Wednesday, August 27, 2008


tHE yOUNG mAN iN mY hEART!!!!!!!!!!!! A group photo outside the great hall. The Blurr image of a carnation from his bouquet Another blurr image of a bright yellow rose, another bouquet for him The dates were not adjusted from the camera... IT was actually 20.08.2008...20082008

Congratulations and jubilations, goes the song that was sung in silent mode simply because the wordings went "mute".

Alas! Another university graduation, a third one in the family so far. The beautiful bouquets were bought by Zaza for this young man. For the moment he is the only young man in our family until Amir Harith grows up.

The registered mail arrived from UTM Skudai, Johore in the early morning of July 2008. I opened in haste to look for something important to give my instant attention. YES! The accommodation is to be booked early, so I thought. Reaching out for the phone, I started dialing the listed numbers found among the sheets of printed scribes. One after another, as I was told, all the campus accommodation seemed to be fully booked. Had I known, I would have asked a professor friend to book for us earlier on.

Never mind. There were hotels and resorts phone numbers enlisted as well. Going through as quickly as I could, as though racing against "time", I looked for the least distant ones from the campus. Calls were graciously responded. A couple of inquiries seemed alright, but for now the price is the "main cause". The nearest available one was that of Pulai Springs Resort, 5 kilometers away.

Frederick, the sales supervisor seemed very polite and courteous. A couple of intermittent calls followed. I was actually juggling between him and my daughter, Tasha who works in a semi-government. I was trying to book under the government rate which was slightly lower than any others.

The days that followed, ended with Fred (as I addressed him) paying the deposit for us. A few days later, my daughter Zaza reimbursed him. Such a charming person, I thought. Later, he sms(ed) me saying,

"Aunty, I have upgraded your executive apartment and have also chosen a pool view for you".

"Wow! Thank you to that".

It was Tuesday, the 19th of August 2008. We decided to take a slow drive for so many reasons, one of which was the petrol price hike and if I might add, another would be the cameras on the highways that belonged to the Royal Police and Road Transport authorities. The toll prepaid card lent by Tasha was supposed to have a balance of MR80.00.

As soon as we touched its first exit at Sungai Besi toll plaza, the reading was read...MR42.00 (net). Haha! Lucky or not so lucky, we have to drive on. Our first stop was Nilai R&R to get some coffee for the driver and some snacks for the co-driver.

Many R&Rs were passed. The Pagoh R&R exit was just perfect to fill our tummies with a late lunch. I had some white rice, raw mixed salad called "urap", egg curry and some "petai" to contra my "Estee Lauder's Pleasure" scent. A cup of hot coffee which was "thick and sweet", perfected my meal for the "time being".

By the time we read "Skudai, UTM, Pontian" signage, it was almost 4:00 p.m. Hafiz was deep in his sleep when we dialed his number. The deep, husky and slow-paced voice told no lies.

"Get ready with your over night clothes and your other stuffs", ordered the driver, chaperon and big sister.

"Okay, I will".

Another call went through. This time, it was obvious that he had ignored the order, went back to sleep and not getting ready at all.

"I can't go and put up the night there with you and mummy. My friends are coming to fetch their robes and I am meeting some of them from KL (Kuala Lumpur)".

The rest of the conversations were "unrecorded". But anyway, he got ready by the time we reached his hostel. The campus is even bigger than University Malaya campus that we pass through daily. It spread over a vast area and we just wondered why some "insensible" people would not send Hafiz's motor bike sooner.

After checking into the resort which was just enormous, spectacular and worth coming...Fred's sms arrived.

"Aunty, I am now working in the Dorsett Hotel, in Johore Baru and sorry for not able to meet you. Now I am in a meeting. I hope you like your apartment".

So, no meeting and getting acquainted with Fred at all?

That night, my niece Zarifah aka Apah, accompanied us to the dinner to a place quite miles or kilometers away called Taman Cempaka near Angsana, Johore Baru. No photos was all eating, eating, eating and talking, talking and talking. The beautiful pool view was not snapped at all.

Early morning of the 20th, on Wednesday, we got ready and had an early breakfast. Apah came to our rescue and showed us a short cut through to the campus and a safe parking close to the convocation hall. Up and up the steps we went, left, right and straight to the Grand Hall.

