Wednesday, July 1, 2009


This morning:

I first went with my eldest daughter to the hospital to get some medicine for some insect bites. Not a very long wait, probably it was due to a queued-jumping . Once I got my medicine, Hafiz came to fetch me with Harith strapped in his seat and we went to Diyanah's hostel to get all her belongings, home. Meanwhile, I had my breakfast there ... quite late though... it was almost 10:00a.m. Before leaving, I bought some dishes for our lunch. They were quite cheap.

I accompanied Diyanah up to her twin-sharing room on level 7. Two trips with our hands full on each trip, down to the car. Once her stuffs were packed in the car, home we came. Harith's sleeping time drew nearer. He was making so much noise. I was on this laptop, checking mails and reading comments in my blog. Happy that I managed to make new friends.

Then Hafiz and Diyanah had to go to the stamping office for Hafiz's scholarship forms. Harith and I were left at home. Another alarm came from Harith. He needed his milk, another one.? Once settled and sound asleep, I started feeling hungry and had my lunch while watching the News @ One Thirty at almost 1:45pm. .. .. not so nice to hear...another Air France's mishap, yet again?

Then, back to this laptop... another phone call from the (now got its correct name) Cyber Jaya University College of Medicine... giving details of what to bring along tomorrow morning for registration. How about her belongings? Are we going into the hostels? NOPE! Nor allowed. They would be housed in the elite Cyber Jaya Smart Home housing estate. Their buses and vans would transport the student sinto these homes. We just have to send her for registration and leave her the college which is situated at this prestigious INVENT QJaya Building.

One of the items to be brought tomorrow is a 5 piece-colored photogrphs which Diyanah said, no problem at all because she has 40 pieces of them with her!!! Lol!

Again!!! I am very lucky as Hafiz is still around to help. Sister Zaza is taking leave to see her off and Papa (my sil) is taking leave to take care of Harith... Hafiz would be back to his campus (now 2nd year degree in Industrial Computer) on the 4th of July to resume hi studies. His campus is 350 kilometers away,

By next week, life should be back to "normal" with no more helping hands around . Otherwise it was , "Hafiz, please see to Harith for me", Hafiz this, Hafiz that... NO more luxury, no one to drive me around and no more pop in and out of shopping malls. I would have to drive myself and handle things like before his 2 months long holiday...May-June........sob, sob, sob!

ALAS! Aloha Diyanah, Aloha Hafiz. Be on your way to "seek success and build your future from now on"... All The Best and May Allah Bless you all the way. Amin.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Lady. Love you posts about family. That's what it's all about. Yes I heard about another crash. Too sad. Blessings

RoyalTLady said...


Yes, that's what our lives are all about. Revolving around our families, in and out, daily, monthly, yearly until all of them grow up.

I guess everyone went through similar episodes in life... but with patience, all are well rewarded.....


GrandmaK said...

Truly a very busy day! Whew! Worn out just reading it! Cathy

RoyalTLady said...


Truly busy, yes. Tomorrow another busy day...registration day.

That's what my life is all about... and until all started working, then I would be a little relieved.

Thanks for coming by and cheering me up...

Cheers to you.

Barbara said...

Waiting at the hospital, i had thought it was an airport waiting lounge. Looks very efficient.

If yu did live near then you could come and drink tea amongst the roses and the lavendar.

RoyalTLady said...


Yes, it is the pharmacy at a teaching hospital where my eldest work.

I wished I am near you... thanks for coming by.