Tuesday, August 5, 2008


lara, this is another comforting image especially for you

It takes different forms of minds and hearts
It gives messages and instincts to the chosen few
It gives the heart feeling of serenity
It gives and takes away remorseness and restlessness

Test and tribulations come in different forms
The most common would be illnesses
That too comes in different forms
The worse of its kind is the illness of the heart

That is where the iblis is housed and dominated
From there the mind is controlled and possessed
Every move it takes and each whisper it makes
Would lead a human to hell and hardships

Human would see worldly possessions and positions
As the wealth worth accumulate
Some of them are taken for a ride
Into the path of iblis and its followers

Humans are easily deceived by the rule of iblis
Misleading humans’ faith and loyalty into syiriq
From the one and only, Allah subhanahuwataala
Sadly, this is most incurable of all form of illness

Qulhuwallahuahad! Surah Al-Ikhlas that equates one third Al Quran
This is the surah to return oneself into the right path
It gives true tauhid and leads to hidayah
La ila ha illallah…pause and ponder upon it…

Understanding Allah’s existence as the absolute, as the only and one ness
Faithfully perform all His commands
Faithfully leaving all those He hates and despises
InsyaAllah, at this stage iblis would slowly leave
Its place of hibernation…

Allah’s gifts come in all forms
Some are with rahmat, while some are not
Those come with rahmat is accompanied by His love
Those that do not, is accompanied by His bala’ , tests, ‘ujub and takabur
Especially those who are drown with worldly glories
These are humans who forget Him constantly
The human who are poppers in His Rahmat and Rahim…

Reminding myself and those who come by
Persevere and endure His test with faith and thankfulness
And recite four times of Alhamdulillahirobbil ‘aalamiiin
Because his tests come with His Love and rahmat to us

Thus do not fret even a second of the breath you take
Tauhid Rububiyah, Tauhid Asma’ Wasifat and Tauhid Uluhiyah
Should remain in our hearts, minds and soul with Rahmat and Rahim
With faiths understanding in Al Quran and Sunnah

To prepare ourselves to meet Him
These should remain the ultimate goals in our lives
Tests and tribulations should be comfortably accepted
With smiles, iman, patience and thankfulness…


leng chai said...

here i come..
wht u wrote is very true..
anyway aunty,i'll further my study in medicine..
sy dpt gi mesir..
tomorrow will b my last day in matrix..
so sad whn thnkg tht ive to leave all of my friends here..

RoyalTLady said...


So, dah tau lah arah hala tuju career Afiq, while some people tu belum jugak la ada ambitions...

Do you best and come home in 5 years (?) time with the scroll and a title of Doctor Afiq, ok?

The world is smaller now, it's only at your finger tips and you would be able to get in touch with friends from afar and near all the time.

I am sure you are doing your parents very proud, ya Afiq?

leng chai said...

dah lame tak bukak page ni..
sy bru je smpai rumah dpd n9 ni..
bru balik karnival sukan..

thank you aunty..
insyaAllah i'll b fnshg my study in 5 years..
n yes,wht im going to egypt is just for them..
its a duty for me to pay back their hardship raising me for almost 18 yers..