Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tomorrow : 12:00-3:00p.m we would be having our farewell lunch at the Lake Club Kuala Lumpur.

Barely two months from our last great gathering (18.04.09) when Sham came home for her month long holiday from Oman, which brought joy and laughter to SK'72... (she then left Malaysia on the 30th April, to continue working for another few more years) .... and now it's Yati Takiman's turn to leave us.... sob, sob, sob.

She finally made her decision to work in Ta'if.

Ta’if (الطائف
aṭ-Ṭā’if) is a city in the Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia at an elevation of 1,700 m (5,600 ft) on the slopes of the Sarawat Mountains (Al-Sarawat Mountains). It has a population of 521,273 (2004 census). Each summer the Saudi Government moves from the heat of Riyadh to Ta'if. The city is the center of an agricultural area known for its grapes and honey.

File:Ta'if, Saudi Arabia locator map.png

We shall have lunch in a room fit for "25 loud voices ladies"... we still call ourselves ladies (self respect), mind you! Gatherings are always full of joys even though we never shared same classrooms while in school but friendships developed and lasts until today and until the end... forever and ever

Maisarah Mahmud was kind enough to use her club membership and to host our lunch. Thanks to her for this gesture.

I saw a long list of the "girls" (to make us feel young) who could attend, another list is for those who wouldn't be able to make it and another is for those who sent farewell messages... I hope I am right with these listings.


azahar said...


Yes I know well that feeling. It is a proof of how strong is the comradeship of us boarding school ex-students.

The feeling is getting stronger as we age, like what we Sdaras 67-74 are feeling right now. When one member marrying his son/daughter everybody rush in to join in the happy occassion; when someone is sick many will visit...

Bebee said...

Lovely posting as ever...
So sorry am not gonna be there today...duty calls!
Except for a small hantaran contribution, could not help with the preparation, so must be there in person on Lina's wedding day...and because we're driving up with Mona's munchkins we cannot leave after the lunch...
Say for me my gratitude for Ati's support when i first brought Toktok back home after her stroke...and say for me my prayers are with Ati all the way...
Have a good time, Gurrrrls...and if it is at all possible, Ssshhhh...not so loud!

RoyalTLady said...

Bebee (WHM)

Was the loudest ever I guessed... the room was fit for fifty. I have lost count of the girls who turned up but later am sure someone would send the "count (ess)" via our group email.

Ati was quite emotional when giving her speech which came out 'strong and army-like"... She is going to work in Ta'if's Military hospital... leading the nurses unit.

We left quite early because we "car-pooled"... Maznah drove me homw. Later Cik Na and Damai dropped by for zohor prayer. Cik Na brough her famous cup cakes for sale... discount price of course.

YES, WHM! You missed the noise, no one could hear anything we spoke... We could only hear noises and sounds... the food was scrumptious.

Hoping the journey was well with you, Mona and the kids and her dad.
Enjoy the wedding.