Friday, October 30, 2009


All these shots were taken between 7:50 a.m. till 8:10a.m the previous day... 29th October.  
I received an early morning call from Di.  Apparently I missed it AND had totally forgotten to return her call.  After running the usual errands for Harith and his needs from breakfast to his milk, Di called again an hour later.

 Not that bad to have forgotten to return her call....BUT...
The worse of all the forgetfulness is here to share.... This is definitely not a "senior moment" anymore....HAHAHA!

"Happy Birthday To ME MUMMY, Thank you for giving birth to me mummy, Thank you for taking good care of me Mummy. Thank you for giving me good education mummy.  I love you and I miss you!!!!!!!!"
"?????????????????? What date is it today?"
"Aaaaaaa so you are forgetting my birthday mummy?  It's the 29th."
"Ya Allah Di, I totally forgot all about it but when I was copying the morning sermons over the IKIM radio, something struck me but I did not have any idea what it was." 

...HOW could I forget my youngest child's birthday.  But I just did.

"Well Di, at least I am honestly telling you that I forgot... but May Allah gives you a healthy long life, Bless your life with His Rahmat and Rahim, leads you to the Right Path - the path He had given to his Prophet, Shahid, Sodiqin and Solihin and gives you more success in exams and life and and and...Amin"
breathlessly I went on and on with my most sincere prayer for my little "big girl" now.

I honestly forgot!!! How could I?????????

Later I came to know that Harith (he is 21 months now) has already sang her a birthday song earlier in the morning and no wonder he went on and on with this...
"Happy to you, Happy to you" endlessly that it tickled me.

Anyway, Di is having her Mid Semester exam now and today her  paper  ends at 5:00p.m after which she would rush home by ERL which starts from the KL International Airport and would stop in Cyber Jaya to pick her up.... I hope she would not be caught in the rush hour with the office workers rushing at the KL Central Station... Anyway, she has already sms me to pick her up late this evening at Taman Jaya Commuter Station.

This post with sunshines rising faithfully brightening my bedroom and this part of the globe, is especially dedicated to Di and all her sisters and her brother.  The three of them are having their important exams now till November.

All the best to all of them and may they succeed in maintaining the CGPA level required by the scholarship board.


 The cam was tilted at a different angel to get this brighter perspective.  I was hiding behind the cloth I hanged up high to protect my eyes from getting blinded by the strong shine.

I hope you have enjoyed yesterday morning's shots and if there is less sun shines in your home, please keep coming back to this blog for more and more shines to share....

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