Thursday, October 15, 2009


Mmmmmmmm, nice thumb sucking...
Those sore looking eyes, Kool Fever above my head... urgh! How I dread it. It is sticky and cold.

I end up in the University Hospital with a high temperature and  the doctor said I had viral fever, tonsillitis and dehydration.  I couldn't take any food or drinks.  But anyway, three nights in UH was quite tiring for all of us.

 Calling Memmee, Calling Memee, OVER.  Help!!!!! Please come, come and take me home.... OVER

Okay, I shall wait and take a rest now.... Over and Out!
When I am sick no body dares removing my thumb from me!!!

Oh NO! Not again... I don't like the taste of this medicine.  It's not friendly to me.  Wawaaaa!
I had thought the nurse was my friend... she too tried to give me medicine???

I dread all these gadgets. They took my blood away in a little test tube... for testing!  AND I cried at the top of my voice, "enough, enough, enough!".  They poke my veins and inserted those unfriendly thick needles to connect the drips and dehydration salt (was it?).

Eversince, I never liked my hospital visits anymore.  I no longer like the nurses who work with Mama nor those doctors who still smile at me....  I was put on the drip for three days.

I accompanied Memme for her check up last week and the nurses were trying to hold me.  I yelled out loud!  The whole floor heard my voice... Urgh!!  I never liked it in UH anymore. 


GrandmaK said...

So sorry he was feeling soooo bad. One day, well, maybe not soooo soon he'll lovehis nurse again! :) Cathy

Laura said...

Poor baby!! I am happy to hear he is now feeling well!

Laura in Paris said...

Oh, poor Memme .. glad to hear it's over!

RoyalTLady said...

GrandmaK, Laura, Laura In Paris,

GREAT to see you come by. Yes, we are now happy it was all over. After this episode in UH, he ended up in another private hospital for diarrhea ... fortunately for only one night... but mom and dad were the tired ones... poor them both.

I was ever so worried over this little tot getting sick... but he is now thriving with his food and getting more energetic than ever. Which means... I have to have the energy too...