Thursday, October 29, 2009


Out through the huge glass door we went and into the open we got.  Snapping here, snapping there! WOW!  It's been  such a long time!  Yes, indeed it was.  Those  days I always drove my children around the city center to view the beautiful night lights, night skies of Kuala Lumpur and admiring the mixed architecture of the East and the West.

This is the view of the Public Bank from the Malaysian Philharmonic balcony.

Down we got into the open on the ground floor, we managed another snap of the fully lighter Public Bank.  It's like a block of gold bar standing there shining and all in its grandeur.

 As we turned towards the way we came... much  better views were captured.  I just do not want to miss out any of the snaps but a few looked alike... so, I omitted.  My phone cam just managed these shots.  Apparently neither of us carried any other cams.


 The Petronas TwinTowers

The sky bridge as they called it... brought back fond memories too.

ONCE a long time ago, back in 1997 and 98, I and my workers were contracted to clean all the carpets in the VIP rooms that has lush and thick carpets.  Wasn't I thankful?  The Bangladeshi workers were hard working and they were hired to do part time jobs for me. 
I was up this bridge one day, to watch Mc Laren driving his F1 car around the complex.


This is the grand Malaysia Philharmonic Hall with its pillars covered with Malaysian flags, a view from out in the street. 


This is the wing that housed the shopping outlets.  We managed these shots while waiting for our next chauffeur, Jay Jay to arrive.  He is my young cousin.

While Jay stopped at the red light, I managed  a quick snap of this Vietnam restaurant close by.

This ends the lights series in the City Center for the moment.

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