Monday, November 1, 2010

Memories are so fleeting... 29th 0CTOBER

Emy Ismail

Emy Ismail Sharifah Noradibah Syed Omar, Sharifah Normah Syed Omar and all in the family. While I am grieving together with a cyber friend Rukiah Omar whom I have never met but sharing some common friends in FB cyber-sphere, I have not forgotten someone extremely dear to my young adult life, has returned to our Creator on this... day (29th), Allah The Almighty. Coincidentally, it's D's birthday.

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    • Emy Ismail Diduakan agar rohnya dicucuri Rahmat, dihimpunkan dikalangan para solihin, dipermudahkan segala urusannya menuju Jannah, dipermudahkan hisab dihari kebangkitan dan agar mendapat syufaat Rasulullah s.a.w. Aaaamiiiiiiiiiiiin.
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    • Rukiah Omar ‎" In’na lillahi wa ‘in’na ‘ilaihi ro ji’un " May Allah bless her/his soul and may his/her family is comforted including you Emy. Sharing your memory to someone dear to you -kak Kiah.
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    • Emy Ismail
      Sis, SHE was the above-mentioned names' mother, used to be my neighbor, my adopted mom and the "step" towards my future. That was how Allah has arranged it and I owe her my life and everything that I do today. She had opened the door for m......e to enter, she was the catalyst who had helped to shape me up into what I am today. Subhanallah, Mashaalah what a wonderful mother she was to so many other "adopted" daughters that she had. Until today, her children and grandchildren (some) are bridging the relationship which are impossible to break with us all. How wonderful to have met her and she had played a precious role in my life.See More

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    • Rukiah Omar Like wise so is my dear beloved sister...who shaped my life in my formative years with her. Very strict she was but it did a world of good, dunia akhirat actually!
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    • Emy Ismail
      I hope my children shall one day read my appreciation towards this wonderful lady who had not only walked, touched and crossed my path of life, my future and my well being but also she was a much Blessed person on her own. The last day I... saw her was the 26th October 2008, lying in the hospital bed, with ONLY her eyes that was familiar to me... while the rest were beyond recognition. Mashaallah, Subhanallah!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never repay Mak Ku Tengku Dalam Fatimah's kindness and cud never found another wonderful heart as pure, sincere and forever shining through her sweet smile and warm words. She never knew how to grow old and tired of helping people around her. She had touched so many hearts, lives and souls and have knitted the threads of so many lives... untangled them in so many ways that Allah has alloed her... including mine.See More

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    • Rukiah Omar May Allah reward her million times over her kindness and love she showered to all those under her wings. I would call her an Earth Angel, doing Allah's work. Until such time we stoppe dmentioning their names, they are not gone. They live in our heart, don't they?
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    • Emy Ismail
      Absolutely Sis. She lives, lingers on and on until we finally go back to our Creator. That's how much (still more) I could describe her through personal experience. As I dwelled my past with her... am not spared for another "blurry visio...n" this instant. Thank you for kind words sis. That's the most wonderful thing to describe her, an Earth Angel.
      Amin for you dua.
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    • Emy Ismail ‎****Kak Pah,yr comments buat adi lg rindu dan teringat segala pergorbanan dan perhatian yg diberi kepada semua..tak kira anak sendiri, anak angkat and anak tiri..miss her so so much.. ******** from her wonderful daughter who had been my shadow since she was little... Sharifah Nor Adibah... I copied this from chat box.
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    • Emy Ismail To ALL her children: Thank you for making it possible for me to share your most wonderful MOM .... one of the most wonderful in this world. I can't say enough and I can't find better words to express but humbly I hope all of you accept this as my appreciations... :-))
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    • Emy Ismail Am off to Ampang now for a class till mid day... see you all later...Have a wonderful Sunday and share something good with someone today.... even if its just a little smile that you wear on your beautiful faces.
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    • Sharifah Normah Syed Omar
      am lost for words....only Allah knows what's inside of me at the moment...I know we missed her but tis worse for Bah. Still asking what Mum pesan for him....I guess not being able to be with her during her last moment must have affected a way that he is still searching for her last wish for him, and how to go on, after being so dependent on her strength, though he had not realised all this while she's around...

