Tuesday, August 28, 2012


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It rained! Ok, fine. It should be cooler and with every drop, there came Allah's Blessings, Alhamdulillah. 

I arrived in PPUM more than an hour later... (half an hour without rain). Another half an hour sitting in the car waiting for someone to go home or by miracle...removing his car.. not hers(!)...

Found my way (complicated way) to the Orthopaedic  clinic. Registered my name. Sat outside waited for my honourable driver Hafiz to arrive. Just before he appeared, I was face to face with someone! Instantly couldn't recall where I have met her. My first guest was could have been a lady working in the PM's office that sat next to me in the National Convention recently... NOpE! 

She was the person who had always offered me jobs in DRB Hicom those days when I was doing business. Ooooooooh what a shame! I couldn't recognize her?
Anyway, I shared with her Hynotherapy that I last mentioned and what else I have learned from my 8 months plus, with PLF. My! She was amazed about the 'ilmu (knowledge) Ihave picked up (not me!) Shared with her what I could remember about vision board, imagination board, LUA, Magnet with Allah, Attract Goodness and NEVER ever mentioned negativeness... Then we ended up in Secret Recipe for our mid morning breakfast.

AS my name was called... I went into the direction of the voice echoing in my ears. 
"Good morning Mam. You are a staff here?" greeted Dr.Wong the consultant in Orthopaedic. 

"Good morning doctor. No, am not a staff here" quipped I.

"My staffs mentioned that you are a staff here" a sweet smile was offered.

"No, it's my daughter who is the staff here, in Family Med... first floor there".. 

"OIC"... said he.

"Now lets see how your wound is getting along?"... he knelt down on the floor undo the neat bandage done by Hafiz.

"Oh, it's very clean and dry. Do you remember me? I was the one who came by and made a suggestion to Dr. XXX. So, how was it? "... 

"Dr. Wong, I had applied hynotherapy... bla bla bla..."

"Wow! Wonderful" Said he.

"Dr.Wong, may I have the doctor's phone number? I wanted to tell him these : - the expected pain in two hours (then) had never came until now, with Allah's will and last night as I was writing this story in my blog... I have given him another name, Dr.Smith. because I cannot remember his real name and please tell him, I am sorry"... heheheheehe...for giving him a new name."

"Yes, of course, I will let him know esp. giving him a new name" Hahahaha... he then continued.

"Okay now I give you this piece of paper, you go the other section
and have a new dressing before you go home, by the nurse. Keep it dry all the time and when you go home, you do not have to bandage it anymore. Let it heal."

Out into the corner I went... Osh! cosh begosh!
It's the other entrance to this building... I had taken the lift, turned right and all those to locate this Orthopaedic  clinic... I felt amused inside! hehe.

The nurse told me "Puan, you can go for lunch, then come back at 2:00 pm. There are 6 others to be treated and they might take more than half an hour each. Just then I noticed a young man with metal rods on his legs... like the cavadi kind of thingy!

I left and quickly made a come back.
"Puan, can I just go home and do it myself??? It's only a simple and little wound" said I.

"O ok, lets have a look... Oh so small. Come lemme just give you this bandage with plaster and this saline cream. NO Iodine okay? It retards your new nail from coming out. It's only for big wounds, its' to kill the germs. Yours is only so little (by her standard)... no need to put. Okay, now rub it with your hands" she went into the details of it.

"Oh I cannot rub it because I have been bersalam with friends just now"... she went to get a glove for me.

"Ok, I can go home now, right?" asked I politely.

"Oh and Puan do not forget to apply Franch OIL, it would be very good for you. Your toe nail will come out healthy" came a gentle reminder from her.

So, on the way home we dropped by at TESCO and get a bottle of Franch Oil...
Ooooooooooooooooo what a bliss freedom!!!!!!! I can now enjoy bathing (?) with my new Ms. Toe without its nail, enjoy taking ablution without spraining my body, enjoy this, enjoy that. BUT No driving and cannot solat without a stool yet... It hurts to make the toe stand up... Alhamdulillah syukur... its making a fast recovery and thanks for all the prayers... 

Sunday, August 26, 2012



THE INNOCENT little wooden cabinet...
WAS knocked by my Miss TOE!

I had a little accident. Yesterday, torn my long-time-ugly-toe-nail... it bled profusely ...
"Feeeeeeez, Please give me some tissues".. I called out loud to my son for assistance.  

Apparently, the toe nail was ripped open but not detached!  It bled profusely and it was scary to my son.  Fresh blood could be seen and I dabbed them away... The toe nail was out of its side "frame"... one time long ago, I remember when this incident happened ... by the side of the cuticle there is "frame-like" part and in that little insertion, I had pushed back the nail into place so that it would not come out and got ripped.  Urgh!!!  Having it secured in place, I dabbed excess blood and then got some bandage to wrap around to prevent further "damage" to the nail and flesh beneath it.

Life went back to normal.  There was a little pain but stubbornly I tried hard to divert it elsewhere.  Was it possible?  YES, of course.

Late evening, my eldest daughter, Dr.Natasha came home.  She took a look and advised me to go to the hospital the next morning.

