Thursday, December 25, 2008


Birthdays come and go
People gets older each passing month, year and by the seconds too
Children do remember the date without fail
Because they LOVE their mothers so much

Beautiful words are scribed twice a year
Once earlier in May, on Mother's Day
The next would be in December for her birthday
They are not easily forgotten by them
Thank you children of the Blessed Family....

Pst....dearest blogger friends...
From December the 4th till today...25th December 2008, I feel so detached from this blog sphere... I just dunno how to begin but knew too well how to end...

Happy New Year, Enjoy ALL the gatherings you are having....

I have SOOOOOoooo much to write but just couldn't cope at this time... three weeks absence... is just like being away for three months.... somehow I have lost track, path and sence of timing.

more picture related to birthday coming up later in 2009....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Busy as ever! That was, is and would always be ME. Harith was fast asleep. So I was up and down to fetch this and that from my bedroom. On an instance, I missed the fourth step... We put two chairs in front of the stair case to barricade Harith's path for a quick "steps climbing".

Landed on my right arm, right hip, right leg and knee...every parts were right! Suddenly the movement froze, head ache was strong, almost passed out... Diyanah's instant reflex action was to reach for the ointment and for the next half an hour was massaging me. I almost dozed off but not quite. I could hear peoples' voices.

When I got up to have a nap upstairs, the knees were swollen. But I did not go to the Hospital for x-ray... it was getting late in the evening. Had I gone, I would not know what time I could get my turn.

The next morning, I went with Harith's Mama. Gosh! The place was refurbished. Everything turned blissfully white, new coats of paint, new flooring, machines and reception counter. Everything was new.

There was no cracks or broken bones found. Alhamdulillah!

The following month, we have this new "gate" installed to the frames...

Harith made a fast movement to shake the "gate"...

Testing the structure... could he pull it apart OR pull it down?

Trying to take the camera from me...

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Reasons for being absent... photos shots, editing and admiring them all

Forever busy with a-much-less-sleeping Harith

A three day sewing of beads... a make over project! Sewing beads into the ready-made-embroidered head scarf. Its almost 9 years old and now looking as new


Rise and shine ...7:40am? Believe it or not? YES, It was.

smallest bloom around

The most prominent "Pink Lily" ever flowered...I wonder if that name suits them

Pinky and smiley = makes my heart merrier

All sorts of herbs

Hello! We have a yellow visitor that enjoys my photography session

Mosquito was caught on my hand...urgh!

A large soil ant, enjoying my morning snaps

Do enjoy a tour of my garden...after such a long absence...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


the BIGGEST word ever learned by this young, budding and very disciplined librarian is of course...pendulum! Each time Wan says, pendulum, I would turn towards this clock. Lemme think, 6:00 o'clock...mmm must be evening?
Pst! it is just outside Wan's bedroom and it was one of Mama's wedding gift. Wan couldn't get a clearer shot with one hand holding Harith (me) in her arm and camera in another. Another pst! The clock never worked since the day Mama received it but its a beautiful piece.

mmm... late lunch again! This is bitten by the librarian himself... not by ants or any pests. I have actually swallowed those bitten pieces and this is the only book around "soft enough" to eat. So the portion for cataloged coding is no more there. The beautiful pink table runner was bought by aunt Zaza in Sarawak. Ah haaaaaa, they match perrrrfectly!

Although bitten, Leo the Lion is still smiling. He did not want to protest in case I would get annoyed and finish up the whole book. Good young Leo still managed a "squeek" each time I bite him.

Shooo shoo, I told you the library is closed. It's already 6:00pm. You come back the next day, you hear? But, yes you can hang out there. The table is large enough for your family. See ya! extra allowance....
still Busy at work and thinking out loud!
How do I start decoding Mama's book? Shall I use digital cam or scanner? Those "Oscar" characters on the bolster case are my close friends from my early days...I am upstairs in Wan's bed.

These are some of my collections in my little library... the coffee table is my display corner. You are all welcome to enjoy my books. Sometimes I get to lick the glass table top... mmm nice...cooling!

This is one of the books that has moving parts and characters. The Farmer's (Farmer Tod) arms was severed quite some time back. The tractors face (Toby) and tyres were long gone and now the book could be opened spread wide in Wan's bed.

Okay folks...I really have to lock up the place. It's dinner time. See you next day, you hear me? Enjoy your dinner and don't forget to come back to my beloved Wan's blog each time you log on and of course to my little library.

