Sunday, July 5, 2009


MasyaAllah, SubhanAllah!!

The extra
ordinary fierce storm woke me up at 3:30a.m. I heard a loud "crash" in my sleep. But since I slept quite late (reading comments in my blog and checking emails) , I could not wake up any faster.

Apparently, the weird storm finally forced me up. I stood there by the window facing the sun-down-side, motionless, watching the fierce wind blowing those tall trees, in all directions, like "being pulled and pushed aggressively" by a "certain force". It happened just outside my bedroom window. Believe it or not?

Silently I said my prayers "so that we are spared from unforeseeable incidences, so that they do not break all the branches and come crashing away on our roofs". Had it happened, Hafiz's room would have been badly affected and would obviously get in a greater mess when the torrential fall came.

My thought was "slightly" on the right track so to say... when I looked down on the ground, I saw this huge branch was practically outside Harith's bedroom (which is directly below Hafiz's room)... It covered the whole ground and the whole length of the room. (I have not taken any pictures yet).

Alhamdulillah syukur, (Thanks Allah), Hafiz has just left while Harith together with his Mom and Dad went over to grants' house which was only 15 minutes away. They slept over and came home only in the morning. I was home with my second daughter, Zaza.

When I turned and went to look out from the opposite window, I just stood there motionless, deep down my heart continued with more prayers to Allah. All the trees nearby were continuously being blown from side to side " systematically but fiercely"... lots of leaves have fallen onto our "clean ground", filling up the tar covered spaces as well as the grass covered grounds. Our compound has just being cleared by our not-so- regular part-time gardener that came and gave the grass a good cut, swept away every little bit of them, just four days earlier.

I was scared and worried in case other taller trees break their branches and our house would not be spared...Somehow, in that darkness of the stormy morning, "something else had occurred" to my mind and my heart together with my soul went along with it... I would not have any chances, would not be spared, what more be given opportunities to say my prayer when the "FIRST SOUND" of sangkakala is blown by the "Angel Israfil" on the LAST DAY...

Alhamdulillah syukur, this time, I was still given the chance to say my prayers, to save me, to forgive me, to give me longer life, to heal all forms of sickness especially the sickness of the heart... ect., ect., ect.... "ALL ALONE". Yet not quite alone! The fierce stormy morning that was followed by heavy showers were with me. So strong was the storm, that the heavy showers were not heard at all. AND, somehow, Allah was with me! Watching over me... showing me His Great Power... SubhanAllah.

.......To see whether I have become a good Muslim or not, whether I have adhered to His Orders to be in the right path or otherwise... Oooooo, it was quite an experience that is almost impossible to explain and interpret here..........



Anonymous said...

Oh Lady I have witnessed storms in my yard today also. We were planning our 4th of July today Sunday, but it is noon and it is rain, rain, rain. We all must hang on to our faith in times like this. Blessings

RoyalTLady said...


I was away in your blog land when you came to see me here.

O YES? You too had a stormy day? What a coincidence... You are right about hanging on to our faiths... that is all we have deep down inside.

The Dutchess said...

I believe its a stormy kind of weather all over the world because we had a storm yesterday...thunder and very heavy rain and strong wind...I was alone in the house because my husband is away for work for a week and I don't like stormy weather when I am alone..:)

RoyalTLady said...

The Dutchess,

Yes, QMM was also experiencing stormy weather in her part of the city. I guess its more frightening when you have tall trees around...

But of course we keep hanging on to our faith like QMM said...