Wednesday, August 6, 2008


8:00a.m begins the role call of the day.

First, the farewells which include kisses, hugs and kisses again, holding tight either in Papa's arms or Mama's. Most usual would be in the arms of the former. Mama normally rushes out, in and out again before finally getting into her car. Sometimes, papa sends Mama to work and then comes home to pick up his stuff, then after the ritual, left with a big smile on his face and the usual remark,

"See you tonight", which might extend beyond Harith's bedtime.

The following itinerary, would be Wan's task to prepare Amir Harith's breakfast which consists of brown rice premixed with some nutrients quickly added into a small blue baby bowl quarter filled with warm water. Next is to fill up his feeding bottle with warm water to avoid him chocking from the mixture.

Once done, Wan took him to the bathroom for a quick bath, intermittently Wan would "steal" a chance to splash him with cold tepid water. Sometimes, on those days that he caught cold from his parents, he bathed later than usual. By 9:00a.m, he should be catching his morning nap.
Waking up around 11:30a.m. he would be ready for his feed number 2. Its only milk that is warmed in the jug or mug with hot water. (now: intermission...he is fretful today because he probably knows that I am gossiping about, I better let him get me)...shall continue a bit later today.
His third feed would be around 2:30p.m with only milk and sometimes porridge that Mama has prepared. There were days he went without...Reading session normally begins in the afternoon when Harith decided to stop playing with his toys, touching the carpets. bending backwards to the floor and topple over on purpose - especially when Wan was answering phone calls. Clever Harith! He enjoyed listening to almost anything read to him. When muqaddam was read to him, he kept really still and not moving.

By 4:00p.m his final nestle cereal feed would be ready and that would be followed by a bath. By the time Wan and Harith finished these shared tasks, Mama was ready to come home. Wan normally bundled Harith to the back of the car on his baby seat and together they drove to University Hospital which did not normally take too long. He normally made sounds if his name is called out. Otherwise, he just kept quiet, enjoying the scenery and whatever nature provided him to entertain his journey.

Once Mama is home, that remarkably marks the end of Wan's day with Harith. Unless otherwise...if Harith decided not to sleep early, then Cik Za and Wan would normally help Mama to settle him down.

Yesterday, we spent most time in bed because Wan was exhausted after a trip to Malacca, sending Cik Dee back to school. Pillows were put against the wall to prevent Amir Harith from knocking his head against the wall. When Wan was praying, a prayer mat was also given to him and as though he knew, he practically kept quiet until Wan completed her prayer.

After that, Wan would hold him and say Allahuakbar, to which he would spontaneously bend down to the mat. A couple of times, his legs and feet were correctly in position of "sujud" except after a few "hurts" while he pushed his head down to the floor , he now stopped dropping down his head.
Today, he is almost 7 months - short of 6 days to exactly seven months. After mid day, he refused to sleep.

Here comes the highlight and the event of the day.....He refused to sit alone like he did for the last couple of days before. When Wan joined him, he began the wrestling without any warnings. Wan's hair was reached extending his fragile body towards the head...He succeeded this time. In return, Wan caught hold of him and he gave a big smile. When he was held up high, his feet landed on Wan's tummy and he was smarter that Wan thought. He reached for the upper part. Wan got up and wrestled him in return. He gave a chuckle that followed by a laughter...a continuous laughter.

This battle repeated few more times until both were sweating. Then the slower movement followed. When Wan lied down besides him, he again pulled her hair. But he was smart, he reached for her cheek and kissed her so that Wan did not tickle him. Once the nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider" was sung, he wriggled and shrunk his body with a broad smile. He very well knew where Wan's hands were to end up and how they were felt. "One Two Buckle My Shoe" and "Ba Ba Black Sheep" were common to him.

By this time, it would be almost 4:00p.m and another feed would be ready. When Wan was going upstairs, he cried out so loud, almost screaming in temper. He won the battle! Wan came down and carried him up.

He smiled each time they both climbed up the steps, probably thinking that one day, he would surely climb up unaided! On the floor, in Wan's bedroom was a thick king size comforter folded into six to get the required thickness so that it would not hurt if he fell down. Pillows were all around him like barricades. Just like in the living room, cushions filled the space where he was to land. But he just knew too well which directions to turn to get Wan's attention.

Today, he patiently waited until Wan finished bathing and praying. Probably he knew too well he was all the time winning the battle.


RoyalTLady said...

pictures taken using Cik Za's handphone

azahar said...

So it is true with they say: A grandma loves his cucu more than a mother will - well most of the times.

So you are up to your nose with your cucu...

They also say that a Grandma usually papmpers and spoils the be not pamper your cucu so much, ha ha

RoyalTLady said...

Ello Doc, tak de lah sayang sampai bole cucu pijak kepala...hahaha.

Ha, u r up to my nose (nasib baik mancong, tak kemek terus) with him...

The other day we let the helper took care of him but dalam day I saw her reciting "dunno wot" then blew into Harith...

Each time she passed by, Harith would turn and turn until she disappeared from his sight. My daughters had apparently notice similar episodes much earlier than I did. After separating them both, I noticed Harith no longer turned to her whenever she passed by. Wierd? Yes!

Since then, I did ask her assistance anymore. When shared with other friends, more scary stories were unfold about helpers from beyond...

Actually the energy of a 50 plus grandma could not be utilized to take care of growing babies. They are full of energies, bouncing, turning and moving about endlessly.

I need a change of clothes, twice daily because I too would sweat like he does. Hopefully that burns my fats and cholestrol as well...

Now he is asleep, since 10:00a.m. Its really peaceful now.

Nasib baik grandma Harith ni, cyber grandma as my daughter Diyanah puts it...otherwise, boring jugak...

Probably baring sama kot bila Harith is catching his naps...Ha, by then baru beto! Gemok mmmetow jadi!

Marie Louise said...

What a sweat little face. There is nothing like a baby to clear your mind of all else and exist only in that moment.

RoyalTLady said...

Wan is what Amir Harith is to address me once he starts saying properly...

Other suggested words in Malay language that equates to grandma :
Nenek, Tok, Tok Mi, Mi Moh, Tok Wan, Opah and Tok Ma to name a few.

Battling with my grandson meaning - ggalowk in Terengganuspeak, meaning having small playful fights with him.

Hopefully that solved some fats away from me...hahahhaha.

RoyalTLady said...

Hi Marie,

Was busy writing some Malay words explaining to my new visitors from beyond, that I did not realize you had dropped by.

Thanks for such a surprise. I shall visit your blog now.

See you there...