Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Dr. Kate Paczek

Since the first day we visited you, our strange meeting between a patient and a chiropractor vanished. You were so pleasantly friendly and warm. Such a petite lady, with an enormous and bountiful energy ...you indeed has a healing and magical hands.

Your warm personality brought us to the Petaling Jaya Hilton for breakfast that lasted several hours with well-tucked-up-food which possibly left not well digested till dinner time. How on earth did we manage that? I would not be able to answer you now because it was beyond my imagination that an 8 o'clock eating could surprisingly stretched until 11 o'clock???

That was not an only occasion. Another meal at the Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya was another well stretched affair. The morning was not only filled with delicious food but intermittently saucy stories on both sides were graciously shared. Despite each frustrated story, we somehow, managed to keep away our tears. Good job, aye Kate?

All the way from Poland, Kate migrated to Australia with her mother named Ruth who occasionally visited her in Malaysia. She is now working or probably a co-owner of Premier Chiropractor since the year 1998. She has been a friend and a healing specialist to my family.

Since 1998, I have recieved my free treatment from her which continued until a couple of years later. When Tasha was suffering from her back problem, the "free" treatment changed hands...not for a couple of weeks, not months, but years to come until today. Would you believe it? Kate is more than just a friend.

I just cannot find any better or more proper words to say THANK YOU to you Kate for such a kind treatment to us...

During the treatment, we would be giggling and laughing away in the room. Once done, after fixing another appointment, we parted with hugs and well wishes...until the next couple of weeks to come. One such giggle was about the Hair Cuts...see my earlier post in The Hair Cut, The Tears and The Scissors.

Her former clinic was in SS2, Petaling Jaya and her receptionist was Miss Ong who was nice and friendly to me. But not to my children's liking, she seemed quite serious with them. Perhaps I looked more matured to deserve her respect and warmth. Her new clinic of two years old is located in Cheras. Her new receptionist is called Miss Lee.

Once you reached the clinic which is on the first floor, normally the door bell would surely be rung. From the reception counter, came Miss Ng (pronounce as Eng), opening the door and with a stiff smile and firm voice,

"Please take off your shoes" she ordered.
Obediently, we did and arrange them in a row on the carpeted floor.

One day, Amir Harith was also ordered to take of his shoes.
"Please take off his shoes" ordered her.

His Mama, Tasha was laughing away in amusement...silently. Since when a seven month old little lad walks on his own on the road and gets his shoes dirty?

"Oh don't worry, he has not started walking  on the road yet".

She held her laughter until she got into her car, an hour later.

That was routine. So she has to say it out no matter to whom, when and how?

Tomorrow, at ten a.m. we shall see her for Tasha has an appointment for her recent back ache. Amir Harith would surely tag along because Grandma aka Wan aka baby sitter aka child minder, would be bestowed with another post that is "an executive driver".

Such a multi tasking Grandma...

Anyway, this special posting is for you DR.KATE. Thank you, gracias, danke shen, sie sie ni, terima kasih...on being a doctor with healing hands and a friend who listens, cries and laughs together.


linda said...

Thank you for stopping by this morning and especially for leaving your kind birthday wishes for my daughter. She is a treasure indeed.

Your Dr. Kate sounds like a jewel...and a wonderful friend.

Take care and have a great week.

RoyalTLady said...

Yes Linda, she is indeed a jewel.

On our way home after Tasha's treatment this morning, we were trying to calculate our treatment bills if they were ever issued...it's just countless Linda. Imagine those years since 1999...

Very regular visits was for Tasha when she was carrying Amir Harith. Others like Dee and Zaza occasionally joined in for the treatment too. Although she sometimes charged them both but they were almost negligible...

Her pleasant personality and friendship offered was priceless.

I wished she reads this post.

Recently I too had an "overhaul" treatment...after over two years of not having it. It was so enlightening, not only to the overused bones, postures and muscles but most of all to the giggles and laughter.

You have a very beautiful and charming daughter plus another handsome son.

Happy @ Home said...

Thank you for your visit.

I think we could all use a Dr. Kate. She sounds like she would be a wonderful healer.

I hope you will soon be able to get the leak in your roof fixed.
That sounds like an awful problem.

We are still getting rain. It has been pouring all day today.

Take care and stop by again.

royaltlady said...

Happy @Home,

the leak has been "attended" to, not mended...please read DONE Part 1...

Enjoy your weekend.

RoyalTLady said...

Dear Mdm WHO,

I am terribly sorry for losing your comment which I have just discovered and have published BUT it went elsewhere instead of this place.

I have been to Kate's clinic in Taman Cheras Business Center few times. I am now moving houses, but I remember correctly that I have kept Kate's cards.... in one of the boxes. If you cud leave your email address here, I shall be able to email you her clinic's phone number later.

Sorry to hear about not getting her phone number from the SS2 clinic... look like Eric is off line with her.


Narelle O'Connor said...

Hi I think Dr Kate might have been my closest friend during the brief time she attended Westbourne Grammar in Melbourne. If possible could you please let her know Narelle O'Connor (nee Geake) would love to hear from her. I understand she may not wish to revisit the past, but if she doesn't mind my email address is nloc@internode.on.net Either way could you please let her know I think of her often, I don't think she ever knew just how much her friendship meant to me. Thank you :)

RoyalTLady said...

HI there Narrelle...

You are just plain lucky. I have just logged in after some absence from this blog land.

I have sms(ed) your email address and spoke briefly to Kate a little while ago... just as soon as I read your comment. Of course she remembers you!!!!

Hope you would be a little patient to wait for her email.

Happy New Year and hope your friendship rekindles through RoyalTlady...

Tukar Spender said...

Coincidental I bump to your blog when I search her name. She is the most nice lady down to earth & she never knew how much I treasure our previous friendship.Almost falling in love but, I planed it to fail.The rest is history.All the best Katerina!!(her real name). Best in everything.I miss U but just keep it that way - ZED ZAHID.

P/S: I'am happy that you are still here.

RoyalTLady said...

Almost falling in love but, I planed it to fail.The rest is history.All the best Katerina!!

ZED ZAHID, terasa pilu and touching... should I tell her?