Sunday, June 28, 2009


TODAY, Friday the 26th, we need to go to the optician because Uncle Hafiz's spectacles broke (last evening) at the bracket end piece.

So, the three of us got into our car, which had received heavy showers the day before and looking quite not-so-clean. Harith was strapped onto his comfy car seat, Memee aka me "the grandma blogger" (looks like it's unofficially official and everyone in this household has accepted this name to be called by him) seated by his side and Uncle Fiz was practically handling (?) the wheel. Zooooooooom! There we went, up the slope, stopped to lock the gate, left we turned and out onto the freeway, Jalan Sultan Abu Bakar!

On our way to the England Optical shop, Harith was so looking forward to see the optician.(as if he knew him). He was forever so wide-eyed and full of zest whenever we took him for a drive.  Each drive was definitely enjoyable to him.

After a long wait, we decided to ascend the covered multi-storey car park. Upon arrival, he walked into the shop looking bewildered and half-wondering where we were, with glass cabinets all around, on the floor, on the walls, there were plenty of display spectacle frames with lights shining from the ceiling and on every nook and corners.

Harith was enjoying looking at the glasses while the optician told us, including himself, they are "New Arrivals".  He has ideas what they were since he is used to seeing us wearing spects in this family (me and Hafiz). I noticed the signage had been there faithfully, since my last visit with his Mama to make my sunglasses (as a gift from Mama) on a Mother's Day in the year 2008. The cabinet evidently proved me right from wrong... I saw a few dead insects in the display cabinet...cht, cht, cht... I did not take pictures simply because I didn't intend to embarrass them...
Leaning on the glass display cabinet and  looking quite interested in the frames... I knew it! My grandson was thinking...

...and thinking out loud what to do next.

 Ha!!!!!!!!! Wait!

To everyone's surprise, "sprung"! Out came his PIC and closest ally (almost a UFO to some) from a little planet called a tout bag that I carried....

"Look what I have here! I too want to share this with you...."
"This is just fine for my size, it has ample thickness to give me comfort...when it rains..."

"AND believe ME! It's big enough Sir", looking up so convincingly straight into the optician's eyes who was smiling broadly at his gesture.

Who on earth would have thought that he was going to take his diapers out while I got my sunglasses ( taken out from the same tout bag) fixed and my normal glasses tightened up on its screws...

"BUT certainly I am not doing direct selling here. Honest! YOU better believe me"
(this is Aunty Diyanah's bit of contributory idea)

Dear readers, this amazed me so much, I tell you!  AND, and, and luckily it was a clean one... no wonder he took a peep inside the bag and ... there it was. He was trying to imitate me, taking out something from the bag and showed it to the optician.....Enjoy reading...

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