Saturday, July 11, 2009


The tomato (Solanum lycopersicum, syn. Lycopersicon lycopersicum & Lycopersicon esculentum[1]) is a herbaceous, usually sprawling plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family, as are its close cousins potatoes, chili peppers, tobacco, eggplant and the poisonous belladonna. It is a perennial, often grown outdoors in temperate climates as an annual. Typically reaching to 1–3 metres (3–10 ft) in height, it has a weak, woody stem that often vines over other plants. The leaves are 10–25 centimetres (4–10 in) long, odd pinnate, with 5–9 leaflets on petioles,[2] each leaflet up to 8 centimetres (3 in) long, with a serrated margin; both the stem and leaves are densely glandular-hairy. The flowers are 1–2 centimetres (0.4–0.8 in) across, yellow, with five pointed lobes on the corolla; they are borne in a cyme of 3–12 together.
Today I have decided to throw some mercy to my over grown tomato plants. They are quite congested in some used pots and I felt I was not doing them any justice. Last week I went to get some "good mixed" soil and pots from the nursery nearby. But have been too busy with the children going here, there and everywhere that I just shelved the "mercy" re potting.

After Harith had his breakfast and I had mine, I went to the kitchen looking for an apron. Harith was ready to get his two feet strapped with his sandals. I couldn't snap any pictures (shame!) while doing these great job...because then I couldn't concentrate and have to hurry before the sun shines through. No joke! It's hot here even in the morning.

Once I found the garden sheer, out we went to the garage where I kept most gardening tools, soils, pails, fertilizers and all sorts. Snip, snip, snip, snip... actually 8 bags were used to top up the soil in most pots and putting some in the new ones. I watered those soil that were filled to the brim, generously and left them to set. Meanwhile, pulling softly but firmly the overgrown tomato plants to be planted in these pots. Some have started to flower and a few have turned "soft" and wilted.

Quite a tiring job... not much of them... only ten pots but enough to make me sweat. Altogether I have 24 pots... a few have not been separated... still needed few more pots for them.I haven't got any sticks to "support" the plants yet. So they were leaning against the wall and some against other bigger plants. I couldn't dig the soil because it's not so friendly.. it's back breaking and some stones and building materials were still buried underneath.

Some "modern gardener"! Harith was busy with the hose and had himself soaked.

Next, was to turn and shower some other plants that look limp from the previous day's hot sun. Cruel ain't I? I watered them in the morning but not in the evenings... Harith was yelling, refused to let me have the hose.

NOW, I am not sure who gets the tomatoes when they begin to bear fruits... us or the "regular visitors"... the monkeys?

While Harith was fast asleep, I crept out to snap some pictures. It was so hot outside. I only managed these few...

 There were too many plats to attend to.  I haven't got any sticks to support them yet.  So, these trees should "help" my tomatoes to lean for while... lol!  I started planting them from seedlings that came from over ripen  tomatoes in the kitchen.  Almost all have started flowering.

We have abundance of sunlight here.  But I think these plants are already 55 day old.

Pitiful... it started to bend down already.  I must get the stick soon... when?

Leaning against the wall.. I keep rotating the pots so that they temporarily get the "support" they very much required.

There are still some in a pot, congested and cramped together.  I am supposed to get 
some new pots for them.

sorry for the poor quality of pictures, they are from my cell phone.


A World in a PAN said...

Thank you for all the infromation about tomatoes ... I have never thought of having some in plant pots on my deck ... have a few herbs but no tomatoes.

RoyalTLady said...


I am still in the process of editing this post, Laura. AND you are already here. I couldn't put them on the ground... the ground is too hard to dig.

Melissa said...

I'm sure it feels like so many tomatoes, so little time.

RoyalTLady said...

Mel, yes indeed. I have moved them into the open space so they get abundant sunlight. But this evening, I moved them against the walls in a shady path of the corridor.