Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Lara, He won? BUT, Neither did you loose

a flower for you to sooth your heart and soul

Messages of congratulations kept coming in
Sms were busy with traffics
News spread fast among those who cared
The former judge was congratulating you
The religious teacher was also wishing the same
For taking and having such a noble attitude

Yes, he had won in the court of the world
With manipulations and attitudes from all sectors
Justice delayed was justice denied
But your winning takes you to the court of Allah

Despite losing after an eight year old battle
The battle that seemed never was
With a staggeringly enormous bill by our standards
You are to remain in your own self, a winner

Your patience, perseverance, inner strength
And taking the long strides with faith in Allah
Pays at last!
There is a Blessing in Disguise, do not worry

Allah takes care of everything in your life
He knows what to give and what to take away

And when He should give you glory

Your strong faith and patience are the glory
In His eyes
May not be so in humans’ eyes

But that does not matter

It’s Allah’s care, blessings and love that matters
Let the denial in justice with such manipulations
Cleanse all your sins in this world! Amiin.

Meanwhile Lara, just remain calm and look through
Not with your eyes but with your faith in Allah
Things happened for some reasons
The mysterious reasons that only Allah knows

Never fret, never regretted and never stumbled
Over inhuman behaves and characters
They have not chosen the path that you did
May Allah Bless you with a better heart and life!


RoyalTLady said...

TPYT was the first person to be contacted to inform of this most upsetting event. She is currently in Hong Kong completing her task.
"Don't worry about that. BUT keep on praying for whatever that we do here. Pray harder and Insyaallah, things would be taken care of".

Dr.Abdullah Yassin, Kak, itulah asam garam hidup didunia. Org beriman sentiasa diduga, alhamdulillah berkat ada iman Kak dpt tabah, sbb jika tidak boleh menggelabah. Tahniah walau kala dalam mahkamah dunia tp menang dalam mahkamha di akhirat, INSYAALLAH. Amin.

Dr.MOHD Naim, the former syariah judge, Kak. That's the best answer, diversion and thoughts you could ever have. Tahniah. Semuga menang di mahkamah di akhirat, insyaallah.

Others like Mama Hanim, Nas and a couple of close pals wished the same. Alhamdulillah for some source of inspiration.

RoyalTLady said...

the flower is for you...