Tuesday, August 5, 2008


When guiding light shines through our little hearts
Faith and loyalty would not move or be apart
It rekindles broken and shattered souls alike
To patch up into the path of guiding lights

Once guided never to loose them again
For we would surely end up in vain
Pray hard for them to stay and continue shining
As without it we would surely be astray

No matter how hazardous our paths in life be
We should remain in oneness and forever with Him
Hold our tauhid and aqidah high in place
InsyaAllah life would never again be a pain

Sometimes the unexpected happens
Most times they come unnoticed until lights shine through
What we pray for is kept in Allah's hands
He compensates us with what He thinks be the best

So many incidences are amazingly incredible
We plant in out pots with good soil and fertilizers
Water them each day until they grow and flower
But those in the bushes and forest, who did them all these?

They grow much taller, larger and even gigantic
Without fertilizers and constant attentions from us
Much more species found and amazingly beautiful
Its so incredible, Allah create them for us to appreciate

Allah wants us to ponder and think wise
About His existence, capabilities and His power
They are amazingly incredible to human eyes
They are made for us his universal subjects

Amazingly incredible too, of human behaves and natur
They knew those are Allah's messages and orders
Coming through his messengers, prophets and angles
But do they abide by them and become faithful followers?

They knew too well Islam is Ad Din
But they are the followers of Qarin the evil
Amazingly incredible how they comfortably allow
Qarin and his followers leading them to hell forever,,,

Those guiding lights fade away, sadly fade in some
Overtaken by the gray clouds of wealth and power
That make humans living forever in wonder
Once taken away, what more is left to ponder

Amazingly incredible how Allah has chosen
The few to go through His test and tribulations
He gives them hidayah and taufiq to withstand
Iman, patience and perseverance as friends

He allows us to repent for all the wrong deeds of the past
Before His final call and before ''taghor-ghor'' sounded
He still forgives His subjects because He loves them all
Except those practicing and living in shiriq...


RoyalTLady said...

tried editing the paragraphs but they just failed me...almost ten times doing it...

leng chai said...

aunty,ape maksud Qarin?

RoyalTLady said...

Qorin is the syaitan/iblis that each of us has or rather berdamping rapat dgn kita. He is the one drive us to be infidels if we are weak and let him overtake us, esp.our minds and hearts. Na'uzubillahiminzaaliq.

In the case of people who likes to go to bomoh...
before they arrived, both their Qorins are already online and communicate. Giving informations to the bomoh's Qorin about this person. When he/she arrives, bomoh starts telling all the facts already gathered by his own Qorin. Hence, he/she would think that this bomoh is so terrific.

This is one one of the ways to lead them to shiriq for believing in bomoh of this "kind".


leng chai said...

i c..
thank u aunty..
aunty mmg ad gi class agama ke?
tgk aunty tulis mcm2 yg bkait dgn agama..

RoyalTLady said...

InsyaAllah, Yes, I do go to classes whenever time permits me. Allah also gives ideas whenever I have the urge to write and share my posts.

So, those who come by could read...they are not my words actually, they are messages from Allah. Whats good and sensible are from Him...

Those other posts that doesn't sound good are from me...