      ...and for all the hearts she had touched through her lifetime, it is you that made her life meaningful through all her tribulations and challenges.....reaching out for those who needed her strengths and care, because she cared and had a lot to give.......cos the returns of the giving to others and celebrating their happiness offset her loneliness and pain.....
      ..and that my friends, were the best things my mother had through her lifetime, the wonderful beings who became the extended family whom she knew, will further build and strengthen one another.esp. in the hour of need....THANK YOU for colouring her life with such beautiful etchings of feelings that had her always being thankful to Allah for such a blessed time here..and Insyaallah hereafter, AMIN.
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    • Rukiah Omar Enjoyed reading about IBU MITHALI above. She would have been really happy to know you apprecaiate her. Bet she did what she did without expecting anything back. Little did she know how much she meant to all of the ones she touched. This thought goes to my mother too whom I have not forgotten, not even a day. With her in my mind my life is full of love so bountiful, pure and beautiful. May Allah bless all our 'mothers' who has given everything to us which only a mother could. Amin
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    • Sharifah Normah Syed Omar
      Amin. Salam ukwah....

      Now Iam thinking that, yes, we may have lost our mothers, but see how many we have gained...a sister, a friend of the sister who, like us, shared many similar journeys...and who are willing to listen and care...together... we will be strong and will try to expand the legacy of love from our mothers for the good of mankind..InsyaallahSee More

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    • Rukiah Omar Ameen. It is all Allah's will. May Allah bless our friendship, be it just in Cyber space only, I am sure the feeling is from the heart and as real as day.
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    • Rukiah Omar Emy, I will be out for the day with Myra, need to help her driving as she will take her Driving Test (practical) in December. She has already cook for me a Fillipino Vegetable dish cakked 'Pinakbit' consisting of 'terog, lady's finger, petola pahit?, kachang panjang, chilli, ginger, mushroom. She adds alot of Ikan bilis and some budu sauce of some kind. Very nice indeed. I will take a picture ...
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    • Emy Ismail
      Subhanallah, Mashaallah!!!!!!! Am in tears again after reading this thread that had touched me so much. The beautiful life that was knitted and threaded by Allah through His humble subjects have miraculously bind our hearts together, paved... the way to ukhwah, silaturrahim and insyaallah we may find our way to His path. To all our beautiful mothers : WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH BUT ALLAH LOVE YOU MORE...May every soul rest in peace and be placed amongst the
      Solihin. Amin
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    • Rukiah Omar Amin Wasalamulaikum. Need to go now for adrive. Tell Adik Cura not to worry about me being the driving instructor for Myra. I have attended a course on Driving Awareness!!! I have a history on my driving. May Allah look after me and Myra today.
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    • Emy Ismail
      Please send Myra, my regards and wishes for longer lasting friendship between you both. I remember having my driving test in winter. When the tested said "emergency brake!!!". I slammed on the pedal, the car made a loud screeching noise,s...kidded in the snow and iice covered surface, the old lady in white coat carrying a poodle turned to look and in panicky, away it jumped . I was laughing my heart out and I miserably failed the first test. LOL... something to cheer our
      depressing hearts...
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    • Emy Ismail Amin. May Allah look after you and Myra today, tomorrow and forever. Amin. I wud forward your message in his (CS's) column.
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Monday, October 4, 2010


Emy Ismail October 4 at 10:32pm .... AS I was writing to a  special FB friend ... Aishah Schwartz.
A miracle has taken over ME this morning. Alhamdulillah I did not have to go through what I went through with Amir Harith's birth two years and 8 months ago. When I was seated outside the labor room, I could hear everything... I mean from the little unborn's heart beat, with loud thumping noise coming from the monitor, the hassle and bustle, the nurses' voices trying to coax the mother-to-be between pushing, correct breathing, puffing and what naughts... that sent me frantically praying and saying my duas endlessly for her safe delivery. My heart beat went as rapid as it could. I was overly anxious. My mind went as wild as all the imaginations took me. Despite that, after reciting Yaasin, I still managed to write those encounters in a little green book which this morning, I did not forget to bring along. I was prepared to write something of that sort... if not worse.

