Friday, June 5, 2009


Dedicated to the Little Lady Next to Me!

I just knew how you must have felt deep down... but dear, things came all in abundance and they went beyond our control and means. Just remain there my dear, hang on there sweetheart....pray patiently and constantly to Allah who has given you everything you have asked for.

(When I asked you to perform Solat Istikharah, you told me yousaw a list of answers.... which means tough decisions ahead...)

It all begin with...

The first surprise came when you had informed me of the interview before the exam results were announced. We traveled to Malacca together. Next was the registration in INTEC soon after the interview. It gave you hope! I knew it all... you were ready to fly off to this coldest part of the world (as Bebee put it) to further your studies. Months passed, things started to get into place for you. You managed well with lectures, learning the language, going through and through them all. Friendship developed.

But suddenly things turned the reverse at the first "breaking news" about graduates who could not perform while under-going "houseman-ship" in our prestigious hospitals. You spoke with the person who experienced it himself.

What? I began to wonder what was going to happen to my Little Lady? Would you be able to break this tradition? What was the cause of this non-performance? Was it just the attitude problem? Another month passed. We let the matter dwell.

But events took their course. More news were heard. Things got more serious. Similar "notes" were shared... Do I want to see my Little Lady going through this course and get you be victimized by the situation? Am I gambling with your fate and chances to further your studies abroad? I better made the decision for you!

I am lost for words to express how I felt the moment all those offers to further your studies came one after another. They have all arrived, shoved into our mail box by the faithful postman and I was for a while, overwhelmed. I knew, if I were you, I would just get as confused. Matters got worse! You were "floating" with mixed feelings of uncertainty. I felt so deeply for you. Poor Little Lady! For a month (as you related to me), you went quiet in class and your friends noticed changes in you. Uncertainty had crept inside you.

Amongst the many offers, came one from our most prestigious university. The registration day started by Monday and you was still continuing over there. I was feeling... I guess I had more butterflies in my tummy than you... I am dealing with your future and you were faithfully listening to me! Oh MY! What am I doing to my Little Lady...

Your sms came more frequent "Mummy this is my last week here, right? Please confirm"... Ooooooo... what was I to say? You sent me at least four such sms in a week. I gave an "unsure" yet quite sure answer! "YES".

One interview to do Medic in Cairo was unsuccessful because youhas no "Arabic" language. So, we appealed to the authority concerned. After a three-week-long waiting in agony, (is that right?), anxiety would surely have worked up then...

Apparently, your name was listed under the government -sponsored private university and when I phoned, the officer-in-charge told me an "informal" answer, you were unofficially "offered" KL Open University Royal Medical College. A fairly new medical college. No comment!

Finally, came the day when the toughest decision was to be made! I asked you to leave INTEC, last Thursday the 24th... and the next morning (Friday the 25th May) we went to register you into this local university... (believe me, that was the toughest decision I have ever made in my entire life).

You were still hoping to get into a private-government-sponsored university...but I told you grab what's already in your hand. This is your next chance. The earlier one was to do Metric in Negeri Sembilan.

AND the much awaited answer finally arrived!!!!!!!! Last Wednesday, when the phone rang, I lowered the volume on the TV with Harith's favorite program on... "Mickey Mouse Club"...

"Hello, may I speak with Nur Diyanah please", came a sweet and polite voice on the receiver's end.

"Oh she is not home. May I know who is this speaking?"

" I am calling from JPA. It's regarding her appeal. She is to register on .. (I have forgotten what day, honestly!) in INTEC for her Russian Medic Program."

"Oh, thank you miss. But she is already registered in UM and you could consider my answer as a NO and thank you."

"But aren't you going to inform your daughter first?"

"It's okay miss, I ...err...err... (to tell or not to tell?).... actually she was doing the same program under a different sponsor ..." I just blurted out those words....

How was I to know if I was saying the right thing?????

I just don't understand why they still offered her this program? Obviously people in the authority are not online with each other. So, after she left INTEC, she was supposed to register in INTEC again? (With different sponsor this time). Oh dear!

So, what had happened to her name in the private university? Obviously they have scrapped it out. It was actually her only chance to go abroad (later)...on a... "better ticket"... is it? I am not too sure myself.

Poor little lady... right until the time I am writing this post... deep down I felt a certain "unexplainable" feeling for you!

Today, 12th June, I made a call to someone in the authority.

He gave me very clear perspective and commented "You made the right decision to pull her out from that program"... and he could not understand it himself why they keep sending students over there when it was seriously discussed in the Cabinet.

Alhamdulillah, finally My Little Lady is settled. This morning she submitted her scholarship application form under the Ministry of Higher Learning... the same day another sponsor offered her a place to do Metrics in MARA College Kuala Klawang in Kedah...

She is now beside me, dozing off in peace while her mummy is typing away to share with my blogger friends... all her predicaments are solved.

I knew and I noticed... my blog pals crept in and out without leaving comments but I still welcome you... had you left comments... I would be even happier than ever. Anyway, thank you for coming by to read my scribes.

I truely welcome comments...

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