Monday, December 31, 2007


The beautiful keladi leaves
The sudden attraction
Capturing my eyes
Moving into action

Digging the soggy ground
Soon after each rainfall

When the pods were found
Slowly pulling them all

A few stems would break
Never mind them all
What keladi plants take
Soil, pots and all

Watching them grow
Only me and Mr.Spongy

The others would not know
Because they are busy

Watering them regularly
With water from the hose
When they turned pretty
I pinch my nose

...strange feelings struck me
what could it be?

On the day the leaves were born
The sudden
excitement grew
On the day the leaves were torn
The meaning of sharing I knew

Ok Mr.Spongy I now understand
I let you eat or have them all
You need to grow and
"stand tall"
Fly with butterflies, insects and all
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Sunday, December 30, 2007


Alhamdulillah syukur

all went well

Despite the "gohead and goestan"
I quite managed my blog
though with much hitch here and there
...teething stage, eh?

But please dear bloggers
I did not mean to be so bold
as to make the peacock
and the serving Tpot
looking so bright
but the least I could
light up my blog

But I hope you would enjoy
the T served in it
just have a cuppa
with or without sugar,
milk anyone?

The spout is stout
it's reliable not a doubt
the colour attracted me
That was why I bought
(from Wales..)

peacock was self painted on a mirror

Friday, December 28, 2007



I no longer want to fill up your space....

But I have to be honest with you: The reading slows me down for various reasons that not many people would want to admit (I believe), not blaming you though.

1. I really need to rest my eyes after each reading, of only 4-5 pages (shame). Almaqlum...mata saya getting younger by the "hours"...kecik sikit fontnya tu.

2. My poor vocab slows my reading down, (Y?)I have to see Cik Komuh and words have to be referred to most times (complementary to you for having superb English).

3. Have to stop reading while smiling which gets to giggles and finally laughter...alone mind you? Some parts, gelekek jugok sorang-sorang, unaccompanied.

4. Have not found a single book yet with all the beautiful words mixed with Terengganuspeak.

5. Complementing you on the:

i) recognition by the Terengganu State Government

ii) bertambah peminak yang membaca dan dok pernoh baca, tiba2 jjadi minak

iii) bertambah buku dicari for presents, momentos and all

iiii) imbuh aaaaa tulih buku ning

iiiii) Hahaha you do your old school proud, your family too but most of all ALL orang Tghanung all over the world.

vi) Then when WHM and me got on the phone, we recalled those pages, words and jargons we came across and bursting into laughter, amazing what your book did to our lungs

7) Congratulations.

iiix) Perhaps one day, you could produce another book, GUiT 2 with all the comments, photos and complements arriving into your blog each day, each night till the sun is down and down again.

Monday, December 24, 2007



All the best for the coming 25th December Monsoon Cuppa@Keda Pok Loh Yunang. We shall miss this auspicious occassion since we would be elsewhere...would love to see the crowd. But most of all hope it wouldn't cause any jams in the town centre or near Keda Pok Loh Yunang...hahaha.

Tlady would have loved to serve tea for you and your guests but alas! Her duty takes her off her feet....

Kherpowk Leko? Would it be served as well?

Kalu ada rojowk ceranang Mok Mek, lagi kow dok gittu? steaming hot kherpowk leko and chilly sauce...if these were present then the book signing might have turned to be a big big fiesta!
Would appreciate to share some snap shots taken on 25/12 up in your blog.

You really made it throughout the globe, ay? Real example of Globalisation through Entrepreneurship, Writing and whatchamaycallit.

Happy signing...

Sunday, December 23, 2007

teapots and peacock

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Much has been received
Too many to mention
They were not for us alone
They were meant to be shared

Rich at heart
Is even richer than most richness
Kind words of wisdom
Is even more comforting to those ears

Shed some lights to the needy
The lights that shone
Through some humble and gentle
Hearts of gold

"Tis time for giving and sharing
For what were received
Return them in other form
To the needy and less fortunate

Be the giver now the peacock and
the teapots...
Give some lights

Who is giving?
Who is receiving?
...only kind hearts

and owners of hearts of gold
are able to interprate...

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This painting of Tiger Lily was done in 2006


Nothing compares
With Allah given talent
Together with peaceful mind
Time, patience and calmness
The clear, colorless glass
Into masses of colors
and colors and colors
That brightens up corners

Glass Painting of "Dried Flowers" that was "gone"- done in 1999

The flawless
Allah given
Allah given
Filling up the vacuum
Of the heart and soul
And the minds of ME, you, him and them
Nothing compares

first glass painting done in 1999

Appreciate the nature and
ALL of His Creations
The flawless beauty
The wonders of the world
With hearts and soul
Reciting zikir, tasbih and tahmid
To The Almighty Allah
With praises be upon Him
With nothing compares

Selawat and Salam
To our beloved
Nabi Mohamad S.A.W
Our beloved Prophet
Showers of Rahmat and Rahim
Upon him shall bestow
Pray ...Obey him we shall
With Ilmu, Amal, Iman, Taqwa and Patience

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007


first we set
then we sail
sometimes we drift
many times we ashore
often we anchored
when the tide is low
but .......
most times
when we hit the rocks
our inner force glow
holding us in piece

towing the line...
...the family line
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Monday, December 17, 2007


It captured me and I instantly fell in love with GP.
When we (me and ND) arrived at KLIA, suddenly I remembered having a relative living in Kuching. Frantically looking for a number in KTrg., I hurriedly called and asked for TI's phone number. After we checked in at the Hilton, we decided to stroll along the river bank to smell the eastern air. Back to the hotel, I called TI. It was AS who picked up the phone. Apparently TI was out fetching their son from tuition centre.

