Tuesday, October 6, 2009

After 2:22 am?

My last post was successfully posted around 3:00a.m

As I was "closing" the sites I have visited and was about to log off, suddenly there were hard knockings and serious frantic voice calling out just outside my door.

"Mummy, mummy, mummy!!!!!"

For a second, I hesitated... exactly a second... trying to make up whose voice it was. I would not want to face intruders, thought I.

"Mummy, Harith's Mama is being "attacked", please get "help quickly!!!!!".

I knew what he meant. Harith's Papa appeared frantic, panicky and had turned pale in the wee hours of the morning. Quickly I reached out for my mobile and dialed a number. Deep inside me I thought, who could be awake at this time or would anyone be easily woken up then? I quickyl turned off the radio and turned the CD reciting Al Roqyah on. These are the Kuranic verses that our Holy Prophet Nabi Muhammad sallallah hualaihi wassalam had passed down to Sahabat and then compiled for his followers. This assisted in many ways to ward off evil spirits sent by evil people or those lingering leisurely in the house.

My first call was at 3:06a.m, the next was at 3:07a.m then 3:08a.m... by the third call I was already seated at the edge of their bed. Harith who was held close in his mom's arm, making a small cry. His mama appeared "fierce, angry, strong and not her normal self". Holding a small book in her hands entitled "Doa Shifa' ......." , she remained silent, staring at me with "strange" look. My head and neck were already giving "strange" signal while my hair stood at ends. Instantly I knew!!!

I, together with my sil, recited Quranic verses. I asked her where her "pains" were. She pointed towards her feet. When I asked what had happened before I came down, she related briefly... and I did not dare asking more.

"Harith woke up before 3:00a.m and mumbling "stop, stop, stop" and kept staring at the ceiling, with his eyes fixed at one corner as though "looking" at "something". Then reciting these verses, "it" entered my back and had "attacked" me".

At this point I totally gave up with calling for "assistance". I rushed upstairs looking for "water and vinegar" and on the double, I sprayed the whole house beginning from upstairs bedrooms. Afraid that this evil spirit might "attack" me, I asked Tasha if she was ready to be bathed. She nodded her head but refused to go to the bathroom. So I told her, okay I was going to splash water in your bed. I rushed to their bathroom, filling up the pail with water which was not cold at all. Added "water and vinegar" that we have recited Koranic verses.

"If we splash her with water in this bed, how are we going to dry this thick chiropractic mattress?" I turned to my sil.

He did not say anything. So, I took away Harith from her and asked my sil to bring Tasha to the bathroom. He bathed her. She shook so vigorously that I thought, oh the water must be icy? After a pail full of water finished, I added more. She shook even stronger. So, I asked if she was cold? She gave a negative head-shaking. But we stopped as the next half pail finished. We did not understand how to "treat" but my instinct and the message that I got was to bathe her to stop "it" from spreading to me.

"I want to pray!" She said. Leaving her to change her clothing, I rushed upstairs looking for "some stuffs" that I kept to shoo away evil spirit. They were black peppers and a mixture of few other items. After putting them in a fairly large plastic bowl, I patiently sat on the chair reciting Koranic verses. Tasha was still in pain. The "spirit" were still lingering in her, concentrating on her legs. Harith was with Za lying on the sofa. He appeared calm. I believed "it" must have left him. When she finished praying, Tasha could "see" the "black spirit" went upstairs. I followed and kept throwing the "mixture" with Allahu Akbar.

Of course we have never ever done this before and what more to give "treatment" and we were never taught to "bathe" people while being attacked. But my gut feeling, instinct and spontaneous action told me to do so. The failing phone calls also sent me a message that Allah wanted me and my sil to give the treatment ourselves. Was it true? Was I sure? Strongly deep inside, I just believed that Allah could, would and is the authority to send "help" in whatever "ways" He so wishes.

Alhamdulillah, things worked. I then continued with the "throwing" of the mixture all over the house while saying "Allahuakbar" breathlessly until the whole house was completed. My hair still stood up on ends while I climbed the stairs to the other three bedrooms. I "felt" something heavy was "seated" on my neck while doing this. Once completed, the house appeared serene, calm and Tasha's extremely pale face, came back almost to normal.

It was 4:00a.m when we "completed" everything. I took my bath and performed some prayers myself. By 5:00a.m, when I finished, I took a small "najwa date" and some plain water for my "sahur"... then I took a light nap while waiting for subuh prayer.

I was lucky. Coincidentally, I have taken a long nap during the day while Harith was asleep ... so I could withstand the whole night postings (three posts altogether) and attending to these "unwelcome" visitors.

To those who practice black magic and the like, you better REPENT before it is too late. Your evil hearts would only sent you to hell. Your whole lives' prayers, good deeds, haj and all other religious performance would deffinitely be wiped out for being shiriq and practicing shiriq.

To us, the victims of your evil hearts and deeds, we say "Alhamudlillah. We pray to Allah: May Allah shower you with His Rahmat and Rahim. Bring you out of Kufur. May He lead your deviated ways into the straight path, the way to Jannah. May Allah forgive you and take away evil feelings from you that you have unto us in this family.

We pray all these events would "clear and clean" our sins and eventually lead us into the straight path. May we be protected from having evil hearts and bad feelings towards the others. Amin, amin, amin Ya Robbialamiiiiiin.

Before this event, for the past almost a fortnight, I have encountered "strange events" in my family and in my own body ...and all those needed no Medical attentions. nauzubillahiminzaaliq. AND for the past 30 years, after experiencing these similar "strange events with strange being" has taught me to be more tolerable, having more patience and hopefully a better Muslim myself. I lose nothing when "they" attacked me this way BUT I earned everything... including being taught what to recite when this happen, be stronger and what to practice daily.

BUT they sometimes overpowered us especially when we are sick, in a weaker state of mind and soul and of course when their EVIL hearts overpowered themselves. What wondered me all these while is that, "these" people practicing "black magic", having evil hearts, having ill intentions and practicing shiriq are mostly those who pray constantly, mosque goers, constant Haj or umrah performers and high profile society people. Without doubt, there are those from other groups living poorly, having less faith in Allah and leading lives away from the norms.

Those friends sharing similar problems, do look for this CD being recorded in Mecca and sold in our country. It helps in many ways. But in case you are over taken and over powered by "evil spirits", do instantly seek assistance from the "right" religious people.


PART-1 (Alif Lam Meem) Allah in the name of The Most Affectionate, the Merciful. 1. All praise unto Allah, Lord of all the worlds. 2. The most Affectionate, The Merciful. 3. Master of the Day of Requital. 4. We worship You a lone, and beg You alone for help. 5. Guide us in the straight path. 6. The path of those whom You have favoured. 7. Not of those who have earned Your anger and nor of those who have gone astray.


azahar said...

So sorry to hear about your encounter with the 'things'.
I have experienced worst episode a very long time ago where my brother was possessed by, not one but three hantu raya let loose by someone having a grudge against my mom.

All I can advise is to remember and be very close to Allah. Do sembahyang berjumaah selalu di rumah, baca surah Yaasin and before going to sleep never forget to read suran Annas seven times.

RoyalTLady said...

Thanks for your advise. Noted.

Just the night before they attacked Harith and his Mama, his parents heard "loud glass crashing-sound" around 2:20a.m. Security guards and police were summoned in case it was burglary. After things settled and the parties leaving no one any clues, I said IT the demon...Hantu Raya. No windows broken, no glasses broke!

Sometimes I feel that I could write books on these "beings" and how they attacked me personally over the years.