Nighty nite... aaaaaaaah am I exhausted?

I have been away from this lap top since the "Lady Next To ME" has come home after finishing her major exam. Harith the librarian was also quite sick after his Jakarta trip, thus the looking after was on Wan's shoulder although Papa took a long annual leave.... Today, we drove > 500 kilometers (to and fro) for aunt Diyanah's scholarship interview which was held in her college, in Jasin, Malacca. After getting an sms from Doctor Azhar, asking why the long silence and empty blog post... I am determined to post this scribe tonight. The images were uploaded yesterday but I couldn't finish the captions since Harith woke up and was ready for his tea time "feast".

Actually I have not been watering my plants either but they are all surviving despite some neglects. Tonight it rained a little, so the soil should be wet. Some plants were flowering... not much but sufficient to cheer me up and to tell Harith they bloom to share our joy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I better try A.Karim's theory in case it works with me.  I like Dr.Azhar's new blog image.  He certainly would not like the black background staying much longer in his blog sphere.  BUT of course, he has choices, hasn't he? 

Most glad to know that ever since the demise of his mom, A.Karim was triggered to write something regarding the mystery of "Dr.Azhar's post" ...getting into my blog. He pleasantly wrote his theory and that gave me some lights to shed on as well.

Anyway, I must say that my 10 months 13 days old Harith is down with his fever again.  He brought it back from his holiday in Jakarta with his parents, Mama and Papa. He came home last Sunday after a three days holidays at his grand father's, Papa's dad.  

When asked Papa...
"Where are the pictures for me to see?"

"Oh! It was accidentally left in grand dad's car at the airport"

"OOOOooo, what a shame.  Then we shall have to wait until their next trip home (of grand dad and his family) to get the camera and those pictures shown". 

Today, he is still fevering and having cold.  Mmmmmmm, twice in a month?  But he moves about with energy, pushing his body here, there, everywhere in the house, eating normal, drinking normal and sleeping as usual...ops? Not usual.... he wakes up nights...

We hope with this, he would show his next progress ..either talking, walking (most probably) or running... What a wish from Wan!

People in the house about to contact fever from Harith: 1. Mama (of course) 2. Aunty Zaza  3. Wan (beginning to sneeze this morning).

ow o!..He is awake!... making his way to my table now... he has just managed to pull the remote control down... OW O!  I better run along... I have his milk in the warmer for his next feed.  It should be ready now. Chao!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Identity Theft (at RoyalTLady) Explained

Dr. Azhar's posting at RoyalTLady blog puzzled both bloggers. Hmmm ... how in the world did Dr. Azhar, intending to write a posting for his blog (Nature Lover), ended up in RoyalTLady.

Well, blame it on both of them. Blame the blog owner, for not remembering that she had allowed Dr. Azhar to be one of her blog's contributors and also blame Dr. Azhar for not checking whereabout in the cyberspace before starting a new post.

My theory is, after browsing RoyalTLady's blog and while still at RoyalTLady blog, Dr. Azhar wanted to write a new post (for his own blog), and at the write top corner (of RoyalTLady blog) he would see the "New Post" button - and he clicks on it. Little did he knows that he is still within RoyalTLady cyberspace.

And thus he is then writing a new posting at RoyalTLady blog and not at his Nature Lover's blog.

Simple ...

There is actually NOT a identity theft as commented by one of the visitors in the comments.

To prove the point ... I am also posting this at her blog too (besides my own ... doesn't it work? I am given the trust by RoyalTLady as one of her blog's contributors too - thanks.

Thanks to both of you for giving me this puzzle to solve as I had not been writing for a while. Still sadden with the demise of my beloved mother ... I keep staring at a blank "new post" page to write but the finger just won't type and the idea just does not flow.

Doa untuk Ummiku yang tersayang ... ameen.

To be or not to be?

Received an e-mail from a Sdara, Hamidin asking me whether I have made the final decision on early retirement.

Well Hamidin or just Hamjud as he is more well known as among us, it is as good as anyone's guess at the moment.

When the stress and strain of work is at its peak, I feel like just calling it a day even at 55!

But when I look at my youngest daughter and my current financial situation, well why not continue for another two more years? Who want to give RMxxxx that I am receiving monthly now?