Parents were seated in the make-shift tents and waited for the announcement calling us, "the guests" to line up and walk into the grand hall. Since we were some what late, we just stood by the side entrance. Once they invited us "in", we found a small exit and maneuvered into the queue. Sounded like some uneducated persons, right? No further comments to this deeds. Ha, ha, ha!

The under graduates from the photography club were busy getting ready all the equipments for video and photograph shootings. They all seemed so well organized. No wonder Hafiz was so keen on joining the club when he was in the City Campus. He became the club's president then.

The procession took place almost on time. All the eight hundred diploma holders from the Kuala Lumpur City Campus were presented with their certificates by 10:20 a.m. It was a quick and well organized event indeed. The family photograph taking sessions were all done outside the grand hall.

By 1:30 p.m, after having our own photography session and lunch, we left the campus and headed home. This time I took the wheels since the previous day's driver was very sleepy.

Congratulations Hafiz. Well done for the Diploma in Mechatronichs. But try to do better in the Degree In Industrial Computers.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dr. Kate Paczek

Since the first day we visited you, our strange meeting between a patient and a chiropractor vanished. You were so pleasantly friendly and warm. Such a petite lady, with an enormous and bountiful energy indeed has a healing and magical hands.

Your warm personality brought us to the Petaling Jaya Hilton for breakfast that lasted several hours with well-tucked-up-food which possibly left not well digested till dinner time. How on earth did we manage that? I would not be able to answer you now because it was beyond my imagination that an 8 o'clock eating could surprisingly stretched until 11 o'clock???

That was not an only occasion. Another meal at the Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya was another well stretched affair. The morning was not only filled with delicious food but intermittently saucy stories on both sides were graciously shared. Despite each frustrated story, we somehow, managed to keep away our tears. Good job, aye Kate?

All the way from Poland, Kate migrated to Australia with her mother named Ruth who occasionally visited her in Malaysia. She is now working or probably a co-owner of Premier Chiropractor since the year 1998. She has been a friend and a healing specialist to my family.

Since 1998, I have recieved my free treatment from her which continued until a couple of years later. When Tasha was suffering from her back problem, the "free" treatment changed hands...not for a couple of weeks, not months, but years to come until today. Would you believe it? Kate is more than just a friend.

I just cannot find any better or more proper words to say THANK YOU to you Kate for such a kind treatment to us...

During the treatment, we would be giggling and laughing away in the room. Once done, after fixing another appointment, we parted with hugs and well wishes...until the next couple of weeks to come. One such giggle was about the Hair Cuts...see my earlier post in The Hair Cut, The Tears and The Scissors.

Her former clinic was in SS2, Petaling Jaya and her receptionist was Miss Ong who was nice and friendly to me. But not to my children's liking, she seemed quite serious with them. Perhaps I looked more matured to deserve her respect and warmth. Her new clinic of two years old is located in Cheras. Her new receptionist is called Miss Lee.

Once you reached the clinic which is on the first floor, normally the door bell would surely be rung. From the reception counter, came Miss Ng (pronounce as Eng), opening the door and with a stiff smile and firm voice,

"Please take off your shoes" she ordered.
Obediently, we did and arrange them in a row on the carpeted floor.

One day, Amir Harith was also ordered to take of his shoes.
"Please take off his shoes" ordered her.

His Mama, Tasha was laughing away in amusement...silently. Since when a seven month old little lad walks on his own on the road and gets his shoes dirty?

"Oh don't worry, he has not started walking  on the road yet".

She held her laughter until she got into her car, an hour later.

That was routine. So she has to say it out no matter to whom, when and how?

Tomorrow, at ten a.m. we shall see her for Tasha has an appointment for her recent back ache. Amir Harith would surely tag along because Grandma aka Wan aka baby sitter aka child minder, would be bestowed with another post that is "an executive driver".

Such a multi tasking Grandma...

Anyway, this special posting is for you DR.KATE. Thank you, gracias, danke shen, sie sie ni, terima kasih...on being a doctor with healing hands and a friend who listens, cries and laughs together.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yes. Why?
I never touched a computer in my entire life
Go on touch one now

Oh it is very easy
But why are the words went missing?
No problem
You touch this key (edit - redo)
Oh I see
It's easy after all?

YES of course
Now you can start a blog of your own too
Oh can I?
YES, go to "how to create blog"...

