Saturday, June 20, 2009


To My first three children...

Each time before your "arrival"
I kept this special diary
Carefully narrated on each page
What happened, when and why

Daughter NO.1... if i could recall...
Bits here and there...
A week before your arrival
We were warded in the Newcastle Royal Infirmary

I took along a change of tiny clothes
Diapers, linens and blanket
As it was wintering
Afraid you might have caught cold case you arrived

But then you were not ready to "arrive"
So we went home instead
Resting a little while longer
Waiting for the "signals" ...ready when you are!

29 years ago... On a winters day
(California dream, dream, dreaming
On such a winter's day)
On the 6th of November 1980
At a much forgotten time (really)
You finally arrived at the delights of new parents

I remember vaguely a nurse from Kuantan (Malaysia)
Working in the Infirmary and sweet as she was
We both were glad we met each other
Our home towns were not far apart
Yet we met in foreign lands

The next thing we knew
You were in the incubator
Your arrived late with jaundice
Hence the naked body shone with strong lights

I was in the other wing resting
Each feeding time was a miracle
There was no sms, no emails received
No phone calls made BUT
I knew it was feeding time

Allah sent me signals that
My baby needed me
So I walked all the way
A Five minute walk...

After you were full
I left and got in bed
Writing away all the happenings
With tiny slanting scribbles

It was a dark blue thin diary
That was not salvaged
From the fire that someone
Carelessly cleared from our bookshelf

I just remembered... had you kept it, we could compare and find similarities between you and your first born, my beloved grandson! You both look alike... but as time went on he changes bit by bit. He has got your bright eyes, your eye lashes and wearing your smiles. BUT most of all he has both his parents intelligence combined!

I told you to keep your own diary that I wrote for you! Now that dairy is no longer around, but memories linger on and on... soon there would be no more memories...

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