SO when my watch showed 10:00a.m,  I took out my blue ball point pen, I detached its cap, turning the pages to locate a fresh new page and I found myself  asking from the deepest part of my heart... 

"What shall I write this time?   Where shall I begin"

I scribbled a few lines 
"I am now seated just as outside the labor room like how I did a couple of years ago to make dua for my darling eldest daughter as she was ready for another birth ..." 

I was perhaps on the same chair but obviously of similar design this time and outside the same room (?) trying to jot down as it is happening. And as though the "switch was off", my hand had stopped writing, my mind went almost dead with ideas, I slowly closed the little green book and to my utter astonishment, Nothing  absolutely nothing had came out of anything.  It had happened spontaneously as though the norm had taken place. No words to describe anything from the labor room which was only a few feet away from me. There was absolutely NO sound coming from there.  Only the nurses, Professor Silay from Cambodia and some assistance nurse were seen carrying out their "normal" duties.

So, I carefully, nicely
folded and put away the little faithful green book into my black hand bag, and went on with Surah Yaasin reading a couple more times with a deep thought that struck the bottom of my inner heart, that this time, I had wanted to welcome my little grand daughter with this beautiful and distinguished Surah.  

Just as I was finishing...

The young gentleman who is a banker with May Bank Selayang named, Mr.Jamal, whose wife was admitted at 1:00a.m, whom I saw was in great pain as she was shoved on a wheel chair by her own mom, had delivered their second baby at 1:30a.m,   had stopped by to ask if my new grandchild has arrived.  He was showing his concern. 

Last night, since Tasha was still away from giving birth , I managed to offer my solat hajat  (special prayer) for his wife, whom I never got to know her name, and of course to my daughter. As soon as I finished my prayer, I rushed up to the 10th floor of UMSC (University Malaya Specialist Center).

As the lift door opened, instantly, I heard a very loud cry coming from the labor room. Which labor room??? I wasn't sure.  So, I was half running towards Tasha's room.  It was not her baby but it was Mr.Jamal's baby.  

He was born without anyone around except  his own grandmother and obviously his own mother.  Later, the nurses were heard running towards them. The nurses had miscalculated his time of arrival. They thought it was going to be hours later although she had already "breaks her water bag"...

You cannot tell THESE five elements in life which are ALL and ONLY in the knowledge of Allah the ALMIGHTY!!! Subhanallah!!!!!!!!  First is : what is in the womb of a woman.  Second, when (referring to the exact timing) is the birth taking place.  Third: when is the death taking place  Fourth:  what is your fate in life.  Fifth: when is world coming to an end?

Alhamdulillah syukur. Masyaallah and Subhanallah, their baby has already been delivered just then. And Allah had answered my prayer for an easy and safe delivery for this particular baby.

"Not yet", I replied with a smile and felt so contented inside. 

"No noise, nothing. So I suppose there is no birth yet!"

He stood there smiling, in front of me.  Describing how his baby is getting on what to name him.  I had suggested Amir Hamzah which I instantly thought as "strong and perhaps powerful" .  Coincidentally he said,

"Yes, that's what me and my wife were thinking too, a name with an abbreviation of A and H".

"My first grandson's name is Amir Harith", said I.

Another MIRACLE!

Things had remained so peaceful since I was seated there for the past two hours. Then one of the nurses emerged from Tasha's room and I had asked if there was any progress?

"The baby isn't here yet?"  I asked innocently.

"Yes, the baby is already here, she was born at 10.27a.m"... 

WHAT? Alhamdulillah syukur. I guess my son-in-law was too over -whelmed with this second birth that he had unknowingly  and intentionally forgotten to take a peep out their door and inform us! He must also be over tired, fatigue and worn out with his sleepless night and eagerness to welcome his second baby.  He was there since 1:00a.m.

I was with Amir Harith and Zaza, my second daughter.  Just then Zaza had gone down to the parking lot , which was 10 floors below, to move her car which had blocked someone's vehicle.

But miraculously AND Alhamdulillah Syukur, this time Allah did not let me hear anything worrying  and causing anxiety  like that of two years and eight months ago. Nothing at all.  OR, was the door so "sound proof"? 