Tra la la la la LA, la! LA!

How do they rank a blog?
Oh that I cannot answer you
I have no idea what and how they do
What do they look for in a blog?
I don't have any ideas at all

Anyway, you are now another granny blogger
Do not be afraid of the key board
They are harmless
What is harmful is the virus

Okay, okay I have got the hang of it now
Oh it's not difficult after all?
Hey I can read other blogs too?
YES, they are all wonderful

You could soon learn to upload pictures too
YES Of course...
Aaa, I have some beautiful pictures to share too

So? Is it that difficult?
Not at all!
Hey, could I borrow your laptop now?
I too want to start another story now

Just a few minutes, can okay?
I have to visit one particular blog
Goofy Girl's Blog
I saw her writing
Dad's memorial....

Ta, have to go now and read
What she has written...

Never mind, I shall go to CC then
Ya, You better do mam
You pay a little bit if you wish
But longer blogging needs more money

No need to rush, take your time
Appreciate all that you read
I tell you, you could learn a lot
Enjoy yourself, okay?

BUT friend, do not forget to visit
This blog link too okay?
Then make sure you bookmark it
Okay, I will
Don't you worry, dear



Sarah, in A.H. Our Bundle Of Joy, has left. The whole family left today, after breakfast with us, at our house. We had nasi dagang Terengganu and nasi minyak Terengganu that my son-in-law bought from Wan Shukur’s in Subang Jaya. Afterwards, they went back to their house to fetch their cat to bring over to Kedah, to Sarah’s grandmother’s house.

They were busy the whole day yesterday with the professional packers and packing their belongings. They would be leaving for London in September. Sarah’s and Adam’s mother would further her studies and courses at the Oxford University for another three long years, the alma mater she once graduated from with a Degree in Dentistry.

I am already missing them so much. Last night, as I was going to bed I slipped my fingers through the pink colored vertical blinds and peeped out. Sadness and darkness covered my feelings. It was total darkness coming from their house. There are no more beautiful curtains found hanging over their windows. There are no more lights shining through. No more meows from their eight year-old cat. Most of all, there are no more Sarah and Adam who would wave to me whenever I am in their sight. They fondly addressed me as their “nenek sebelah” (next door grandma in English). I called their grandma as Kak Ton (elder sister Ton in English).

Dr.Intan and Dr.Hairi are both dentists by profession. They are very friendly young couple living next door to us. They occupied their bungalow almost at the same time we had occupied ours, in the year 2006. Today, is Sarah’s and her daddy’s birthday…born on different dates and different years to different parents.

After breakfast, we had a photography session. Amir Harith was quite naughty. He had tried pulling Kak Sarah’s hair. Adam was quite away from AH as he was salivating…hahaha, as though he never did it himself those days. Someone was absent, it was Sarah’s and Adam’s daddy.

Once finished, we went over to their house for the last time to bid good bye. They would be leaving Malaysia on the 16th September 2008…on an eleven o’clock MAS flight. What, night time? Yes, it would be at night.

It would be a fasting month, the month of Ramadhan. Every Muslim would start fasting at the beginning of September, Insyaallah. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars Of Islam.

Meanwhile, this house would remain dark, empty, melancholy, sad and gloomy until the next occupied by the next tenant.

Just a little while ago, while editing some links here, nenek sebelah called me from Singapore. She went home to say hello and good bye to her neighbors there before leaving for London to live with her daughter's family for the next three years. She sounded very jovial indeed. This coming Tuesday, she would be back to Kuala Lumpur to join her children who are all living and working here.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

Farewell, adios, Auf Wierdesehen, chai chien, selamat tinggal.....


Sitting on the linen wooden box measuring may be 4.6 feet by 4 feet (I would make a non committal statement here as may be, for there was no sense of sizes then), at 11:30p.m. on forgotten day, in the year of 1971. We were pushing ourselves up onto it because it was quite tall for our heights. So eager were we, to share our stories that were not told and ever repeated elsewhere ...

This newly found friend, Gie, who has just joined this boarding school in form four, is a sweet, tall and slim girl, having wavy hair, wearing such a sweet enchanting smile on her face and bespectacled like me. We were in different classes, she was in the Science stream and I, in the Art. She lived locally and every week end, she was visited by her parents, sisters and a brother.

