Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The initial TheStarOnline.tv report

The landmark Jaya Supermarket building in Section 14 in Petaling Jaya collapsed after demolition operations went awry Thursday afternoon

PETALING JAYA: 28th May 09

The abandoned Jaya Supermarket in Section 14 here collapsed after demolition operations went awry on Thursday evening.

Part of the four-storey building, a landmark of the city, collapsed at about 4:45pm, trapping nine Indonesian construction workers. Others working at the site managed to escape.

The Fire and Rescue Department received a distress call at 5:08pm and about 50 firemen immediately rushed to the scene.

My Phone camera captured these pics (below) from my moving car as we slowly going through the street in sadness: 14th June 2009

This was the place where I found "THE FAITHFUL" posted on the 1st January 2008...

We started patronizing this super"market" since the 1980's after returning from a-four-year "normadic life" in the UK.

Most times we were there for various obvious reasons:

  • to get our grocery supplies, a few times a week
  • to visit our "panel doctor" - the then Dr.Ruby Majeed and Syed Mahmud Clinic at the far end of the corridor on the second floor, each time the children fell ill
  • to get our daily "quick lunch" at Dave's Deli, McD, Kentucky FC (for me and the kids as their school was not far off)
  • to browse for favorite books and to look for stationery from the Popular Book Store
  • to try and buy outfits for work from the Thiara Boutique, before it closed down
  • to get shoes from the BATA Shop and Scholls from the Scholl outlet
  • to try and buy clothes for me and my children from the most frequented "Reject Shop"
  • to repair and buy watches and pens from "The City Chain"
  • I would never forget The Cold Storage guys who were familiar with us that we were allowed to open mandarin boxes and choose the fresh ones for our purchase...This happened only occasionally when the Chinese New Year festival season came.
  • and there were more list of tenanted retailers and office dwellers
NOW I feel so nostalgic about this place... I almost couldn't go on with "25 years of memories" to list down... Anyway, when the building was standing strong and beautiful I never thought about capturing it from my cam.


Queenmothermamaw said...

Oh I am so sorry. It is true that we get comfortable with where we love to shop and it is a loss. A loss is a loss. Blessings.

GrandmaK said...

So sorry. Your pictures are very good. Cathy

azahar said...

Like always, we take things for granted with many things/persons that we love when they are still with us...we only miss them when they are dead and gone...

YayaOrchid said...

Hi! Thank you so much for your visit! And yes, please do accept the award and paste it on your sidebar. I too love awards! :)

RoyalTLady said...

Ladies and gentleman

thanks for sharing my feelings... of loss and nostalgia.

A World in a PAN said...

Oh how sad ... you were like a news reporter!

Tea Time and Roses said...

I am so sorry for the loss. It is sad when something near and dear to your heart is taken. What a wonderful photographer you are.:o)



RoyalTLady said...

Laura and Beverly,

As I woke up this morning, something struck me. There was this shop called Cable Car, on the third floor, that sold food in abundance, like a huge plate of Friend Fice, a huge bowl of Curry Noodles, sizable Fish and Chips that filled up our hungry tummy, Chicken Chop and lots more...

Now the Jaya ONE and Jaya 33 are no longer "pull over and hop in" kind of premises anymore... But we could illegally park by the road side and climb up the little hill, walk a longer stride and into the lobby... if we dare risk getting tickets from the Town council. The new buildings are more modern and stylish... they are just across the street.