Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hastily, Sok Koon came to Diyanah
"Red, red, red! Red come, under fridge!"

"What? Red? What red?" asked Diyanah in suspence.

"Red, long tail, it jump", replied Sok Koon.

"Oh, the lizard? Long tail?", Asked Diyanah.

"NO! Red! Red! I can kill it", retorted Sok Koon.

"What? Red? Long tail? Where?", asked Diyanah.

"It jump in, now under there, fridge", said Sok Koon.
"It big! I kill it, I kill it" she continued, busy pushing, shoving beneath the tight corner of the fridge.

"OOOOOOOh... that RED!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Diyanah... somehow she never went into the kitchen. She just stood by the kitchen door.

Meanwhile, Rizal (Harith's Papa) went round to the kitchen through the back door, wanting to help.  Sok Koon, refused his help.

"It's Ok brother, I can kill red, I can kill red!", said Sok Koon.

From my bedroom which is directly above the kitchen (that's why when pots of soups got burn, I could easily smell them), I could hear commotions and banging on the wall. I just ignored, thinking she was scrubbing the corners of the kitchen.

Half an hour later, when I came down, I saw her soaking in sweat but still smiling at me. When Diyanah explained the "incident', I was laughing my heart out...

It was like a chicken-half-duck talking to a duck-half-chicken... if you knew what I mean.  I also don't know if there is such thing as what I have written here.  LOL!

After such a long hide and seek with the the RED which turned out to be a big rat from the neighborhood, she succumbed to her failure!  Hahahahahha, the rat escaped.  SO, it's a rat and not red as she pronounced.

These conversation was recorded between my youngest daughter and our Cambodian cleaner that comes weekly.


Queenmothermamaw said...

Are you a story writer. That was a surprising story. I like you blog. Looks like you have done some work on it. Blessings

azahar said...

Your story brought back memories when my wife and I, newly married then, had to encounter with almost similar incident almost every night in our rented wooden house in Wakaf Mempelam.

They were cute little things - mice. They came in at nights when all lights had been switched off. They made the kitchen as their play ground - running here and there making noises when their tiny feet rattled dishes, spoons and forks.

Finally I lost my patience. I crept into the kitchen with a wooden broom handle. I switched the lights on and...bum bum..there went the handle knocking the mice. I killed quite a few that way.

However, they returned the following nights. I did not solve the problem.

Finally we decided that we should move.

Ginnie said...

Mice I can handle...NOT RATS !!

A World in a PAN said...

Oh, what a skillful writing! I wanted to know what RED was and you kept the emotion till the last line!

RoyalTLady said...


hahahah... thanks for the complement which I could not express my gratitude for the last 24 hours. Our internet service had to be reset by the provider... Reason? Not explainable... sorry!

When I re read what I wrote, I am smiling alone now....pst! not quite alone, my heart went with it!!!!!

I still could not forget the look on Sok Koon's face that day.

RoyalTLady said...


I found it amazing they succeeded in driving you out of your house...

When they came into our house, the mice i mean, we really had a few wars with them. I went looking for this "fruit" which its whitish "solution" gives a toxic effect to them. It is supposed to drive them out. So, we drove around one morning, found a young lad, a roadside sweeper and asked him to climb this tree that has real inedible-rounded-hardy-green fruit. Sorry, I have no idea what this useful tree is called but they are planted every where by the town council.

On every nook and corner, we put each cut fruit. O dear! I have forgotten, whether they drove the mice out or the mice played with them...

Anyway, University mice are intelligent. In the end, THEY sent us running to the nearest laundry with our bed linens...

RoyalTLady said...


Good to see you back into RTL... I can't handle any of them but ants, yes I can.

When they were at war with us, the bigger one, pushed our pots and pans down to the floor...thus causing a few to be dented...

RoyalTLady said...


I kept on blogging and writing because my beloved blogger friends like you, inspired me.

Thanks for the complement. Am not quite sure whether its deserving... I just write with plain English...

RoyalTLady said...

NO, I am not a story writer but I love to write... I simply write about anything and everything.