One night, after the prep was over, which normally started at 8:00p.m. and ended at 10:00p.m. somehow we found ourselves sharing different childhood stories with similar theme and plot. The wooden box that housed our used linens and clothes was our silent witness. Hence, the shared experience and stories were never told, repeated or breathed out to anyone else. It ended well past midnight with eyes full of tears, swollen lids and red out-shaped-noses...slightly swollen, honest!

Four long years that followed were full of bitter-sweet-memories of girls living in boarding school. That was our alma mater. Such place helped to shape us up, taught us independence as we were living away from families, having sense of sharing, high tolerance, authoritative, developed us into strong headed beauties, retaliate whenever possible but most of all, we all have sense of self belonging to one another.

Until today, we still keep in touch with one another although not living within the same town, via phone calls, group emails, meetings and gatherings. The last two remained of utmost importance because we could then test our soprano, B flat, B minus choruses...and all the music notes you could mention. Ignoring all else, we were forever excited to tell one another our stories, some never ending stories.

Within six months to a year after leaving school, most of us made way for colleges and universities. I was on a part-time teaching job in my hometown, Kemaman, Terengganu. That was the place where I was born and lived full time until I was 12 years of age. My write on Alma Mater mentioned part of this and that. A year after this part-time job, I joined an institute together with Sh.Normadiah in Special Dedication To The VIP Lady.

The irony part of it all...was we (me and Gie) were in a different campuses. I had applied for a course in Library Science but was unsuccessful.. Gie was in the main campus, while me and Sh.Normadiah were in a branch campus. The Terengganu campus was the best beach campus anyone could ever had. Then a couple of years later, I came to know Gie went to the UK to further her studies. We kept in touch by mails, though quite irregular.

After I got married, I followed my spouse to the same this time, I have not met Gie for a good four years.

One day, while having our lunch at the Malaysian Hall, in London, I heard this huge voice, familiar laughter, high pitched, broad base, followed by other unfamiliar uproar. I turned and stopped, gazed, froze my neck a little while longer...guess who was it? Of course, but of course, you are right. It was Gie, the mighty lady with a big voice and laughter. Wow, she has grown in size. She was no longer the tall and slim girl I once knew. When I called out her name, she was more than astonished to see me there, as though I have just came back from ….. beyond. We were almost shouting in excitement to see each other. That day, did not just end there. Mails after mails followed afterwards, phone calls, yes there were regular phone calls made to each other.

Then two years passed, one day we visited her in her apartment in London with two plus one, my junior, Tasha. Gie had this white and pink fluffy elephant ready for Tasha and she claimed her as her god daughter. I would upload this picture taken in her home later...once I found it. We named this fluffy elephant, Echipant. Together, there was my cousin from my late father’s side, (now) Datuk Hamidi Abu Bakar, working in the Grand Palace where our Royal Highnesses the King and Queen live.

In her final year, pursuing ACCA, she must have been busy…There was silence again, perhaps she was busy with her final exam and assignments. Before leaving for good, we were on the phone a couple of times more to update ourselves. Okay, fine...she was going home on the 23rd December 1983. I shall keep this date in mind.

It was a window seating, three rows to our right ...I caught a glimpse of a striped silky beige, black, creamy blouse just like mine. The blouse was a real coincidence. I quickly scribbled a note saying hello to this lady with a familiar voice, I could hear her talking...must be quite loud then. I passed it through an air hostess that quickly handed it over to her. We were on this MAS flight back to Kuala Lumpur, together. I knew this date but I kept it a secret from her. It was very sweet (on our parts) giving and receiving surprises…

Eleven hours later, we landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and separated until several years after. (This link is the latest airport we have in our country). The airport we once landed was a smaller one located not far from the city. Strange, as it may sound but it was real. Separated but deep inside we remain close to each other.

When we started our own business, we often met to have meals together. Several years later, we were silent again. We knew where we lived, but somehow, we were busy. Once in a while, we got together then disappeared. Reappeared and then disappeared. Somehow, we knew of our progress and development.

One night, at 1:00a.m. Gie and Beebe came to where I once lived and listened intently to my “stories”. Ditto, ditto, ditto…said my partner in crime. Needless to mention here, but they were taken by surprise to my latest development, then.

