Saturday, June 20, 2009


Your diary was the one in red
But you never kept it safely
Or salvaged it from the burning fire
While someone was clearing stuffs in the house

Devastation crept inside me
I was frustrated
My scribes went into ashes
Such a wasted effort!

Watching "Towering Inferno" in the night
At our rented apartment
Just besides the Royal Infirmary
It was 10:00p.m. my resting time

Suddenly this "signal" came
There was no pre warnings
The pain was just (too) enormous
It surely gave me a "towering notice"

I have no idea what could have happened
It was a Sunday Night, on a week end
When we arrived, there were no doctors
I was put in the labor room

There were too few nurses
A loud yell sent them rushing to me
Someone was heard saying "Hold on"
What? Could I, could you?

The shortest arrival time with no difficulties...
4 hours later, the 11th of January 1982
It was snowing outside
You were not properly wrapped

I noticed you easily caught cold
When the temperature was low
I shun visitors with cold carriers to our house
They made you having runny nose throughout!

Living in Lake View... was fun
Our house was just a few feet away from this huge lake
But no body ever dared taking a swim
In that ice cold water

Cramlington was our next destination
The semi-detached house was rented
Friends like Christie, Bob and Mark
Shared your toys, food and drinks

When we came back to Malaysia
It was time to adjust to new things
No problems communicating in Malay language
Soon after Terengganu dialects were practiced

Time to move on, we left my parent's house
Living in the City of Kuala Lumpur
The busy and chaotic life did not bother you
Life was just as normal to you both....

I told you though! Keep that diary dear and read it once in a while. Now, I bet you remember nothing that was scribbled in it. Alas!

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