Rationally speaking it will be best to continue...many will say that...but looking deep inside me, I feel that I have to go. There is something more important than continuing what I have been doing for the past 26 years.

Ismail Ahmad, another childhood friend, I heard has gone for a preparatory course.

Well Hamjud, I don't have to be in a hurry to decide. I have got a few more months to go before I have to decide.

Come to think of it seriously, it would be better to wait until I have gained 30 years of service...but will the waiting be worth it?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


When WAN JIE smsd to confirm she and Wan Put were coming, Wan was so excited and hurried into the kitchen ...getting prepared for these special visitors.
She thought boiled sweet potato would suit this branch menu.  It could be steamed, eaten with or without jacket.  We finished the whole lot anyway.  It provides vitamins and good for digestion.   Carrots were left eaten and added raw into the pasta sauce.  It tastes better then getting them all soaked in there.
The amber colored round serving dish was bought in England, before Mama was born, 28 years ago...Oval platter for sweet potato was a house warming gift from my younger sister, Noriati.
Wan was seen preparing the pasta sauce, boiling pasta, drained them and set aside.  It was very Malaysian-Italian, a bit more chilly and more minced beef.  To soothe the hot taste, Wan cut up small cubes of yellow and red capsicum and pineapple.

The rounded serving bowl was a wedding gift for Mama.

Pasta in this bowl was sufficient for three people... this pineapple...very sweet and juicy was supposed to be the desert.  The lot was finished.  It was a well worth prepared brunch for old time friends.
The oval shaped bowl is a heavy stone wear bought in England when Mama was little.  The green plate was bought by Mama ... an only two piece tea set.

Butterfly Award

Great news! An award from the Tea Time With Melody was kind enough to stop by and give me this award! Thank you Melody. You made my day.
The rules of this award are:
  1. Pick ten people to pass this on to.
  2. Contact them and let them know you have chosen them for this award.
  3. Also, link back to the person who gave you the award.
I bestow this award to the following:
2. Aurea.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TAGGED!!!!!!!!My first time TO BE tagged too

(Thaaaaaaaaanks, JEN ;-))

OK ... If I understand correctly what it means to be "tagged": I am to write 8 facts/habits about myself, tag 8 other blogger friends and notify them. Here it goes puffin'!

The facts:

1. I could live on fish soups, vegetable soups with noodles added into them...almost daily now! My body feels lighter and the weighing machine has stopped grumbling about my weight. The diet that took my cholesterol rocketing high was "Kuey Teow Beef Ginger" that I had from the golf club nearby my house.

2. My first home-away-from-home was at the raw age of 13 when I joined an all girl's boarding school until I aged 20 and never settled at home since. It was all "a home in school and college" after that which I enjoyed very much.

3. I have an irrational phobia -- I am dizzy with boat ride, dizzy with comfortable bus ride and "air sick" with "bumpy" flights when planes get into air pockets......

4. I never tire of "chicken Little, Madagascar and Garfield."

5. I had emergency surgery to welcome my third baby... cesarean!

6. I am eerily fascinated by stories of Jack the Ripper because I once lived in the Chapeltown district where he was believed to have striked.

7. I excelled in public speaking in high school simply because I was a chatter box.

8. I think I come across as pretty outgoing since I dare myself to some volunteering that might not appeal others. I even brushed shoulders with the Ministers during my active association days.

And here's who I'm tagging:

1. Ginnie at Goldendaze.
2. The Dutchess.
3. Sunbonnet Cottage.
4. The Voice Of Melody.
5. Laura's Paris Cooking
6. Donna's Art.
7. Fififlowers.
8. Happy@Home.

I wish I could tag all bloggers in my blog link...all are wonderful bloggers in their own ways.

Here are the rules of the game :

1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

2. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Remember to come back and leave me a comment after you've done your "duty!"

Happy tagging!

TAGGED!!!!!!!!My first time being tagged too

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My very first time to be TAGGED!

(Thaaaaaaaaanks, Luthien! ;-))

OK ... If I'm understanding correctly what it means to be "tagged": I am to write 8 facts/habits about myself, tag 8 other blogger friends and notify them. Here goes nuffin'!

The facts:

1. I could live on grilled cheese sandwiches. OK, so I would probably weigh 1,000 pounds and be extremely unhealthy and die prematurely, but what a way to go. Mmmmmmm ... cheeeeeeese. When I was small, I was a finicky eater and all I wanted was grilled cheese sandwiches. My mom asked the pediatrician for advice, and he said, "Feed her one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. Pretty soon she'll grow so tired of the damned things, she'll never want another." Heh. Some expert he was.

