Wednesday, July 15, 2009



It's too long to answer your what ifs in my comment column. So, I opt to post it here.

Whatever your questions are, they never have happened and they were already destined to happen so... BUT for SURE their pains were enormous!

After 8 years? She must have been in low profile indeed. Otherwise, they would have spotted her much earlier. How to hide her? She was obviously "a white girl" and was the talk of the town that later created history in so many countries until today... as I am writing this post. I am deeply saddened by her episodes in life... I am eagerly waiting for The Movie to come.

BUT the unfair parts were...

**NO one knew their true feelings and sufferings, when she and her "foster mother" were torn apart, snatched off their sacred love and faith in each other, separated, leaving four empty arms...helplessly screaming their hearts out "in silent", immensely torturing and unbearable...

**Strongly she went on with her life and throughout she was suffering ... Silently suffering. I believed so!

But since everyone were so focusing on her, did anyone pause to ponder about her paternal mother?

**Imagine the "LOST" she felt, with her little girl "given" to another person to take care of.

**How did she feel when there were no traces of little girl and her foster mother ... She was also torn apart... shattered, helpless, teary days and nights lasted for so long... separated by the cruel war and the "fate".

**What's left was only her body and soul intact with her but her feelings of hope to see, to hold, to hug, to feed, to love and to nurture her little girl were cruelly sheared away.

**She was for so long, living and endure all the hurts and anguish, while hopelessly hoping to be with her child.

**Fate was on her side... although torn between two mothers must have been extremely painful... she has the rights over her child. Could we imagine how joyous she must have been winning the court case and having her "baby" in her arms again????? and away they flew home to home sweet home.

**But I am sure she thanked Cik Aminah greatly for "saving" Nadra's life from the evil of the war.

We now witnessed their extensive sufferings from these blogs...Three ladies, people with beautiful hearts tragically suffered at the hands of the war... I believe people who posted in their blogs were "immensely touched" by what they write... I DO!

I am eagerly waiting for the movie...

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azahar said...


How I wish that:

1. She was allowed to continue practising Islam when she was brought back to Holland

2. She was not forced to become a Christian, but allowed to choose on her own

3. Both her real and adopted parents shared her in between a win-win situation

It is not my intention to question what had been predestined...I'm just thinking aloud...