Saturday, August 2, 2008


Em, this time I totally give up!

That was what Lara wrote as she was emptying her hearts out to the once blank white A4 paper.

My battle, an eight year long war was finally devastated by the improper and unjust decision made by the learned judge supported by the weak final-submissions on my lawyer's part. Nothing much I would do now. I leave it to Allah. My strength and inner force is weakened by the attitudes of these people, men of war. War of words. Words spoken were not words meant to be said. Justice delayed was justice denied. Were there justice at all in this world? War of words, got away with properties, moneys and responsibilities. Even religious duties and responsibilities were ignored and totally denied. They felt the least guilty towards religion and Allah. MasyaAllah, subhanallah!

War of words got away with murders. Manipulations, discriminations, irresponsibles equate vultures of the lost world and civilizations. Frustrations, hurts, helplessness, devastation, deceitfulness are the results in the games with the infidels.

The judge did not appear himself but was represented by a colleague, another learned judge. The lawyer went on an appeal case in another court, apparently in another location far away from this other court of law. Responsibilities and duties towards his client is lightly taken, dates overlapping, times not kept, court appearances were neglected and his fingers hardly or should I say, never dared touching the keypad to dial my number himself.

Suddenly a young lady of much less than 30 years of age, came by and asked me,

"The judge is asking if you want to continue with this hearing of judgment today or would you like to come back another day? He should be going off to Putra Jaya for a meeting shortly. If your lawyer is late, he would leave soon."

"WHAT? Of course we want to listen to the judgment today. We have waited for a year to listen to this important decision", I uttered.

What? The judge asking such question? He thinks I live in the court compound, so I could wash my face once I got up from my troubled sleep and appeared in the court anytime he so wishes? Is this my worse day dream ever? I don't think so. And I hope not either.

Out she went looking for the defendant who was still alone, minus his lawyer. Me? I was not alone but escorted by this young lady who is doing chambering at my lawyer's office. Half of my high spirit were gone into ashes. Some people takes this so light heartedly. Not even apologies or messages of encouragement and motivation were given to me knowing that this could be an important day for me. Things turned gray as the haze outside the court room surrounded us.

We waited from 9 a.m till almost 11.20 a.m to hear the judgment being read. I am not bothered to know what had happened to the Putra Jaya meeting whether there was a meeting at all or he had not even found the notes to be read in front of us? Or could he be rehearsing in his chamber how to read a sad and losing battle amongst the stupid people of the universe?

By the time he appeared, our morale was low (of mine as well the chambering young lady). We would have traveled to Ipoh or Malacca while waiting for him to appear. Some justice.

In his low, unclear and mumbling words that required our ears to be opened wide like an elephant's ears, he read out the judgment. It lasted 22 minutes and 6 seconds. Don't ask me how did I came to know about this. But simply to give you a clue, it was technology.....I would say.

The long waits, the anguish battle, the deceits, lies, discriminations, speculations and manipulations were lost with a staggering fees of almost ten thousand...not rupiah, mind you. He walks away winning! BUT neither did I lose! He won in the court of men.

Devastated? I would be lying to myself if I said I did not feel anything. BUT deep down, honestly I felt a sense of relief, serenity, being lifted off from an unfair "war", still managed to recite silently "Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, Innallaha ma'assobiriin". With that, we left the empty court room which the judge turned and left in an abrupt act, the defendant left in jubilant mood because he had won and not a single cent of his money which religiously, according to the syariah law' belonged to me, had lost, transfered and changed hands!

Never mind that! Words of comfort came through my sms. Congratulations! You would win in the court of Allah, insyaAllah. Let him win on this earth, be patient and accept Allah's test with open mind and heart. He loves you, that is why He is testing you today. The test on you may never end because you are the chosen few.

While this other sms said," Did the judge strike out the case altogether or just reducing the claims? If you want justice is done, fight to the end!"

That was the spirit I once had. But not this time, when even the judge himself did not turn up. My own lawyer did not turn up. No phone calls to give some moral support, comforting words or at least telling me he would compensate the loss with some discounts from the total bill. No one involved showed any interest at all except after this, I would definitely be witnessing some interests shown in collecting dues from my lawyer's office. Believe me.

OR Allah might have saved me from touching the money that was "doubtful" in its source and , and , and, and...all sorts. Never minds those other ands, but what matters most is Allah LOVES me more than the person who had won the battle of "the mankind".

Justice in the Court of Allah would be the most just and fair of them all. Escape you may on this earth, poor Mr.Defendant and Mr.faithful lawyer.



Lady Dee said...

Aunty, I'm sorry to hear about your terrible experience in our lousy Syariah Court system.. But I just would like to share with you this Hadith of the Prophet, narrated by Ummu Salamah, which I've come accross in the course of my studies :

The Prophet (pbuh) said : "You have argued before me.It may be that between you, one is more eloquent in his argument than the other. Therefore my decision is based on what I heard from him. Those that I have decided for him, a RIGHT that is his brother's right (due to his eloquence of speech), let him not take it, for I have cut for him a piece of hellfire."

So dont worry Aunty, like you said..he may have won in the court of men..but it is Allah who knows everything..If he takes what is not his, he's already taking a piece of hellfire.. Be strong ya? *hugs*

RoyalTLady said...

Thank you so much Dee.

You are so adorable. Thanks for the beautiful Hadith and that should reciprocate this feelings against all others, especially after the misfortune...

It was not a misfortune at all after all. Blessings In Disguise indeed...
alhamdulillah syukur, I feel much better.

So, how's your "part" been treating you? Hopefully you feel much better now? I am sure you have read what I wrote you these past few days?

The "person" in the other story...why I sent you away was one of those working in the place you once had your practical training.


Aunty doakan semuga berjaya dengan cemerlang. Amin y.r.a