Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uninteresting New Heater

YESTERDAY was all so tiring for us in the house and in the yard.

BUT why? In the morning, the plumbers came to remove the old leaking water heater and fixed a new one with a three men power. One was sulking from the instant he entered our house until he left. One tall Indonesian helper was ordered up and down the staircase to fix this and that. One contractor who delivered the tank was unhappy as he was made to install it. Result? The heater is still not fully functioning yet. Why? We have to wait for the electrician to come and fix it. Until the time I am writing this post, 6:00p.m no one has come. Anyway, it's passed their working hours, so definitely the work would not be done... Tomorrow is Friday and I am not so sure if anyone comes.

While these people were in my bathroom, the guys who were going to cut trees from the storm last Two Sundays came. Great!!!! These would not have happened if I were to keep quiet and not doing some follow ups last Monday. I was going to lie to the officer to get my way through BUT I was saved from "doing" so...

Why? and How come? When I rang, it was the boss answering me. VOALA! I got my way through.

I shall post some pictures from the yard ... before and after the cuttings of those branches.

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