2. My first home-away-from-home when I left my parents' nest was in Balibago, Angeles City in the Philippines. I was 19. It was an experience, to say the least.

3. I have an irrational phobia -- I'm freaked out by fish. Dead or alive, they give me the heebie-jeebies. Can't eat 'em either.

4. I never tire of "I Love Lucy."

5. I had emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder in March of this year, after 10 years of suffering from painful stones. Good riddance!

6. I am eerily fascinated by stories of Jack the Ripper. (And it's actually pretty gross that I'd follow up an entry about having my gallbladder surgically removed with a statement about Jack the Ripper, but there you have it.)

7. I excelled in shorthand in high school, back when it was deemed a vital skill for secretarial work. I still use it on a near-daily basis, although sometimes I can't read what it says for the life of me.

8. I think I come across as pretty outgoing, although I'm actually painfully shy much of the time.

And here's who I'm tagging:

1. Linda at Lime in the Coconut
2. The Yellow House at Our Big Yellow House
3. RoyalTLady
4. OhioMom at Cooking in Cleveland
5. Mindy at Good Times, Noodle Salad
6. Kahlanne at Long Ramblings
7. Darlene at Our Creative Life
8. Balego at Frayed Brushes

Here are the rules of the game :

1. Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

2. At the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.

Remember to come back and leave me a comment after you've done your "duty!"

Happy tagging!


Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Hi Jen,
I'll try to think of some interesting facts about myself and post them son. Thanks for allowing me to play!
Take Care!

luthien said...

hehehe! thanks for playing! OMG... but why fish? it's my fav 'dieting' food!!!! oh dear... so the gallbladder is alright now? how long did it take to heal? CHEESE! YES!!!!!! and can i ask, you were working in the philippines? i've been there once when i was quite young... all i remembered was playing skateboard and falling down... hehehe... GREAT POST!!!!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Love your tag post, Luthien tagged me too. I actually collect the old Gregg steno books! Even have one of the books that has the vinyl records, for the lessons, still attached in the back of it. Small world, huh? I was also very good, but now it's starting to leave me. I really should get back into it. Thanks for telling us more about you. xxoo

OhioMom said...

Jen, thanks for tagging me, don't be mad/sad if I don't post .. :)

I am sorry to here bout your surgery, and happy all turned out well.

Another shorthand person, I use some of it especially in taking notes in the kitchen, a lady at the market asked for one of my recipes the other day and I had to catch myself, lol, I was writing my scribble.


balego said...

my goodness, I feel like such a slacker as I haven't done any posting or painting! Gosh Jen, I see I've been tagged and I'm flattered. But... um.... I don't even KNOW 8 bloggers lol! (And you know those emails where it says 'forward to 7 people and something wonderful will happen? I can't even come up with 7 people I could send them to so I never get to find out what wonderful thing will happen to me 7 minutes after forwarding it on). sigh.

I suppose I could come up with 8 facts about myself. ;)

kahlanne said...

Thanks so much. It is my first time being tagged as well. I left 8 probably boring facts about me but it was fun! Thanks, Carol

Anonymous said...

Oooooooo -- grilled cheese! Must be really darkly grilled -- none of that namby-pamby melted stuff on cold bread! BUT a really wicked good grilled cheese is especially good with tomato soup! One of my favorite dinners!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Jen said...

Well, I'm having a heckuva time leaving comments on others' pages today ... I get an error message almost each time I try. Anyway, just wanted to thank you all for playing along, to whatever extent you wanted to play along. It was fun just hearing back from each of you, and to those who posted their own "tag" blogs, I hope to get around to leaving a comment on your page as the system allows! :-)

RoyalTLady said...

Jen, I saw your picture in my blog...tagged but I did not know how to go about it until you told me to check it here.

Thanksssssssss Jen. I am excited about it. What I would do is...I think I am going to copy your Tagged post into my blog...may I? I shall wait or your green light... I'm excited!!!!!!!!

enjoy your Sunday

Jen said...

Absolutely, RoyalTLady! Copy away!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Calling All Boaters

If you are a boater you may be interested in my husband's blog. Check out The Marine Safety Blog at: