Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yes. Why?
I never touched a computer in my entire life
Go on touch one now

Oh it is very easy
But why are the words went missing?
No problem
You touch this key (edit - redo)
Oh I see
It's easy after all?

YES of course
Now you can start a blog of your own too
Oh can I?
YES, go to "how to create blog"...

Tra la la la la LA, la! LA!

How do they rank a blog?
Oh that I cannot answer you
I have no idea what and how they do
What do they look for in a blog?
I don't have any ideas at all

Anyway, you are now another granny blogger
Do not be afraid of the key board
They are harmless
What is harmful is the virus

Okay, okay I have got the hang of it now
Oh it's not difficult after all?
Hey I can read other blogs too?
YES, they are all wonderful

You could soon learn to upload pictures too
YES Of course...
Aaa, I have some beautiful pictures to share too

So? Is it that difficult?
Not at all!
Hey, could I borrow your laptop now?
I too want to start another story now

Just a few minutes, can okay?
I have to visit one particular blog
Goofy Girl's Blog
I saw her writing
Dad's memorial....

Ta, have to go now and read
What she has written...

Never mind, I shall go to CC then
Ya, You better do mam
You pay a little bit if you wish
But longer blogging needs more money

No need to rush, take your time
Appreciate all that you read
I tell you, you could learn a lot
Enjoy yourself, okay?

BUT friend, do not forget to visit
This blog link too okay?
Then make sure you bookmark it
Okay, I will
Don't you worry, dear



Ginnie said...

This is an interesting post and reminds me of how I felt when I first started blogging.
Thank you for commenting on my blog and telling me about your children. I am very confused about one thing, though.
When I clicked on your blog it said that you were Azahar Idris and were 54 years old and male...
but then your blog is RoyalTLady who I have had contact with and who I thought was a grandmother and female. What am I missing??

RoyalTLady said...

I am equally confused.

One day, his post got through into my "draft" ... how was that possible? He was my classmate in primary school. We often met in cyber but never personally since 1966...

I guess it is the administrator's fault?

Anyway, I am whom you think I was. Female, 54, a cyber grandmother, busy blogging whenever Harith falls cat and mouse game, eh?


afiq said...

I hope this is not too late..

Happy Women's Day!
Selamat Hari Wanita!

May Allah always bless you with rahmat..

RoyalTLady said...

TQ Afiq.

I remember back in 1980's when I was very active with women's organisation, We celebrated the Women's Day with the ever green Sultanah of Johor, Her Royal Highness, Tuanku Zanariah. I still have beautiful photographs taken then but we were not yet wearing head scarves ...

I guess it was you walking and tapping away in my blog a little while ago? This blog has never had many visitors at one time. At the most, it has only two at a time.

Thank you anyway.


afiq said...

ur welcome aunty.

yesterday,my younger sister's baby sitter says that she went to Persada Johor for women's day celebrations..she went there to accompany her neighbour..her neighbour is a single mother..her husband died a few month ago..her husband actually among those kerabat diraja families..

i really like those kinds of noble act to help women esp single mother..they need support either morally or economically because most single mothers need to raise their children on their own..

aunty,i always go to ur blog,everyday,everytime i'm online..everytime i open ur blog,i hope there is new story for me to read..i even read comments on your blog..

aunty x kesah kn?huhu..

The Dutchess said...

So nice to meet you.Thank you for your comment on "The Dutchess".
I find your posts very interesting and written with a fine choise of words..Have a Happy day..

RoyalTLady said...

Of course I do not mind you reading all the comments.

They are "open windows" for you to start another journey to their blog...go on jog along and you would definitely find so many interesting writes and splendid photographs shared with us.

Some moving stories, real stories are also written in their blogs. They not only move your emotions but they share their inner most feelings with all of therr readers.

Do jog into Goofy Girl...she writes true and interesting stories.

a.f.i.q said...

Selamat menjalani ibadah berpuasa di bulan ramadan..
Smoga amalan kite smua diterima Allah s.w.t..
ilal liqa'..

RoyalTLady said...

The Dutches

Hi, Thank you for your comment and dropping by. I have forgotten in which posts of your that I have commented. I went back there but couldn't find any...

It's been raining here lately. so, we get only half a day of "clothes drying time under the hot sun" .

Thus the absence and less frequent blog is stormy, thundering and the fall comes in great torrential here.

Have a nice time reading the blogs.