Sunday, June 28, 2009


This morning, the registration for the first year students in the university campus close by, began. We avoided the normal passage through the campus to Ampang Jaya for Sunday's religious class. AND today also, we were supposed to meet a blogger friend which was set in the afternoon before.

Somehow, after our class, we were unsuccessful in contacting him via phones. We took a drive and got caught in the campus jam. Under the circumstances, WE have zilch idea where to begin but somehow, we drove up to the second college near the Hospital University. Failing to get through numerous calls, we drove out and went home.

Apparently, my "blogger family" friends cum relatives, had already arrived at the Golf Club nearby. Grabbing my handbag and with Hafiz tagging along, we drove out and reached the club in no time, to find them waiting patiently in the lobby of the coffee house on the terrace.

Meanwhile, Harith, his Mama, Papa and Aunty Zaza were leaving to attend two different wedding receptions, so they did not join us.

This family except their mom, are all bloggers. The youngest blogger, as mentioned before, (assuming in the world) also comes from this family. He is now six. After greeting each other, we headed for the coffee house and ordered our food. The five-bloggers, should be called the A Team.

Karim, their father, is also an ardent blogger. The traffic in his blog is enormous and kept on increasing by the hour (as he mentioned). He sends postings every now and then. This motivate his children to follow greatly. A very supportive and high motivation father, he is.

I have no pictures taken, so nothing was to share until one of them started posting about our meet in his/her blog later. Karim took pictures of us...

We started ordering our food beginning with "Kuey Teow Beef Ginger"(broad, flat noodles cooked in corn flour savory sauce with beaten eggs, ginger and beef) , then went on to "Chinese Fried Rice", and "Mamak Fried Noodle". Drinks were juices of guava, water melon and, and, and, oh MY! I forgot what did Hafiz ordered. Sorry Fiz.

We chatted for almost two hours about almost everything we have been doing in our volunteer work... leaving not much space for the kids to interrupt neither joining in. Hafiz was quiet. He was just listening to us. Hani (the children's mom) and me, we were dominating the "lunch meet" with lots to share.

Then by three something, it was time to leave... I signalled to Hafiz to go to the counter for our bill. Had it not been for him getting up to check, I would have been in an embarrassed state... WHY? "Senior Moments" had set in. In the rush just then, I totally forgot that my purse was in my other bag that carried my writing materials and my book. While Hafiz was at the counter, I took a look into my handbag. I saw a few black items but never seen my purse! OMG! Luckily Hafiz carried some cash! Slowly, I zipped my handbag and "pretended" nothing had happened.

Thank you Hafiz for coming to the rescue!!!!! And saved Mummy's embarrassment of the year!


Anonymous said...

Dear Lady, love your blog. I am the only one (at 72) that blogs in my family. They all do facebook or myspace or twitter or something. My family gets the biggest kick out of the fact that I blog. I am trying to ward off alzhiemer's disease, which my mother died from. Even though I have senior moments, I do not have alzheimers, thank goodness.Blessings

Melissa said...

Cheers, Hafiz!

I can relate. I have these moments, too. Maybe they should be called "Life's Moments" instead. Seems like a kinder word.

Happy Sunday!


RoyalTLady said...


Me, too. I am the only one in my entire family (my siblings include)that blogs... I got the cheer and salute by them when I started. Since my business slows down, I resort to "come what may" ... when Harith arrived, and 6 months later his Mama was going back to work, I was automatically the "appointed baby sitter/child minder cum grandma-role-acceptor"! ... This also ward off boredom when Harith falls asleep.

One thing obvious though... I find this coming with Blessings from HIM.

RoyalTLady said...


It's a cheery sunny Morning now in Kuala Lumpur (8:20 a.m to be exact). I am just getting ready for a class at the same Golf club till 12:00 noon.

Yes! Cheers for Hafiz. He was my savior and my hero not only yesterday and many many more days before and hopefully ahead.

And Mel, whenever I go out with him, I always introduce him as my young "partner"... a charming and handsome Hafiz. Lol!

Blessings to you and family.

azahar said...

I am so very very sorry for yesterday. I was very angry at the way they (the second colege UM) handled or rather mishandled the registration process.

Imagine, I had to drop of baggages (I mean extra baggages my niece brought) at one point, drive to search for a parking space, walk back to the drop zone (>200 metres), pick up the heaviest bags (two of them) and walked up the steep hill (almost lost my breath) to the registration place.