The relationship remained sweet as ever although we hardly met. A year ago, she came. YES, she came to help with her god daughter’s wedding...The Lady Who Lives Down The Staircase. We were once again at the top of our voices while preparing the “pelamin” as in the Malay wedding

It was an evening on Thursday and another evening on Friday…before the 6th She even came on the 6th, I suppose to cover her would-be-absence for rest the year and the year of 2008…till the month of August. of January 2007.

Now she is supposed to come and get acquainted to Amir Harith (A.H. A Bundle of Joy) before he goes and claim the seven month old present that was seated in the boot of her old car and then in this new car. But for some apparent reason, it was taken into her apartment was informed through an sms.

Whatever the situation is, the relationship remains sweet as ever…even though there is no more wooden linen box around. Thirty seven years on…we are still in touch with each other, the only difference this time is, most updates arrived through my second daughter.Their meeting is more frequent in work places and shopping malls. Gie meets The Lady Living Next To My Room.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


It's been hours, days and nights since my last post...on Sunday. Today is Wednesday...yes, in another 15 minutes it would surely and definitely be Thursday. Oh how fast time flies. I have not been productive these few months, nor have I been progressing with what I have been doing all these years.
Tonight, at this instant, although I am a bit sleepy but I am determined to write something so that it would show a new post in some blogs' links, that is, if they have me added. Even if they have not, it is okay. They would still come by (like me, I pay constant visit to their's) for they too want to see updates from this Malaysian granny blogger. Am I right?
To begin with let me share some updates of Harith. I am not being fair to leave him aside (not mentioning anything these few days), lying on his tummy up, tummy down, head up, head down, turning and twisting till his body is on the carpet then the floor...he enjoys touching those surfaces that we do not normally allow him touching.

1.3.2008 was the aqiqah ceremony day for Harith. He was all dressed up, put in a borrowed crib from aunty Hannah Sarah...the pillow case was kept and passed down from was done by great grand mother, MA. Mama was by Harith's side before it all begun.

Aqiqah literally means cut and this word is often used for the hair of a new born baby that is cut or shaved.
Aqiqah is defined as the animal that is slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born is shaved. (Of course the animal here, was not slaughtered in the mosque but elsewhere).
The performance of aqiqah is sunnah muakkkadah ( highly encouraged ).It is to be performed by the parents or the guardians of the child.
Prophet Muhammad pbuh and his companions used to perform aqiqah when they were bestowed with a new born.

Always keep myself busy just like my grandma. I am actually showing off my new hair-style...fine little hair showing on my head. Was all shaved up after the aqiqah ceremony.

YES, after reading Harith goes to work in the little office that we have at home, SOHO (small office home office). All done up, isn't it? He is surely serious...about going to work.

Getting some rest after coming home from work...relaxing in mom's bed...all well barricade in case Harith falls off the bed.


After a hard days work, Harith is ready to retire but before he does, here is a special post for every blogger. So long, nighty nite.

Lots of love from a charming little prince....


Sunday, August 10, 2008


I was so busy since my last Thursday's post...
Reading links to the blogs from Here In The Hills
To the most interesting writes in Island Writer - Terri's
That links to her most recommended sites

Opening passages and voyages through the keypads
Enjoying the beautiful sceneries, from great photo shots
Through my minds eyes which raced through well absorbed readings
That captured my hearts, my soul and myself

I was immensely drowned, honest!
The blogs are so welcoming, beautifully written
Some with such joys of blissful writes to share
That portrays efforts to create beauty and wonder

They took me to places I have not been
Would probably never be going ever, ever
Seeing some creations that are shared all over
Common interests shared, enjoyed and loved everywhere

Busy as I was, browsing through in bed while recuperating
From Tuesday on, feeling feverish with cold setting in
Suppressed with panadols, clarinase and lemon tea
So that my little grandson was avoided and saved from them all

Hospital visits were put off with much reluctance
Not wanting to see anyone contacting from me
Not wanting to be accused of spreading the sickness
Because she is so fragile, delicate and is everyone's gem

She is so special to us all, whose lives she has touched
In one way or another, she has magical hands
She has wonderful heart, a humble and loving heart
She crossed our paths in lives just on time...

Late Saturday evening after very satisfying cyber voyages
I visited this lady in Special Dedication To The VIP Lady
In U716, all by herself in a room separated from other patients
Well surrounded and constantly accompanied by loving children

All of us were seriously tested of our faith and perseverance
Her children and hubby went to Mecca to perform the UMRAH
Leaving her behind with me and her five other children
To attend and care with Allah's constant help

After the frantic "emergency call" last week at 12 midnight
She recovered so well, looking radiant, moving about on her feet
Was ready to go home to start a home-bound life, recuperating
Thanks to Allah
She is miraculously well looked after, blessed and loved

Thursday, August 7, 2008


WOW! Am I not excited to see someone here now together with me in this blog? I hardly see any visitors coming by when I am busy editing or writing new posts. Ha ha ha, that make two of us, the author and the visitor. I just wonder, who it was that came by.

BUT tonight, I would like to express my thanks to all who have dropped in and passed comments, who passed no comments, silent visitors and who has actively participated with me. The first of such person who dropped by and say something was Beebe- en-rose, Nature Lover and most recently Hear.Me.Out.

The father and daughter team was my ex classmate when I was young. He, Dr.Azahar, started blogging since those days. One of WEH's daughter had by chance discovered his blog when she was browsing through a couple of years ago. Then I started reading his stories.

Beebe and I started almost at the same time after we were both motivated by Awang Goneng aka Wan Hulaimi, the author of GUiT which occupied a wonderful blog by the name of Kecek-Kecek.

My most recent visitor is a young student in Matrics who was to leave his current studies to pursue his degree in Medicine, in Egypt. His comment is usually short, written in short forms which are legible by me. He came across my blog through one of my children, via her sms.

A very bright law student also came by after discovering my blog name in her father's blog. She is one of her kind. Should read about her in her dad's blog, Nature Lover. As a young girl, at that time, she managed one incident that involved her sick mother (she was taken ill suddenly) so well that I do not think any others would react as such today.

Each day I notice the counter is increasing, the number gets bigger and larger. Its exciting. So, there are visitors to this blog, silent visitors. My writes are not written in such a beautiful language with bombastic words, jargons and all. Its only a plain Jane language that looks simple and straight forward. Perhaps that tells a secret if you could guess...I won't spill the beans...

Others who have come by: Kak Moon and Abang Kamil, old friends, friends of my friends, Rohiyah, Zah Nor, Zaemah, my children (under persuasion) and most of them ...I do not know their names.

I enjoy reading other blogs too: Beebe, Kecek-kecek, Here In The Hills, Karin Frozen In Time, Nature Lover, Hear.Me.Out, Aiman Amani, Santai2 with Kak E and.....ow too many to mention here. Aiman Amani is only thirteen. She could write beautifully amazing posts. You should read it. She is the daughter to AG's Pizza Man in GUiT's delivery last December '07. I could see she is thriving in writing Teregganuspeak.

Subjects written in my blog evolved and involved special people in my life and around me: specifically and surely of my little hero - Amir Harith, my beloved children, of special people I knew and have once or twice crossed my path in life, frustrated episodes in lives that were told by others, shared and experienced by close friends and me.

Some writes are meant as reminder to me personally...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


8:00a.m begins the role call of the day.

First, the farewells which include kisses, hugs and kisses again, holding tight either in Papa's arms or Mama's. Most usual would be in the arms of the former. Mama normally rushes out, in and out again before finally getting into her car. Sometimes, papa sends Mama to work and then comes home to pick up his stuff, then after the ritual, left with a big smile on his face and the usual remark,

"See you tonight", which might extend beyond Harith's bedtime.

The following itinerary, would be Wan's task to prepare Amir Harith's breakfast which consists of brown rice premixed with some nutrients quickly added into a small blue baby bowl quarter filled with warm water. Next is to fill up his feeding bottle with warm water to avoid him chocking from the mixture.

Once done, Wan took him to the bathroom for a quick bath, intermittently Wan would "steal" a chance to splash him with cold tepid water. Sometimes, on those days that he caught cold from his parents, he bathed later than usual. By 9:00a.m, he should be catching his morning nap.
Waking up around 11:30a.m. he would be ready for his feed number 2. Its only milk that is warmed in the jug or mug with hot water. (now: intermission...he is fretful today because he probably knows that I am gossiping about, I better let him get me)...shall continue a bit later today.
His third feed would be around 2:30p.m with only milk and sometimes porridge that Mama has prepared. There were days he went without...Reading session normally begins in the afternoon when Harith decided to stop playing with his toys, touching the carpets. bending backwards to the floor and topple over on purpose - especially when Wan was answering phone calls. Clever Harith! He enjoyed listening to almost anything read to him. When muqaddam was read to him, he kept really still and not moving.