By the time I was asking the nurse, little Sofiya was already 13 minutes outside her mother's womb, born into this world, joining us all  and for the first time in her life, breathing this fresh air with no more water to float her in, no more womb to cuddle in, no more umbilical chord to be attached to and she is a free human being well wrapped up in the nice clean flannel cloth to be welcomed by all of us.

I felt this miracle had come from Allah Subhanahu wa Taala. Alhamdulillah.  For ME especially, this time there NO ordeal to go through.  It was like my life's journey was going to be taken away when I heard all those "anxious moments"  at Amir Harith's birth.  THIS time, there is great difference.  Allah Is Great, Allahu akbar!! It was the most pleasant and rarest journey of my life. Allah had listened, answered and Blessed my prayer... Amen Ya Robbil'alamiin.

Since you, Aisha Schwartz,  have become a special part of my life, I want to share this wonderful and indescribable experience first , with you and then with the rest of my blogger friends and fans who silently crept in and out of my blog land.

Special thanks to ALL who have offered their duas for Allah to facilitate this safe and smooth delivery:
My sisters and their families
My relatives from near and far
My friends from the Kuliah Dr.Abdullah Yasin : KGPA group
My classmates from school 1972 batch - STF.
and of course - not forgetting FB and blogger friends.

In return I now want to record my duas for all of the above: Thank you ALL:

May Allah Bless you, your family and friends with His LOVE and giving all of us longer lives with stronger faith in Him, Obey His Order to do what He like and Obey Him into leaving all His dislikes, giving us the opportunity of repentance and giving us pleasant experience and making Hisab easier  on the Day of Judgment.  Amin Amin Amin Ya Robbil'alamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Two days ago, (nope! Three, today) he had expressed himself to me...

"Harith want to sew beads" and I just had a good look at him.  
Not reacting to his words positively.

"Harith, you are still small.  I shall teach you when you are a little bit bigger and when you know how to handle the needle.  It could be dangerous you know?"... trying to discourage him.

"Yes, I know" .  He answered me sharply.

Yesterday,  sitting in bed together with him, I recalled his interest and I thought, why don't I try.  See if it works and see the wonders of Allah's Will and His wishes on His subjects.

So, I asked (almost confidently).

"Harith, do you want to try sewing beads?"

"Yes!  Harith want to.  I want to."  Excitedly pushing towards me. 

He managed to hold the needle correctly...When the needle was placed onto the garment, I told him two simple words, 

"Harith, Say Push" and as he pushed the needle with his thumb and index finger alternatively and appropriately. I next told him...

"Harith, Say Pull" and he repeated after me faithfully holding  and  pulling away the needle perfectly correct!  Amazing how Allah wants to show His Greatness... Meanwhile, I reached out for my hand phone and snapped these pictures.

I shall now let the pictures speak for themselves. 

These little fingers belong to a Two years and eight months old grandson of mine.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


One of my daughters had decided that there would be no cooking for this Raya, so we dialed up 019xxxxxxx that belonged to Wan so and so to purchase some NASI DAGANG and NASI MINYAK Trengganu for a specified number of pax.  Hah! Sounds practical ain't it?  
She said, 
"I do not want to cook for this year's Eid celebration.  It's tiring, I just want to buy the food!".

So buying we shall.

"Hello Kor!  This is K.P.  How about the Hari Raya  this year?  Are you going home to KT for the Eid?" .

Eager as I was ... shooting a polite question the infamous WS who is our expert in ND and NM.  We seldom miss those great food of Terengganu in Subang Jaya on week ends.  Once, I remember having them on two consecutive days and at the same time spotting him sitting in his favorite chair close to the entrance smoking and burning away his internal organs.

"Kor, what did you put in your Nasi Dagang?"  I asked jokingly which he quipped with a sharp response...

" I letok (put) ganja (drugs) inside... Hahahahahah" he went on laughing continuously for a few good minutes.

