Monday, August 4, 2008


When there is life there is sure to be episodes
They are what we face daily till our energy explode
Whilst these other experience driven us to erode
Our total self esteem and ego down the road

Sometimes life takes turn for the better
Most times it sails plainly out of trouble water
A few times it expects us to keep quiet and not utter
Silently suffer, deep in thoughts but not clutter

Faith and belief are held tightly together
To make us a better person without any bother
Constant touch with the universe and other
Mother nature, humans, sister and brother

Choosing companion and acquaintance is not a hard chore
When our hearts are deep in sincerity to the core
We become friends here, hereafter and further more
Sharing similar faith, loyalty and understand them all

When there is light we feel so much enlightened
When there is hidayah we feel much less frightened
Every thing we do we are guarded in constant
When tested we remained calm and well fastened

Faith, loyalty, hidayah, guiding light and nikmat are hard to find
Sometimes unconsciously rewarded and given in kind
Most times if not carefully restored and left behind
They would be taken away and be better resign

Allah has given all the opportunities and chances
For us to repent and search for new paces
Some accepted with open hearts without traces
Lots more darker hearts remain there without faces

The chosen few would repent in no time
Those faiths overcome all sins and crime
Remain connected is what to be in rhymes
Only Allah knows who He favors in line

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