Upon arrival, I waited outside the doctor's clinic patiently.  The registration number was earlier taken by my daughter.  When it was my turn to see him, I walked graciously towards him... could I walk any faster??  Nope!  After examining me, he told me the procedure.  Firstly, I was required to take some X-rays to determine if I have any fractures on my joints,  then had to go to the ET.  What?  X-ray?  A small incident led me to ET???  Asked me from deep inside.  Secondly, I need to return to this clinic to get the doctors comments.  Thirdly, I had to wait for someone to take me to the ET.

Someone did take me to ET.  Down the steps... into the lobby...then out the walkway, into the uncovered pathways... faithfully I trotted behind him with little Sofiya and Hafiz accompanying. It was an adventure to Sofiya.  She was of course so familiar with ET... She has been there few times before herself.

The Emergency and Trauma, here we come!

I was introduced to Dr.Smith.  He took out the bandage to examine which procedure to use.  Asking me lots of questions as though I have been hit in an accident.  Hehehehe!  He then took a photograph and MMS it to his senior consultant.  Normal procedure in a teaching hospital.  Fine!
Then a senior doctor came to decide which procedure was suitable. Just to let Miss Toe go home attached and just give her a bandage and dressings or having her  completely cut off! 

Once it was decided, I was briefed on the procedure.  
Two jabs of Local Anesthetic was necessary, I could feel the sharp fine needles being pushed into the sides of my Miss Toe. Then waited a short while before a little insertion had to be made.   He was asking if I could feel his touch.  I nodded my head.  I still could feel it as he was meddling with the toe end.  He knew IT!  The medication did not work well on me.  But he had to proceed.  Meanwhile, I was prepared with my Mind, Body and Soul to face it bravely with Allah's help!

A few weeks back... I was taught a brand new lesson...

First, I make a big white board on the ceiling and put myself there. I concentrated on my toe. I felt the needle prick as the LA was applied. Then I saw in my mind, blood all over the toe. I applied black color onto it. Then trying to give it yellow color ... until the procedure was done.  At the same time, I have diverted my pain elsewhere.

"My! You are very tolerable!" remarked the doctor after it was done.  I smiled away.

"Afterwards I will tell how and why"...

"Normally my patients would scream their heads off, and since you still feel the pain, LA did not work fully on you. MY!"

"I have self hypnotized myself. Firstly, I made a prayer to Allah, to allow me to use the knowledge that I have just learned a couple of weeks back. Then I put myself on the ceiling above me with the toe being the focal point. I put a black color onto it. Then gradually, changed it to yellow. But it turned itself into gold color and kept glowing until you are done."

"Am amazed! So now, do you feel any pain?" Looking at me in amazement. ;)

"No!" said I, smiling.

"Okay the pain will come after two hours of the procedure and I will detail out what you are supposed to do..."

Now, it is 12.40a.m. ( I am waiting for the time to take my 4th  anti biotic)...Alhamdulillah syukur, the pain isn't here. HOW? I have transferred the pain (since this morning) on to someone that I saw on TV 512 news channel... Alhamdulillah it worked.

Thanks Si Fu Rizal for teaching me this 27th-29th July... I have since rehearsed those that I have learned within those few days, to my "students" ... My lovely children...

Pray that all these 'ilmu keep on spreading to my doctor children so they can apply appropriately. Aameen.

Last remark from the doctor... YOU should come and help with patients having dislocated shoulders !!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

Allah was helping all along, not me. I have only applied what I have learned. He was the one responsible for the healing, taking away the pain and controlling the pain.. with Kuun fayakuun. Alhamdulillah Ya Allah .

As I am writing this post... it's more than a week now... there no pain at all since the little  surgery... Believe me!  IF you leave things to Allah, you will receive this experience like I am going through now.  It is not the Universe who is doing all these.  It is Allah The Almighty, The Creator of this Universe and The Most Exalted.  The spirit gets online and connected with Allah if you decide and make this choice.  The choice is entirely yours.  You are responsible towards it.  So, Take Charge and make right choices. YES?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today, I made a lot of blunder while trying to make changes to my blog.  I am here to just share a few words of frustrations... O Really?

In the process of adopting new templates, I have lost all the blog friends' links... It's extremely tedious to recover through Google comments... I know!  BUT it's just impossible... I may not have the time and patience...  So, If you come and visit my blog land and found your name missing, please just excuse me.  It wasn't done on purpose, okay?

Anyway, I know I have not been a regular... AN excuse I have for so long lay upon!  Boring, ain't it?  Anyway, things have been absolutely blissful after the Ramadhan... Joys were there waiting for us on the 1st day of Shawal.


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Monday, August 6, 2012



Here is where we are!!!



Since last January, I have not been  regularly visiting this blog land...  The link above tells all, why I was away most of the time...

Learning is such a sweet process to find and discover new things in life.  Most interesting of fall is to learn from some new and younger scholarly persons.

In Malaysia, there are numerous learning available to suit your needs.  Just choose what you want, how you want them to be and Voala!  You will find yourself in a new horizon already!