Saturday, July 4, 2009


Patiently we waited until the students' registrations were completed. The last person should be the 110th... (for this day). Those were JPA scholar's - a sponsorship from the government .

Diyanah's was the 21st. Seated in the not-so-front-row, we intently listened to the opening speech started by the Professor... I am not able to tell his correct designation as their website isn't available at the time I am writing this post. The next was delivered by the Provost of the Foundation Studies, an Associate Professor. The final speech delivery was in a posh Queen's English, by (assuming) the most senior lecturer (and a board member) of CUCMS.

Amongst the text I penned down : (sorry if I have wrongly noted them...)

* CUCMS started in the year 2005 offering MBBS and Degree in Pharmacy. In 2009, obtaining recognition from JPA (a government agency that sponsors majority of the students studying locally and abroad) after almost five years in operation. That, I supposed after having proved their high standard of performance.

* The first batch of JPA scholars consisted of 117 students enrolled in the year 2009 (July the 2nd)

* The rest of the students were sponsored by MARA, PETRONAS, The Ministry of Defence and PTPTN. They have registered themselves much earlier.

* The Foundation Students are 150 in total.

* Students accommodations are in the Smart Homes mixed with the public, the Multi Media University and the University LimKokWing's student.

* Mode of transportation to the campus is a free Rapid KL bus service.
( a relief to a single parent like me...)

* Lecturers are from prominent local universities.

* Introduction to Medicine and Pharmacy are taught by Professors. (Foundation Studies)

* Students are to study in groups based on "Students Centered Learning" with assignment research for lectures.

***One year Foundation consists of 16 weeks/semester with 3 breaks in 3 semesters.

* Soft Skills such as in communication, effective domain and reflection sessions are conducted.

* Clinicals are done in government hospitals around the Klang Valley and Putra Jaya.

"NURTURING THE PASSION TO CARE". The students are encouraged to affiliate themselves with associations like MERCY, PPIM and Self Defence. The community service association named Young MERCY is to enhance their personality towards contributing, caring and changing the role to become " People With The Best Mind "....( such an example was our Honorable former Premier, a former Medical Doctor turned Politician) as well as to prepare themselves for "Disaster Medicine"...

***Enroll in July 2009 finishing in early July 2010. By August 2010, students who get through would be in year one in their respective faculty. As all the three speakers seriously reminding, TIME is the essence, this foundation year is not a year to play around and relaxing oneself.

DO IT RIGHT! within the time specified...


A World in a PAN said...

Glad Diyanah was # 21 ... and not # 110!
Thank you for sharing through all these posts this important time in their lives.

RoyalTLady said...

Glad you come by and spent time reading my scribes...

Yes, very important and she has not stopped saying "thank you mummy" since the registration. lol!