Monday, October 5, 2009


Where oh where has my little dog gone?
Where, oh where could he be?

This song ... what has it got to do with this missing person? Who has been missing? Who went missing? ME of course.

After reaching home, on the 24th I was down with some abnormal back-ache and strange head-ache ( if I could call it?). Three days later, I decided to seek "help" and alhamdulillah, they went away... leaving me behind feeling healthier.

That Saturday, Harith was feverish. That sent his mom and dad busy with towels and tepid water to cool him. The next morning, a beautiful Sunday sent them to the nearest hospital. He was warded for dehydration, viral fever and tonsillitis. What? All in one package, altogether at once?

We then took turns to visit him, exchange duties to look after him and giving reliefs to his parents. Late evening on the third day, he was discharged. The temperature remained slightly but he was much more alive.

A couple of days later, he appeared sick again but still actively playing with his toys, dancing at those musics and chatty as ever. After 24 hours, he was warded again. An hour after he left home, I was down with similar symptoms.... which looked like diarrhea. I had not eaten anything the whole day as I was fasting and obviously I was not handling him to say I had contacted from him. Anyway, I went rushing for almost ten times and it stopped.

That sent me flat in bed the vary next day. Somehow... an early morning wake up call came the following day. There were sounds from the other bathroom. What happened? I went out to find my second daughter, Za was sick. Strange! Harith has been warded, I have stopped the whole night and the whole of next day. AND obviously I did not cook anything.

I drank the water from our tap that I boiled. Had it been contaminated, I would not be well today to stay up and writing this post. I drank more than usual to avoid dehydration. Funny, isn't it? Za was down with high fever that night and today, she really turned pale and white I should say. She was flat on her back almost the whole day through.

Harith was discharged yesterday. Mom and dad were there too, self-warded. We could not help out at all as we were as flat and fatigue.

tonight, after watching some Malay dramas on the TV, I thought I should pick up and brush up this "amateur story-telling and writing" of mine and start from where I left off.


azahar said...

It was the same with my family...My wife came down hard with fever, nausea and malaise...

I guessed it was the stress of working throughout the night preparing food for Eid...

Now she is still feeling weak...

Take care, get enough rest and take some multivitamins just to be safe..

RoyalTLady said...


Same with Sharifah, she is also down with fever with her grandchildren.

I guess the weather, virus and all played their bits as well.