Monday, June 8, 2009


Happy to be the guard for the day... guarding the food!

Just finished tucking up the food

Rare snap with the host smiles so sweetly

Wan Hafsah told me, she dreamt of me and my family last night...

Enjoying the food... I borrowed this picture from our group email... I couldn't make it any bigger... try to make your eyes smile and am sure you could see who are in this shot.

Hasanah and Faridah Malik with her ice kacang, glasses of drinks and ....

Listening to Ati...

Everyone having their own tales to share

Ati, we shall miss you as much as you shall miss us...

11:50am: Hallie Barrie arrived at my gate and waited for me to climb the slope with gift bags in my hands as well as Dee's. Dressed in Black Miss Reed jacket, together with black and white polka dotted long skirt and light green head gear... I braved the scotching sun that could have aggravated my blemished skin. However, excitement overruled me... Hallie's light blue Suzuki  cooled me down almost instantly as we drove off. Dee turned away, got the gate locked and down the slope she trotted.

12:20pm: We arrived at the Lake Club. There were familiar figures crossing the road into the adjacent pool side building. Parking space were plentiful. No problem, just maneuver and park. We climbed up a flight of stairs and there was the club's lobby. We had to go to the pool side in the building adjacent to this one. The host had already made an arrangement with the club to book a room for 25 people. It was big. It could easily accommodate 50 pax in all. The food ranging from Chinese style fried rice, fried kuey teow, rojak mamak, mixed vegetables, muruku, assorted fruits, fresh fruits salad in black sauce (rojak), fried oysters, ice kacang, ice cream, syrup , coffee and ... plain water were served. Just before we started eating, Cik Na brought a basket full of her famous cup cakes for sale.

The occasion began with Mek Yam (Srikandi's OGA president) giving a welcoming speech, followed by Hasanah's (our monitor) and finally the guest of honor... Ati giving her semi-emotional speech. Her strong, firm and confident voice well suited her next destination of work. She would be attached to a Military Hospital in Ta'if, taking charge of the nurses. She was overwhelmed by the support we gave her and welcome us all to her place-to-be in case we went for pilgrimage in Mecca.

After that, began the "normalities"... no two persons could hear what the others were talking about. Everyone was at the top of their voices to champion each other. The room was closed. Lucky! Otherwise other guests who patronage the pool side could hear "our unlady like" talks and laughter... Excitement filled the air. Even the balloons, the walls, chairs and tables were complaining! Believe ME! Ha, ha, ha! Boarding school girls!

Some of us have not met each other at all since leaving school. It was such a great surprise to see "non-regulars" coming, a few have taken leaves from work, while some had to return to work before 3:00p.m.

Hugs and hugs were spared for the girl going off to Ta'if. She was saddened by our presence. We parted and I took a lift home from Maznah. Hallie was having a meeting in her Dental Department. She had to leave earlier. I reached home while the sun was still at its extremely high temperature. Later, Damai and Cik Na joined us for zohor prayer in our house. She was going to deliver her beautifully decorated cakes to a customer in University Hospital.

Maisarah and CT Normala organised it so well that it went without a hitch. Only the satay was missing said Mai. But we did not mind at all. Every tummy was full by the time we were leaving and some of the food were left behind. Thanks to the host for such a lovely farewell lunch.

Ati is flying off on Wednesday by 12:00 noon on Saudi Air... I hope you would enjoy the flight and happy landing in Ta'if.

parting is such a sweet sorrow...

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