Sunday, August 3, 2008


I managed to write in my blog , copied all your writes rather...

Never mind Lara, be patient and be brave. Face life with dignity and honor. Always honor yourself and keep high self esteem.You have done well so far, do not ever let your self esteem go low because of this little lost. Remember the 19 years 7 months? That was even worse, isn't it? So? This is nothing to you. Keep moving on, keeping your head high, walking tall and repeat this, SO WHAT?

You are so close to Rahmat Allah, close to His forgiveness, Closer to HIM in every sense of the word...insyaallah.

Life has got to go on. Remember Lara, even though you loose, but you already won in the fights for the EPF a few years ago. Remember how you compiled previous cases you found from the journal through Pn.Hardinah, the registrar and few more cases through the council of the defendant?

You did great for other single mothers. You won in your own ways although you did not receive any recognitions but you did get your self satisfaction, did you not? A group comprised of lawyers, single mother's association, judges, Sister In Islam and the authority involved that was The EPF...had submitted a memorandum based on your earlier findings and then it went to the Parliament through the then Minister of Women's Affairs, Datuk Shahrizat Jalil. You have succeeded in doing other people good and you have made other people's lives easier. You won in your own way.

As a result, since then, although it may not have been openly declared as a matrimonial joint property under the Islamic Family Act, it helped single mothers greatly. Children's maintenance could then be taken or withdrawn from EPF, some courts passed it as a joint property and ever since there were more single mothers winning their claims as to EPF money which before this, under section 52(a), was not "touchable" or "claimable" by others.

Lara, never mind, let those people who have caused you grief , sorrow, hurts, pains, losses and anguish got away washing their hands clean and walk away as free men without conscions in their head. They would be rewarded "equally" in their lives by Allah. This is not our predicaments. This is the work of Allah. By his Will, they would get their share soon, insyaallah.

Anyway Lara, as compared to those who have gone through an extremely enormous pain to just a few hurts here and there, I am sure you would manage well with life. Hurts and pains? Yes, they are part of us but they are contributed by other beings involved. BUT honor and self respect... they both are yours to earn through honesty , faith and Loves from Allah.

Remember the person who was victimized in his office because he was so competent? He was forced to leave, I hear. But when he sms me recently, he told me he was awarded a chair in Islamic Law under syariah at the Oxford University in London. See? What an honor he received. Those who have been victimized, are well rewarded by Allah. Just remain patient and calm.

Remember the story of our Prophet Nabi Muhamad s.a.w being offered (if I am not mistaken) a young lady as his wife. The day he was getting married, came a man of the village telling him that the lady was never taken ill, never gone through any hardships, never had any problems and never this, never that...Rasulullah s.a.w then declined to marry her. Why? Simply because she was never tested in her life. A person who was never tested at all was not loved by Allah. So he did not marry a person that Allah did not love.

But persons who have been rewarded and receiving nikmat from Allah are not necessarily Loved and Blessed by Him either. These are the scary moments. Along came with these worldly gifts, are tests because His orders to obey Him, Rasulullah s.a.w, Al Quran and Sunnah are neglected, while all His orders to leave and keep away all sinful acts are done and not neglected. Wal'iya na'uzubillahiminzaaliq.

Lara, you would survive, Insyaallah. Keep on saying alhamdulillah when you are tested because you are actually saying thank you to Allah for loving you and showering you with hidayah. Amiin ya robbil 'alamiin.

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