By 4:00p.m his final nestle cereal feed would be ready and that would be followed by a bath. By the time Wan and Harith finished these shared tasks, Mama was ready to come home. Wan normally bundled Harith to the back of the car on his baby seat and together they drove to University Hospital which did not normally take too long. He normally made sounds if his name is called out. Otherwise, he just kept quiet, enjoying the scenery and whatever nature provided him to entertain his journey.

Once Mama is home, that remarkably marks the end of Wan's day with Harith. Unless otherwise...if Harith decided not to sleep early, then Cik Za and Wan would normally help Mama to settle him down.

Yesterday, we spent most time in bed because Wan was exhausted after a trip to Malacca, sending Cik Dee back to school. Pillows were put against the wall to prevent Amir Harith from knocking his head against the wall. When Wan was praying, a prayer mat was also given to him and as though he knew, he practically kept quiet until Wan completed her prayer.

After that, Wan would hold him and say Allahuakbar, to which he would spontaneously bend down to the mat. A couple of times, his legs and feet were correctly in position of "sujud" except after a few "hurts" while he pushed his head down to the floor , he now stopped dropping down his head.
Today, he is almost 7 months - short of 6 days to exactly seven months. After mid day, he refused to sleep.

Here comes the highlight and the event of the day.....He refused to sit alone like he did for the last couple of days before. When Wan joined him, he began the wrestling without any warnings. Wan's hair was reached extending his fragile body towards the head...He succeeded this time. In return, Wan caught hold of him and he gave a big smile. When he was held up high, his feet landed on Wan's tummy and he was smarter that Wan thought. He reached for the upper part. Wan got up and wrestled him in return. He gave a chuckle that followed by a laughter...a continuous laughter.

This battle repeated few more times until both were sweating. Then the slower movement followed. When Wan lied down besides him, he again pulled her hair. But he was smart, he reached for her cheek and kissed her so that Wan did not tickle him. Once the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider" was sung, he wriggled and shrunk his body with a broad smile. He very well knew where Wan's hands were to end up and how they were felt. "One Two Buckle My Shoe" and "Ba Ba Black Sheep" were common to him.

By this time, it would be almost 4:00p.m and another feed would be ready. When Wan was going upstairs, he cried out so loud, almost screaming in temper. He won the battle! Wan came down and carried him up.

He smiled each time they both climbed up the steps, probably thinking that one day, he would surely climb up unaided! On the floor, in Wan's bedroom was a thick king size comforter folded into six to get the required thickness so that it would not hurt if he fell down. Pillows were all around him like barricades. Just like in the living room, cushions filled the space where he was to land. But he just knew too well which directions to turn to get Wan's attention.

Today, he patiently waited until Wan finished bathing and praying. Probably he knew too well he was all the time winning the battle.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


lara, this is another comforting image especially for you

It takes different forms of minds and hearts
It gives messages and instincts to the chosen few
It gives the heart feeling of serenity
It gives and takes away remorseness and restlessness

Test and tribulations come in different forms
The most common would be illnesses
That too comes in different forms
The worse of its kind is the illness of the heart

That is where the iblis is housed and dominated
From there the mind is controlled and possessed
Every move it takes and each whisper it makes
Would lead a human to hell and hardships

Human would see worldly possessions and positions
As the wealth worth accumulate
Some of them are taken for a ride
Into the path of iblis and its followers

Humans are easily deceived by the rule of iblis
Misleading humans’ faith and loyalty into syiriq
From the one and only, Allah subhanahuwataala
Sadly, this is most incurable of all form of illness

Qulhuwallahuahad! Surah Al-Ikhlas that equates one third Al Quran
This is the surah to return oneself into the right path
It gives true tauhid and leads to hidayah
La ila ha illallah…pause and ponder upon it…

