Thursday, October 22, 2009


We did not see much clouds around our house because there were too much trees....

ALHAMDULILLAH! Alas... by 7:p.m. we were safely home. Thanks to both the expert drivers, Zaza and Hafiz... they both have driven over 400 kilometers and their Mummy had a gala time with "photography marathon" within three states all in one day.... as we traveled from Kuala Terengganu meandering into Pahang and touched base in Kuala Lumpur.

That completed my 16 parts of Cloud Series .....


Anonymous said...

I appreciate your toast on your sidebar to Muslim men and women. That is what I love about blogging. I am a grassroots person and I know how sincere so many folks of your religious persuasion are and hope you realize all US persons are not as selfish and materialistic as the media makes us out. Blessings

azahar said...

Dear Queenmothermamaw,

There is no coercion in ISLAM. It is up to the individu whether to embrace ISLAM or not, but when you're already a MUSLIM, you've to abide by the Holy book Al-Quran and Al-Hadiths (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him).

In ISLAM, the world is the bridge to the hereafter. We have to be excellent in both worlds.

Our relationship to other human beings and to God must be good.

It is said that we have big responsibility towards our neighbours (in ISLAM, neighbours means those residing 40 houses away from your house).

WE have to take care of our neighbours and never harm them in any way.

We are asked to remind people of God's words, even a word a day.

Sorry, I amm carried away. Anyway, I am a childhood friend of TLady, that was when we were in Elementary school grades 5 and 6 and that was way back in 1965 -1966.

I was in the US from 1994-1996 doing my MSc in University of Georgia.

RoyalTLady said...


I appreciate you noticed the toast. Not many did though.

Anyway, in Islam we are taught to be humble, not to discredit and discriminate other people, they are all the subjects of Allah. We have great number of US persons converted to Islam and they are even much better Muslims than us.(shame on us). Some have become great preachers and they are greater than us, who were born Muslims.

The media are not all the time writing good about religion and the good positive people. They are the people who write journals, news, broadcasts and events BUT their scribes are more often than not, being edited by their chiefs and some who are sincerely writing beautiful pieces later found out their ideas were deformed and distorted to some extent once printed and circulated.

I found great friends from the US since blogging... see my blog links ... they are great people and they do not discriminate others too. I believe sincerity and frankness are the essence in friendship be it virtually or otherwise. I notice everyone enjoys visiting and writing comments. No one is forcing anyone but sincerity does.

I found humble people who are extremely rich in their society, in the blog sphere. They humbled themselves, shared their lives' experiences and say hello to all of us. Blog sphere is the best platform for global friendship, I should say.


pst QMM, The gentleman who wrote you a comment before me... yes we were in the same classroom when we were kids but I have never met him since ...LOL! But he is my most regular visitor in this blog land.