Under the hot humid condition we had to wait for more than two hours for her to receive her room key.

I lost my temper at the lousy oragnization. Many parents felt and showed their feelings.

After it was all over, once again, I had to carry the two heavy bags up staircases to room 210 Block A. I was heaving along the way.

In the hustle and bustle of things I misplaced my hp...could not find it any where (I had put it in the silent mode)...

I only found it on our home...right smack under my car seat!

On the way home I was involved in a road accident along the infamous S bend of the Karak highway (please read it in my blog)...Thank God we were all safe and so too were the other six drivers...

I am so very sorry for not making it for the luncheon...

I am still feeling the after-effect of the accident...Because of that Diyana decided to take the flight tomorrow morning to report duty in Putrajaya...I had already planned to rent a car for the trip...two rooms had already been booked over at IOI Resort...but she felt that I should take a rest while the car is being repaired...

GrandmaK said...

Children are such a treasure!!! Have a grand day! Cathy

RoyalTLady said...


Thanks for dropping by and oh yes! They certainly are our greatest too, have great days ahead and happy blogging.

Melissa said...

I love your idea of Summer Pudding selling food. Problem is, I cannot cook.

Hope you are having a great day.


debbie said...

"THANK YOU" FOR VISITING MY BLOG. I am honored....I guess I talk too much sometimes but I usually talk about things I am passionate about.
If I could I would travel the world and the USA, which I have seen little of. My dream has always been to go to Paris and I wanted to be a missionary to China or Africa....but LIFE happens and I have 2 adult children....a boy and a girl. My daughter is 32 years old and has battled cancer since she was 11 years old...she is quite ill at the time but Jesus will help us get through it.
My son is married to a school teacher who works with under priveleged children...she is a very good teacher....both my daughter and son have had 2 years of college but never finished their degree....I have no grandchildren.....just daughter has 4 dogs and my son has 2 dogs and 2 cats......we are heart throbs for animals and saving them.
My cousin just married a beautiful
lady from the Phillipines and she talked of visiting Malaysia on the week-ends. I had so much fun talking to her about their customs and family. They are quite poor and she would like to bring her mother from the Phillipines but her dad doesn't want to leave there.
I joined as a follower of your blog because I am looking forward to the next posts.
I am the only one in my family that blogs next to my sister who just started. She is very talented and a great blogger.....Queenmothermamaw is a big fan of her....but I am the biggest fan of her being my sister for 52 years.
her blog is
She lives in Phoenix, Arizona which is very far away from me. She is very successful and has a big heart.
I would like to invite you to become a follower of my blog. I am 2 posts away from my 100th post. Those who are followers before I post my 100th post give away will get 2 chances in the drawing

RoyalTLady said...


No problem about cooking. You could always refer to A world In A Pan - Laura's blog...

Anyway, I was laughing at myself after discovering that Summer Pudding was not food after all...LOL!
Clever of you!

RoyalTLady said...

I am moved by what you wrote, especially about your daughter who still survived cancer (from 11-32 years of age=21 years???)...A real tough young lady. God loves her... that's why she is still around today. There is Blessing In Disguise... things happened for some unknown and mysterious reasons that only He knows. We just persevere and patiently live until He invites us back to Him. May God Bless her and please extend my regards to her.

Glad to know about your family. Just inform your cousin, not to travel just yet because the flu H1N1 is everywhere. Not quite safe to travel.. We have imported cases and quite alarmed about it because these people defied orders from the Health Ministry to quarantine themselves for seven days after arriving here.

You tickled me with your "fur babies", LOL!

Do visit me again and again. Thanks for dropping by, Deb.

Greetings from Malaysia.

A Fanciful Life said...

Thanks for visiting my tea party - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm envious you were able to meet your blog friends. Someday I hope I will get to do the same! Even though I'm still fairly new to blogging (just 4 months), I am addicted and it is wonderful to meet so many people from all over.
Have a great week,

RoyalTLady said...


Of course I did enjoy. Ever since i started blogging, I read less books because now I more choice to read, more updated events being related and interpersonal relationships are built.

I am undeniably hooked to it too. Whenever I have the time, I must get in here and read. I enjoy seeing pictures too.