Understanding Allah’s existence as the absolute, as the only and one ness
Faithfully perform all His commands
Faithfully leaving all those He hates and despises
InsyaAllah, at this stage iblis would slowly leave
Its place of hibernation…

Allah’s gifts come in all forms
Some are with rahmat, while some are not
Those come with rahmat is accompanied by His love
Those that do not, is accompanied by His bala’ , tests, ‘ujub and takabur
Especially those who are drown with worldly glories
These are humans who forget Him constantly
The human who are poppers in His Rahmat and Rahim…

Reminding myself and those who come by
Persevere and endure His test with faith and thankfulness
And recite four times of Alhamdulillahirobbil ‘aalamiiin
Because his tests come with His Love and rahmat to us

Thus do not fret even a second of the breath you take
Tauhid Rububiyah, Tauhid Asma’ Wasifat and Tauhid Uluhiyah
Should remain in our hearts, minds and soul with Rahmat and Rahim
With faiths understanding in Al Quran and Sunnah

To prepare ourselves to meet Him
These should remain the ultimate goals in our lives
Tests and tribulations should be comfortably accepted
With smiles, iman, patience and thankfulness…


Lara, He won? BUT, Neither did you loose

a flower for you to sooth your heart and soul

Messages of congratulations kept coming in
Sms were busy with traffics
News spread fast among those who cared
The former judge was congratulating you
The religious teacher was also wishing the same
For taking and having such a noble attitude

Yes, he had won in the court of the world
With manipulations and attitudes from all sectors
Justice delayed was justice denied
But your winning takes you to the court of Allah

Despite losing after an eight year old battle
The battle that seemed never was
With a staggeringly enormous bill by our standards
You are to remain in your own self, a winner

Your patience, perseverance, inner strength
And taking the long strides with faith in Allah
Pays at last!
There is a Blessing in Disguise, do not worry

Allah takes care of everything in your life
He knows what to give and what to take away

And when He should give you glory

Your strong faith and patience are the glory
In His eyes
May not be so in humans’ eyes

But that does not matter

It’s Allah’s care, blessings and love that matters
Let the denial in justice with such manipulations
Cleanse all your sins in this world! Amiin.

Meanwhile Lara, just remain calm and look through
Not with your eyes but with your faith in Allah
Things happened for some reasons
The mysterious reasons that only Allah knows

Never fret, never regretted and never stumbled
Over inhuman behaves and characters
They have not chosen the path that you did
May Allah Bless you with a better heart and life!


When guiding light shines through our little hearts
Faith and loyalty would not move or be apart
It rekindles broken and shattered souls alike
To patch up into the path of guiding lights

Once guided never to loose them again
For we would surely end up in vain
Pray hard for them to stay and continue shining
As without it we would surely be astray

No matter how hazardous our paths in life be
We should remain in oneness and forever with Him
Hold our tauhid and aqidah high in place
InsyaAllah life would never again be a pain

Sometimes the unexpected happens
Most times they come unnoticed until lights shine through
What we pray for is kept in Allah's hands
He compensates us with what He thinks be the best

So many incidences are amazingly incredible
We plant in out pots with good soil and fertilizers
Water them each day until they grow and flower
But those in the bushes and forest, who did them all these?

They grow much taller, larger and even gigantic
Without fertilizers and constant attentions from us
Much more species found and amazingly beautiful
Its so incredible, Allah create them for us to appreciate

Allah wants us to ponder and think wise
About His existence, capabilities and His power
They are amazingly incredible to human eyes
They are made for us his universal subjects

Amazingly incredible too, of human behaves and natur
They knew those are Allah's messages and orders
Coming through his messengers, prophets and angles
But do they abide by them and become faithful followers?

They knew too well Islam is Ad Din
But they are the followers of Qarin the evil
Amazingly incredible how they comfortably allow
Qarin and his followers leading them to hell forever,,,

Those guiding lights fade away, sadly fade in some
Overtaken by the gray clouds of wealth and power
That make humans living forever in wonder
Once taken away, what more is left to ponder

Amazingly incredible how Allah has chosen
The few to go through His test and tribulations
He gives them hidayah and taufiq to withstand
Iman, patience and perseverance as friends

He allows us to repent for all the wrong deeds of the past
Before His final call and before ''taghor-ghor'' sounded
He still forgives His subjects because He loves them all
Except those practicing and living in shiriq...