Friday, July 17, 2009

Cutting Day - Before and After...

A 4 men team came.
Harith joined as a team member number five... keeping busy looking at them cutting and throwing  away branches and others.

By the time they were done with big trees, I requested one of them to clear these plants that I have planted for the past three years...

A close up capture from my phone cam.  My  heart went with them... blooming heliconias...were cut away to make way for fresh looking shoots in a month's time...  Those other plants that went along were herbal plants, flowering plants and and and... I won't mention them anymore...

These plants were actually hazardous to us when we drive home at night.  They blocked our views from the gate...  This area is prone to theft-cum-break-ins  We would not want to bump into "people" hiding behind them... They are no longer safe to be kept so tall and bushy.

Last Sunday night's storm broke a huge branch that barely struck my son's bedroom,was from this huge tree called Saga Tree.One of the guys who went up to chop these "dangerous" branches, had accidentally cut his thumb.  The tree is so tall that if things were to happen, the whole house would easily be covered by it.

A close up of the huge trunk...

The tree (far behind) that fed the monkeys  and beautiful birds like King Fishers, Woody Wood Pecker and some Yellow colored birds... the branches came so close to my bedroom window... it gives me frights when the monkeys are having breakfast.
I sort of missed the beautiful green leaves that hang into my window... NOW I won't be able to see beautiful birds 
so close by anymore.
Bushes of Bird of Paradise... giving me such a 
bright yellow-orangery color...
some "Torch Ginger Buds " (far behind) were left behind to savor my cooking...  Herbal plants are chopped off too but soon they start sprouting again.
Harith found these beautiful flowers on the ground... lets keep them.
For the first time in his life, he was allowed to touch the flowers and the grass.  Now he is even allowed to hold the hose and water the tomato plants.
colors of these pictures are not very good.... never mind that... guess what?  I am still trying to get used to empty spaces where those plants used to be before being cut off... but they will come back soon am sure.... I feel "rather lost"... funny ain't it?


A World in a PAN said...

Wow, so much work done! And I love the picture of little Harith with the flowers!

RoyalTLady said...

Ya Laura, so much clearing... now I feel the ground is quite empty and barren.

Thanks for dropping bye.

azahar said...

Trimming of trees is something that not many Malaysians do.

They do not undertsand the importance of trimmings.

Trimming will make the tree produce new and healthier looking leaves.

Trimming will make trees more rendang.

It is no use having out-of-reach rambutan trees.