Friday, February 27, 2009


The clock stroke half past ten. The bell at the gate rang. Harith was awaken. Contractors doing the sewage system had arrived. I climbed up the slope to open the gate. They arrived unannounced although I have reminded the technicians to let them have our phone numbers.

It all began with people wanted to test the pump, downstairs and in the upstairs bathroom. I had to usher them, up and down. The whole chores took more than two hours. Harith was not asleep anymore. He was anxious with many strange faces around.

After they completed their task, we took some rest. I tried to distress myself. Only eight days ago, I went to check my cholesterol, it was 6.2... not much reduced? BP was 131/82. This time I was advised to take something for the cholesterol because there is a family history of heart problem. Obediently, each night after dinner I swallowed one tablet.

I remembered taking a few pieces of "murtabak" (a kind of pan fried pastry with fillings inside, if I could call it that) . At lunch, I had fruits. After Harith's lunch we went up to pray. By 4:00p.m, I was in the kitchen trying to prepare some dishes for our dinner. Harith came into the kitchen several times trying to turn the knob to the cooker. Oooooo! He knew it! I sent him away. Then suddenly it all happened.

My stomach felt extremely empty, I was trembling, sweating profusely, strong palpitations was felt... What? Oh no! I quickly took some food, prepared plain tea and sat down to eat and drink. After finishing what was meant to be a full meal, I was still trembling and feeling hungry. By 5:30p.m I was still eating (helping another portion of some rice, a few sticks of chicken and beef satay in peanut sauce). Soon after went upstairs with Harith to have Asar prayer.

By that time, I felt really fatigue. I lied down with Harith beside me. When his Mama came home, she asked if I was sick. I asked her if I was looking "sick"? So, I described what had happened. She wasted no time and rushed me to the hospital.

The emergency wing was not so full of patients. I was quickly put on a machine to monitor my heart beat and BP . They read 86 which was normal but I was still having palpitation. BP read 131/82. It was okay too. The student nurse ushered me into a big room with many beds. At least now this wing went through a real refurbishment. New beds, new set up and cleaner environment. What a face lift.

Dr.Tan came to take some blood sample for sugar testing. He was puzzled that the palpitations just never stopped even though the machine gave normal reading. I just smiled. Perhaps the answer was in my mind. I was quite certain I knew it.

That cost me more than two hours! I was in from 7:01p.m until 9:59p.m. The sugar level read 9.2 (?). After getting instructions for tomorrow's appointments, we left.

The next day Harith's Mama went to work without taking me along.

Those appointments have to be fixed first before going. So, Zaza was home, taking leave to look after Harith for me. I felt better. When Mama came home late evening, she mentioned the sugar level was actually 7.2 and not 9.2 as was mentioned by Dr.Tan. He was actually mistaken for another patient's reading. So the only test required was for the heart. The appointment is not yet fixed.

So much for the alarm! But ever since taking this tablet for cholesterol, I feel hungry all the time.
Already I am a great eater by nature... and having big appetite ( as a close friend puts it)... means trouble to me...

Oh gosh! I thought it was a heart attack...


After visiting and patronizing this Green Eco "SPA" on a slab stone... I began reading about anti-oxidant. The air, the beauty cream, the supplement, oh gosh! Is my conclusion too rude to be true? They lead to coronary problems?

Sandals are left outside, facing strong noon sunlight. Later to be neatly arranged by the lady-cleaner. Greeting us are the manager and her assistant who could explain almost next-to-nothing-satisfying -facts.

Once payment is made, the beautiful slim lady gives us our towels, two glasses of plain anti-oxidant water, green culottes and a wrapped-over-blouse and a key to the locker to keep our personal belongings. After changing, we would find our way to our respective room. They are called by Japanese names like Sakura and the like.

40 minutes in a 40 degrees Centigrade room - of lying down, in any position you so wish... you would surely sweat it out! YES indeed! I was sweating profusely. What was it supposed to do to you? Not clearly explained by the manager in-charge. I went along to feel the "anti-oxidant" treatment. Loosing weight? Perhaps. But not on the first treatment.

The room was furnished with special anti-oxidant paints, floor materials, wall materials and I suppose even the lights and fittings. It is of Japanese technology. After your time runs out, you leave the room and into the "cooling area". Once ready, we take our shower using anti-oxidant soap that works both as shampoo and bath soap.

Meanwhile a lady-cleaner would come and wipe away (cleaning?) the sweat you shed, in just a few wipes off she went.

Gosh! Where did our sweat go? Into the towels of this cleaning lady or into the floor? Who would be able to tell? AND guess what? It might just get into the body of the next person lying down in the same slab stone of six feet by two sized. If the room is shared with three other strangers... could you imagine the "sweat and aura" that already filled the room as you entered? Your body is actually sharing their excreted "AIR". Is this some kind of healthy environment, anti -oxidant?

From the business point of view, it requires a large investment to design and build such a Spa. It is not messy with herbs or ointment splashing about. Does not require many personnel to attend to customers, minimum number of staffs required, opening hours are flexible, no massaging involved, support materials are available to be purchased. Beauty cream, massaging cream, pillow case, mattress protector, pail for fermenting fruits, special water filter are all anti-oxidant in nature. Not forgetting even the air in the whole area is anti-oxidant! All these cost us Malaysia Ringgit 1 m to start.

I would not comment on health and treatments for some diseases (cancer, heart/cardiac problems, diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke etc.) .. as I am not well conversant in these subjects.

Perhaps bloggers who have gone to this kind of anti-oxidant Spa treatment could share your views with me... so that I feel better.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ever since January 2009, postings became rare!
First, the sharing of laptops was to be blamed
Second, my laptop time was taken away
Third, I lost ideas and points to scribe!

Tonight, 26th February 2009... I felt slightly frustrated
After such a long and determined photo shots
I lost them all at a touch of a button!
My middle finger touched the "delete" button

They were deleted... YES they were!
suddenly I felt strange how to safe pictures
not that I have not done it before?
BUT the new folder was placed in the camera!

Thus when I deleted Pentax 100 file
I have actually deleted them all... 250 pictures?
Including Harith's great achievement.. 24th Feb
Climbing our coffee table that shared his books

I have not seen all of them shots
But a few remained in my memories
The picture of this beautiful blue bird
May be taken again tomorrow if he comes round

Shots of those baggage in the boot of Papa's car
Could never be repeated
They were filled to the brim
They were Aunt Dee's belongings

The 10th February... was her day of registration
Not too far away but enough to make me feel dizzy
Sitting at the back playing with Harith
While Mama took the wheel

Some shots were taken at the hospital
Mama and Harith accompanied me for a check up
Then we went for lunch near Aunt Dee's college
They were not there anymore

The shots may be repeated but the dates ...?
they would not be the same anymore
Offfffffs... I guess it was the post from my dear friend
that disturbed me most... I was upset

Somehow it found it's way into my blog again!
It was not a blog theft but since his name
Is in my "contributor's" list, somehow
Accidentally or purposedly, it arrived (again!) and my heart lept!

I saw a comment from GrandmaK in my email
I quickly turned to my blog
Ops! There it go again.

BUT most of all I am disappointed
Very disappointed when I clicked on "delete"...

Has anyone encountered this before?
I am sure many would have
BUT never mind... nothing is permanent anyway!!!!
Ophsssssss! I feel much better already

thanks for reading ... sorry no pictures to share
tomorrow I shall begin the day
with photo shots from my old old pentax 100
that is so slow and needed servicing badly...