His most prompt response had almost took me by surprise but of course I do not doubt this former banker's intelligence who at one point turning into a remisier which subsequently turning into a very successful businessman teaming up with his beautiful partner, Nah whose cooking of beautiful, aromatic, soft-long-grain nasi dagang ever found in the Klang Valley have attracted us all.  Rain or shine, their special Nasi Dagang and Nasi Minyak would surely go into our noisy plastic bags despite the campaign against  using the later.  I normally get discounts or a box of extra Nasi Dagang each time I patronise their food stall which of late has some added exotic delicacies like laksam, pulok gaow nyor, roti paong/bluda, tepong kapo, rojok betik, nasi kapik ssamba to name a few.

To my earlier question, he gave a rather unwelcoming answer (sounding so especially to me).

"This year I rasa nok balik beraya di KT aaa.  Lama doh dok balik.  Dok wak nasi dagang aaaa.  But I would let you know in case of any changes".  Was his answer... (he was going back to his home town -same as mine, for the Eid celebration).

"But could I place my order before you go off and place the food in my freezer?"  I gave him some mind-shooting queries.

"I would not guarantee that they would look and taste the same as very fine delicacies".  Was his replies.

" Oh, okay then, please prepare me the dishes (lauk) if you could and I shall cook the nasi myself.  I think am good enough at handling them". Was my not-giving-up response and some compromising "a quick-try-question".

"Well, I would let you know of this outcome if I were to change plans".  There you go... some hopeful answer which was worth the try, thought I!

While we were going through this fasting period comfortably, a few days ago, there was this happy news coming through my mobile from a very familiar number.

"KP, I just wanna tell you that I dok jadi (not) going home for the Raya.  Too many people requesting for them food and I guess you could now place your order through the SMS and I shall take note"...

WOW! Some happy news to share with my children.  After confirming with my daughter, I placed the order and we were supposed to go to his house collecting the food early morning of the Eid  which would be Friday the 10th.  That solved the "NO COOKING" order from my daughter, Za2.

But this morning, I already went to the 100 percent Halal Shop called Metamorph in Pantai Dalam which sells  almost all the consumer items required, to get some Organic Halal Chicken, fish, prawns and squids.  

The "No Cooking rule" was "broken".  I have prepared the "ayam masak merah's sauce", half fried the cleaned, skinned and well cut up pieces which I rarely do... Normally the skinning, cutting up and even de-boning would be done by the chicken seller but this shop offered nischt such services.  This is the first time ever, I managed to pull them internal organs through with my own  hand, cleaning them up, putting them by the chopping board waiting to be bathed under the tepid water with its last rinse  accompanied by recitation of Selawat. Once done, I counted how many pieces I have already cut them into and placed them in the metal colander to drain the excess liquid before marinating with salt, turmeric powder and a few squeezes of line juice to enhance the taste.

Busy, ain't it?  Yes, indeed I was.  With a helping hand from Dee who is now, as I am writing this, already fast asleep and already away in her dream land beside me, I managed to even prepare Kuoh Rojok Betik which is quite tedious to prepare.  With yet another extra hand to look after little Harith, who by now could relate stories from his own experience and from him observing others doing, Hafiz also in his capacity managing well with the de boning of 8 pieces of banana leaf-wrapped-grilled Ikang Selayang (Sardines) to be pounded (?) and added into the boiling chilly and bones of kurau salted fish to enhance its taste. Some tamarind juice were added with salt and plenty of sugar to offset the hot burning chilly taste.  They were left to boil on the stove for a good an hour and more to ensure that the sauce devoid any uneasy stomach-ache which might be encountered by my guests.

A couple of dishes for breaking of fast were also prepared. Sambal Prawn and Petai adding to the list of menu to wet the appetite together with Grilled Fish in mild coconut sauce.

Well, by night time am done with them all.  Dee was helping to pack them up and away into the freezer they all went, stacking up on top of other already frozen food... ready for consumption in two days time...

Who says then that there is no cooking??? I have two more uncut chickens from the four I had bought this morning to be cooked as rendang on Thursday  (?)... 

Lets see what's happening then.  Meanwhile, I better get some rest and sleep. Come tomorrow I should imagine the unending chores already waiting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wishing you the blessings of Eid,

fromAwang Goneng 

Eid Day, Harun al Rashid on his steed
Riding in his Imperial robes, into the street
Soldiers clearing the Sultan's path
And the people applauded.
Bahalul the Wise Fool stopped Harun in his tracks
And recited words to guide the Grand Caliph
and through him, down to us -
And the gist of it is this:

The Festival is not for dressing up in fine new clothes.
The Festival for serving Allah and being aware of your Lord.
To celebrate is to be Sultan not of your realm but of your heart.
Sultans of the realm pass into oblivion,
but the Sultan of the heart is never forgotten.
To celebrate the Festival is to be delivered from the
divine punishment at the Resurrection.
The Festival is not for the wearing of perfumes,
but for being regretful of one's sins,
repenting and not committing them again.
It is not for riding on horseback, but for giving up one's faults.
Not about sitting on the imperial throne,
but about crossing the dreadful Bridge,
to sit on the thrones of Paradise.
It is not for boasting about one's palaces
and power, but by bringing the light
to the darkness of the tomb and equipping
it through good works.
The mighty Caliph heard this and wept.

Wishing you the blessings of Eid,
Selamat hari Raya, maaf zahir bathin

- Awang Goneng

***This came into my inbox @gmail... which I thought is worth publishing... so I do not have to write  a new one.


Sunday, August 29, 2010


UPDATED: Arson at future Islamic Center site 'takes it to a whole new level'


One piece of construction equipment at the future site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro was set afire in the overnight hours while others had gasoline poured on them, according to a spokesperson for the ICM.

Carmie Ayash, spokeswoman for the ICM, told The DNJ Islamic Center officials were contacted by the sheriff’s department around 1:30 a.m. Saturday in reference to the damaged equipment. It appeared gasoline had been poured on several pieces of equipment at the site and one was lit afire. Ayash said it appeared the responsible arsonist was spooked during the act and fled the scene before other equipment could be set on fire.

“We were contacted by police department around 1:30 a.m,” Ayash said Saturday afternoon. “They said someone had caught fire to some of the equipment. I think they lifted the hood and poured gas into the hood and set it on fire. 

“The other equipment had gasoline poured on it but was not set on fire. It seems like it was intentional. Probably, whoever did it got caught in the middle of the act, got scared and left.” 

Authorities working the scene did not specify whether gasoline or some other accelerant was used to start the fire. 

Islamic Center officials have contacted the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, according to Ayash, and sheriff’s department investigators “told us they will be investigating this as a hate crime.” Ayash later said sheriff’s officials “asked her to correct her statement,” adding they plan to explore several different motives while investigating the arson. 

Ayash said the most recent vandalism to the site “takes it to a whole new level.” The site has already been the target of two other vandalisms, both aimed at a sign marking the future site.
“Everyone in our community no longer feels safe,” she said. “To set a fire that could have blown up equipment and, God forbid, spread and caused damage to the neighbors there ... we really feel like this is something that we and the neighbors don’t deserve. When they (ICM officials) called me this morning I started crying.

Ayash said it appears the intention of the arsonist was to scare members of the Islamic community and she added the arsonist has succeeded.” 
The spokeswoman told The DNJ that Islamic Center officials have tried, unsuccessfully, to contact construction company, Ole South Properties, Inc., about the arson to its equipment.
“They did hurt the construction company,” Ayash said. “It’s not hurting us. It did put us in a fearful state, so they did accomplish that. I don’t understand where this is coming from.”
Check back at throughout the day for more on this developing story.
— Mark Bell, 615-278-5153


An apparent case of arson to construction equipment at the site of the future Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is under investigation at this hour by fire investigators from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Sheriff’s department Lt. Randy Groce, who was at the site on Veals Road at Bradyville Pike Saturday morning, told The Daily News Journal that it was unclear “exactly what we’ve got here,” and declined further comment until more facts can be gathered. It is unclear whether the RCSO or ATF will lead the investigation at this point, he added.

Crime scene tape surrounded several pieces of construction equipment at the site around 10:30 a.m. Investigators, including arson investigator Groce, remained at the scene. 

The current site of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, located near the intersection of South Church Street and Middle Tennessee Boulevard, was closed when a Daily News Journal reporter went there to seek comment on the matter. No one from the center could be immediately reached via telephone this morning.
Check back at throughout the day for more on this developing story.
— Mark Bell, 615-278-5153