Tuesday, July 21, 2009


"Mama, he lets me have this baby carrots. You want some?"
"No Harith, please put it back""OK Mama, I shall just leave it here"

"Now Mama, where to?"

"Oh now I know! You want bigger carrots. Ok Ma, you hold the plastic bag. Here's one fresh carrot for you".

"Mama, tangerines are good".
"No Harith, we have plenty of them at home".

"Hi Uncle Bangla, you mean I can push all these baskets? You sure?"

"Hello Teddies, I am Harith. You want to follow me home?"

"But Mama, they want to follow me home!"
"No Harith, remember Chu Bee gave you two teddies from London?"
"O Ok then, we shall put them back on the shelves Mama".

"Mama! I Know we need these cotton buds, don't we? One, there we go!"
"I got two Mama. One for me and one for Memee".


GrandmaK said...

Oh my gosh!!! What a darling child!!! God bless!! Cathy

RoyalTLady said...

Hahaha, glad you like this post.

YES Cath, he is so adorable.