When she returned my call, her voice was not the same as I heard years ago, abviously. After setting the time to meet, we got dressed and sat in the full-bloom- flowered hotel lobby. A beautiful "Chinese looking lady" walked passed. Seemed looking for someone. After a few minutes, she passed me and I said "In....?" MY! How beautiful she was. Hugging was our name of the game whenever we meet friends both old and new. We then walked to her car to meet the rest of the family that I have never met neither knew.

We had dinner at the club...ow, there goes! I forgot what they called "pucuk paku hijau" in Sarawak....but it was deliciously cooked in belacan. (today 28th Dec., aaaaa, alhamdulillah I finally recalled what's it's called...pucuk midin, as they say). Strange as it was, the stem has much less leaves as found in KL. Infact only the top most part has a little young shoot. The rest are all green slimy stem that tasted delicious in blacan. After catching up with OUR saucy stories "of the missing link - over 30 yrs", ND was falling asleep.

TI invited us for another meal, "after more than 30 years" of not seeing each other. Shidah took us to TI's house in the suburbs of Kuching.
The delicious laksa Sarawak that was served for our brunch was well tucked up. The whole house was decorated and designed by her. She took after her granny who could turn thread, cloth and needle into beautiful results of handwork.

Out on the airy patio was a small table that was filled with a sizable glass. What was it? Ooosh! Overwhelmed with the art, I was glued to the table, scrutinised her fine art work on the glass. It really struck my attention and I fell in love with it almost immediately.
She showed me her skills in Glass Painting. Demonstrated briefly how it was done, where it could be done, where to get the materials, ect.ect.ect. OK. That's it.

When I came back, I got my supplies from OU. My first book was my best friend. The paints came second. I tried painting on any glass surface found in our house. My children had their hands on them too. Since then, not only my passion grew but I was also constantly commissioned to do some GP in Arabic Khat as gifts to dignitaries. Have also been painting flowers and logos for similar purpose. My vary first GP (that I challenged myself to do) was that of the peacock on the mirror (a master piece?), not on plain glass. It was the most difficult GP to do and tedious as well. But (to me) the result was overwhelming (again to me). Other artists might just avoid a second look at it, hahaha.

BEST of all, it proved to be an excellent therapy for my mind and my soul. I was extremely pleased with the results and it was indeed self-satisfactory. But they get completed quite quickly ...unlike normal paintings, perhaps would take a little longer to complete and allow you to dwell on it. I have sizable GPs hung up on my walls that shines through at night.

**But..........I have not glass painted this picture of "birds of paradise"..**


Born on different dates

WE bore different names
Given by our parents
Only one with different sir name
The other four share the same

Born on different dates
Blessed by Allah in different years
Grew up under the same roof
Shouldered different tasks
Hard tasks, multi tasks

Mom sailed the ship
All else became the passengers
When she knelt down on her knees
All of us faithfully observed
Regaining strength as we ponder
Appreciating every move she ventured

Strength and faith became one
Giving us all the lead we want
Mom never failed anyone
Raised us as Allah commands
Through rains, thunders, storms and all
With reluctance to retreat
Even with volcanoes' erruptions

Sailing in rough and wild seas
With broken mast and shattered dreams
The "waves" saved our faith with prayer
The "lights" paved the way with prayer
The "hope" hung high with prayer
Together with mom at the helm
With Allah to fall on to
All the time, precious time

With every breath it took
Mom braving the storm amidst hurricanes
Through 19.7 years of "silence"
Unfortunately too long a silence
To the unknown destiny
Through the dark tunnel unlighted
Then one last final straw, "bang!"
Broke it all...the long long silence

The eruption, the fierce eruption
The peak melted with no ice found
The mountain came crumbling down
The rocks stumbled onto one another
Filling the earth shattering scattering
Final straw broke the long silence

Mom braved it all
With waves, lights and hopes
Brought peace and tranquility...
Taught us how to live this life
To see if we stumbled..
Should we fall, up we get
Walking tall and forward we shall

With Allah's Blessings and our Faith
With dignity and inner strength
Found ourselves harboring together
To brave life and what it offered

Me and my own...
Together we sail in calm seas

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Sunday, December 16, 2007


9.30am 121507.

Got the book through personal delivery by our "Super Speed DHL -Mr.A.Karim WO" and oh gosh! WAH was also with him. Missed them both actually as we detoured our journey home into a teak shop.The book GUiT tickled me and left me in stitches. Some parts seem nostalgic indeed. It made me feel proud to be the owner of one and singed by the writer and got it personally chance or probability I don't know.TQ.Wan A.Hulaimi.

BUT one thing for sure, I really felt handicapped to write. Why? His flair in writing really made me felt I am no where with this language. However, the book gave me knowledge of which I have missed before, felt so self belonging to Teghanung especially the Trenganuspeak part.

The Book, its cover...looking: ada klah. Syabas!