Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Last night Harith was feverish. He was fretting the whole night through.His Mama and Papa were drowsy this morning but they still faithfully went to work.

After his breakfast, he watched his favorite Cartoon programmes "In The Night Garden" which was followed by "Animal Mechanics"... I rushed to clean his feeding cups and saucer in the kitchen. Suddenly he gave a loud cry putting his fingers on his right cheek. Instead of rushing to him, I giggled. There he was standing right in front of the TV and crying out loud. I guessed I knew it. His two front teeth emerged from the slightly swollen gum.

I have not been writing much too. Perhaps the mixed-three-weeks-fever-cough-cold took my attention away. I lost total interest in writing and reading. I knew I had this task of doing something for our future voluntary work but I just could not concentrate well. Everything put me off.

Anyway, there are lots to write about actually but scribes may take time...


......It took me ages to post this scribe...

The night of 24th April: my sms inviting them for a special breakfast the next day was replied with a word, "wonderful!"

I have never met them all in person all those while, but we have virtually been in touched for over a year now.

Similarly, with another long lost friend from primary school @Nature Lover. We have not met since after 1966. That should be long enough to call for a celebration. We have read each others' blog, sent
sms but never spoken and hear our voices.

Their close encounter went
unnoticed by Aiman. He heard someone calling out the vary name Aiman in front of him at a Chicken Rice Shop, a week ago (?) or so in Kemaman but hesitated to confirm! Anyway, he would surely meet Aiman and family one of these days as they make frequent trip back to Kuala Trengganu.

7:30a.m 25
th April 2009
I was already up by 5:30a.m to get ready for
Subuh Prayer and by the time I was ready, someone who lived about 15 minutes away was just getting ready. Beebee was just as excited to meet them. As I drove to her house, up the bend by the Pusat Sains Negara and the Securities Commissions on the opposite side, the road was quiet. People must still be in their houses or already up and about going about their chores.

KA's sms confirmed that they were behind us, passing through Sri Hartamas and PSN. As we reached our destination, a few empty parking lots were seen. A silver Citreon Evasion passed us by. I caught a glimpse of a young boy dosing off. Surely, that must have been Ahmad Ali , our youngest blogger in Malaysia or probably in the whole cyber world. I saw his mother and sisters too, Aiman Amani, Anisah Afifah, Aeshah Adlina . As the driver, A.Karim Omar, their dad maneuvered to park, we waited in our car.

Then one after another of the siblings got out or their
MPV. We went forward and shook hands. But I did not introduce myself to them all.

See in
AA's blog what he said about me...in A BloggersMeeting (in the comment column) and read all about our meet in Aiman's Meeting Grandma Bloggers. The family blogger is unique in their own ways. AA, who is only five, had a super duper dream wanting to speak in the United Nation's meet. Wow! I was told that, each morning, he read news on CNN from the net and would then write in brief himself in his blog, like in his post The FeDex...

The children are all homeschooling and their wonderful mum would look into their education, syllabus and tests. They come from a very fortunate root. She is the only non-blogger in their family. Somehow I admire her efforts to guide and teach her children.

As our conversations heated up in the "almost strange" meeting, we welcomed yet another stanger (to me and Beebee)... A MAS Pilot from Terengganu living in Subang Jaya. He happened to be KA's long time friend. I was indeed taken by surprise, indeed I was. He was a look alike to our His royal Highness Tengku Sulaiman, the brother to the Sultan of Selangor. Being so professional, he "blended" well into our conversations.

I was ever so engrossed listening to Aiman's story about her little and only brother, Ahmad Ali's curiosity about almost anything he encountered. He started recognizing and touching the keyboard to get acquainted with alphabets A, B C before the age of a year old. Once he started to understand the words, he went rampage on the computer. Putting other peoples' files into his folders. Even with password protected, he still managed to gain entry into other peoples' folders and successfully shuffle files into his own... I was told, he overheard the password while playing his lego. When he wrote about FedEx, the spouse of the deceased pilot responded in his comment column asking if he was truely a five year old boy.

Later, his dad aka KA, asked him to hand over his name card. I could hardly hear his voice. so soft spoken and extremely polite.

Everyone in this blogger family has his or his own special ability. Dear bloggers, I invite you to visit their links and find out for yourself what I meant. I wouldn't want to spoil your visit by describing every little thing about eact of them...

We parted well after the breakfast time... Thank you Mr.Pilot (Syed Zaid) for coming and paying our breakfast... Do join us again in our next meet if you are not flying... it's always nice to "eat free - FOC"... hahahhahahaha...

We had so much to share that we agreed to meet again... until further notice or we wait for Bebee to come back from her monthly trip to Geneva... adios!

OF ALL THE WONDERS IN THE world... Ahmad Ali never knew till the end that it was ME that he had met... He had put all the blames to his dad for failing to introduce me aka RTL to him.... great joke! hahahhaha...

I borrow all pictures from their blog...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Subject: What A View !!

Mt. St. Helens at sunrise.

Mt. St.. Helens continues to spew ash, while it is forming a lava dome in the crater and still having
minor tremors.

Here in this sunrise shot above and below, she appears to be blowing smoke rings (and anything so benign is welcomed, given recent history).

What forms the "smoke rings" is the air flowing over the mountain getting pushed up higher as it goes up and over the top. The moisture content and initial temperature are just right so that the moisture condenses from a vapor to small particles at the higher altitude. When the moving air moves past the peak and comes down again, the particles evaporate back to an invisible vapor.

The two "pancakes" describe that there are two layers of air for which this is happening, thus making these awesome pictures possible.

A scene you will probably never get to see, so take a moment and enjoy God at work at the North Pole. This is the sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point. And, you also see the sun below the moon. An amazing photo and not one easily duplicated. You may want to save this and pass on to others.

Can You Guess What This Is?
It's a Coconut Crab climbing a tree. The coconut crab climbs coconut palms to get at coconuts, which it breaks open with its powerful pincers and eats. It is found on the islands of the South Pacific and Indian oceans

Hurricane Katrina Over Mississippi

These pictures below were made by a man in Magee , MS . where the eye of the storm passed thru.