of spider webs, now.  The plastered rain pipe or whatever problem that was on the roof, still was not properly detected.  I still get rain water coming through the wall and collected on the floor of my bathroom!  Horrendous!

There were six male foreign workers at one time in my house doing a two-day-dusty work which was almost intolerable to me.  One of them that looked quite fierce, showed me some contrasting wall tiles to replace on the cracked walls.  I did not plan to argue with him.  So I nodded my head and allowed him to plaster them on.  Again, gave a nod to something so contrasting to the existing tiles.  I just wondered if the main contractors are keeping stocks of tiles they were using in our homes.

The only consolation was the workmanship of those men were okay.  I haven't gone to my limits as to keep on complaining of their works and them taking things too much for granted with me, yet?  

I suppose this is not what we expect of a brand new house which is already showing signs of cracking due to unsettled earth beneath us!  They were lands of the palm oil estates ...which are expected to be settled within so many years before constructions began BUT no one waited long enough!  CFs were given after a month of completion of these houses!  The houses were flooded, water proofing were useless, metal fittings were rusty, windows were rushed in with rain waters just to mention a few! 

I was totally flabbergasted! Each time I look up the ceiling, I was to expect some cracks, looking on the walls... same expectation... Goodness ME!!!  I heard from a relative that one house that was bought 5 years back had its kitchen "sinking"!!!  The developer mended for free although the warranty period (only three years)  ... has already ceased... presumably  to maintain their "reputation"...  While another house has its concrete fence split wide!  

IF you were this house owner, what would you do?  Enjoy your good night sleep or budging and marching into the estate office right away???  I was informed by some of their staffs that foreign owners went marching and banging on their office tables demanding prompt works to be done!

I just talked "politely" over the phone with the manager and that sent their supervisor coming to do home inspection an fixing a date for those workers to come.  But I am not prepared to vacuum and mop the floors again in case there is a need to call them back - which I DO! ;)