Saturday, March 29, 2008


It's been a while since the last post was posted...after Harith was born...
Not only I was pretty busy with Harith but the 12th election that took place, played down every other activities I usually had. Not that I was involved in the election process but the enjoyment of reading almost eveything found on the net was so wonderful every "journalist" could write such detailed accounts found here. Be it true or false is yours to decide and finalise...people write wonderfully (some) but there are those who write to vent their anger and frustrations on discovering the truth...some truths!

These voices play great roles in the media. Their voices wouldn't have been heard if they were to tell the national news.....never mind that. I have enjoyed reading as much anyway. Some astounding findings and shocking articles bewildered me greatly. A good samaritan was constantly updating me with the latest on the "happenings" that was HOTter than "pisang goreng". But I wouldn't comment much here. They are all part of the game and show.

That's why my blog was never updated with poems or any scribbles eversince Harith's arrival....the page was for a long time being left with the longest poem ever me....A.H. a bundle of joy.

Anyway, despite that, the constant visits to the U.H was another factor that did not allow me to write. The young lady that "cracked" her foot in the netball tournament send me rushing to UH early mornings for her appoinments. The long hours in UH would eventually end up both of us having late breakfast or lunch there. The X-ray that was taken on the day she injured herself, did not show any clear cracks anywhere. But the one taken three weeks after, evidently showed one. That caused her to be half-plastered and that earned her "much-unwanted-attentions" from curious on-lookers, viewers and passers-by, She was even feeling extremely shy when I shoved her on a wheel chair. They were not only looking at her plastered leg but asking her, how did she get that. So, she was a "little star" on each visit.

Today's visit, opened her half-cemented leg. The pretty young doctor telling her of impossible games within these few months, the cracked foot would eventually heal (Insyaallah) in a few months time, she would have to walk aided with crutches on half-weight bearing and that is a high price to pay for "time and speed" are very crucial. SPM exam would be towards the last quarter of the year and she would have to struggle through. Anyway, with great determination and self-driven motivation, Insyaallah, she would be able to go through these few months on crutches.

THIS I called, lessons worth learning.

So, tonight Harith and his parents are not home. They are overnight at grandad Kasmuri's place. He has just arrived back from Mecca after performing the umrah. Harith and Mama and Papa would be going to Malacca (the historical town) tomorrow morning. We shall miss them all.....

This sudden change in the font size is a direct request from one of the visitors to my blog. She could not read colourful fonts and small (normal) size, perhaps I shoud do some justice here if I want visitors to read instead of looking through...

OOOOOOOOOOo it's already past half-pst-two a.m....I shall retire now else I would miss my morning task fetch a home-help from this place.....ops! the name just slipped off my mind...aaaaaaaaaaaa now I remember...Desa Water long...


Eversince he was born, 12.1.2008, he made his conquest with great success!
All the time in this house was his to rule, bear and share
When he decides to wake up, chuckel, look around if all are present
Satisfied? Then he would decide to have his breakfast
Others should give way or rush to the meal table
Next? Mama's turn to have breakfast. Slow? Means, you would miss a turn

When all are done, Harith signals to have his great time in the bath...tub! He never enjoyed anything more that the dip and the lying in the bubbles Cleaning was rush, rush and rush. BUT he never complained, so no need to rush
All smiles and chuckles in the water, warm of course!
Wan was ever so tempted to shower him under the cold tap but...dare not

His cries would surely reach Mama's ears...or even Kak Sarah's house next door
He has this strong "fifth gear" voice when in anger or excitement or eager
That scares everyone...Aunty Diyanah would always try to calm him down
Sssshhh, sssshhhh, sssshhhh, she went...
I guess Harith would not like that sound so much because eventually his nappy
would be filled up
Hahahahaha, he conquers us all

The reading time with Wan (me) was all so calm and blissful
It usually started with early morning prayer...Al-Fatihah and surah lazim
If he shows lasting tolerable face...we both would lie down on Wan's bed
And continue with longer verses
Until Harith gives a sound to tell he is tired of lying down...

A book that Wan calls "Harith's friend" would change the view and colour
The picture of a boy standing with clear features attracted Harith so much
He would give adorable sounds like "communicating" with the "boy" and approves
He would enjoy looking at the "boy" up and down and up and down again

Then came a different "sound" that Mama would automatically understands
So, off they went into seclution and filling up his tummy with all the goodness
By then, either he falls asleep or Mama would fall asleep
Otherwise, Wan takes her turn to "burp" Harith
Then it all begin again...the reading with "Mat so and so"
Wan likes giving names to this little boy in the book...
Everyday he would have different names given without much complains

Evening time bathing time...rain or shine, Harith must be bathed
That's the order of the house!!
Sometimes I could see Mama "dry cleaning" Harith quickly
A real quick one would be sufficient...the order of the day came into practice...

Through the laptop came the nursery rhymes that Wan would surely sing
Wan still remembers the songs she learned
More than a decade ago in school, in her music class...
The music from the nursery rhymes were without any voices...
Only lyrics were written...

Hence Wan played the role of an "old lady singer"
Which Harith still enjoys listening to anyway....he has no other choice, has he?
Some songs are played on fast track, which Wan would gladly skip
Pitching would be out with some soprano notes...Wan lost her voice here
Anyway, the two great lads are enjoying their time together
Aalthough being conquered so to say!!!!
Harith knew too well what "Incy Winsy Spider" would do
Wan would crawl her fingers gently up Harith's legs
He gave a broad smile plus some approving laughters

Night time was no body's time, it's all Mama's time with Harith.....
Harith wakes up nights after feeding to watch his Mama going back to sleep...
While he plays alone or "talking" to himself
Imagine that happens in the wee hours of the morning too...
The whole household is being conquered by Harith the cute little baby...

But some people missed out on all the happenings....guess who? Mr.Who of course!


Karin's blog...frozen in time, captured my heart, eyes and soul...find out how, why and when? Just visit her, flowers and flowers of great colours, shapes, sizes...they are Allah's creations of beauty and the wonders of the world.

Great photographer indeed. She has granted me the permission to blog her pictures.....some of them...

J & Y

J, I kept reading your two books but this time I simply enjoy the moments from different perspective. Trying hard to see the insight which were already too clear to see. The intense feelings struck me harder as I repeated my reading on several pages. You managed to conquer and capture our minds, hearts and soul into the depth of the each event.

I hope your third book would be published soon as I am eager to know the rest of your episodes in life with your loved ones back home. Your prayers and never ending hopes were fulfilled simply because you are one of those persons having beautiful heart and soul. Allah has chosen you to experience all those "events in life" from a young age to toughen you up and turned you into a "matyre and crusader" in your own way...........

My youngest daughter, Diyanah who is now in form five, tried her best to finish your "book one" despite her busy tuition schedule. She is on MC for getting her foot cracked in the netball game in school. She would only be back to school (after almost 7 weeks of getting MCs) by next week. Her aim was indeed high, she was aiming for "state player title" before the incident took place. Anyway, the incident earned her an extra long school holiday.

J, I hope all are doing fine with you. Should you ever read this message, please reply in my email and I would really appreciate that.