Sunday, August 17, 2008


Sarah, in A.H. Our Bundle Of Joy, has left. The whole family left today, after breakfast with us, at our house. We had nasi dagang Terengganu and nasi minyak Terengganu that my son-in-law bought from Wan Shukur’s in Subang Jaya. Afterwards, they went back to their house to fetch their cat to bring over to Kedah, to Sarah’s grandmother’s house.

They were busy the whole day yesterday with the professional packers and packing their belongings. They would be leaving for London in September. Sarah’s and Adam’s mother would further her studies and courses at the Oxford University for another three long years, the alma mater she once graduated from with a Degree in Dentistry.

I am already missing them so much. Last night, as I was going to bed I slipped my fingers through the pink colored vertical blinds and peeped out. Sadness and darkness covered my feelings. It was total darkness coming from their house. There are no more beautiful curtains found hanging over their windows. There are no more lights shining through. No more meows from their eight year-old cat. Most of all, there are no more Sarah and Adam who would wave to me whenever I am in their sight. They fondly addressed me as their “nenek sebelah” (next door grandma in English). I called their grandma as Kak Ton (elder sister Ton in English).

Dr.Intan and Dr.Hairi are both dentists by profession. They are very friendly young couple living next door to us. They occupied their bungalow almost at the same time we had occupied ours, in the year 2006. Today, is Sarah’s and her daddy’s birthday…born on different dates and different years to different parents.

After breakfast, we had a photography session. Amir Harith was quite naughty. He had tried pulling Kak Sarah’s hair. Adam was quite away from AH as he was salivating…hahaha, as though he never did it himself those days. Someone was absent, it was Sarah’s and Adam’s daddy.

Once finished, we went over to their house for the last time to bid good bye. They would be leaving Malaysia on the 16th September 2008…on an eleven o’clock MAS flight. What, night time? Yes, it would be at night.

It would be a fasting month, the month of Ramadhan. Every Muslim would start fasting at the beginning of September, Insyaallah. Fasting is one of the Five Pillars Of Islam.

Meanwhile, this house would remain dark, empty, melancholy, sad and gloomy until the next occupied by the next tenant.

Just a little while ago, while editing some links here, nenek sebelah called me from Singapore. She went home to say hello and good bye to her neighbors there before leaving for London to live with her daughter's family for the next three years. She sounded very jovial indeed. This coming Tuesday, she would be back to Kuala Lumpur to join her children who are all living and working here.

Parting is such a sweet sorrow.

Farewell, adios, Auf Wierdesehen, chai chien, selamat tinggal.....


afiq said...

its hard to leave someone close to us..
lg2 kalo kte yg kne tinggal...
but,if we want to find a new land,we must left the shore..
thats wht i feel now..

RoyalTLady said...

parting is such a sweet they say.

yes, I feel nostalgic these past few days. but Sarah's grandma calls from singapore, twice already.

afiq, parting in modern days is only physically.....minds, souls and all else remain intact...

when r u leaving?

afiq said...

i c..
spore is just minutes away frm my house..
die buat ape kt spore?
dlm blog aunty ckp diorg g uk...

mmg la cmtu aunty,tp still susah nk contact kt sne..
1 msg gne line sne dh 50 sen..

insyaAllah i'll b leavg aftr raya..

RoyalTLady said...

Oh Sarah's grandmother is from singapore. She went home to see her friends. She would join sarah's family after raya.

Which part of johore are you from?
O sempat lah menyambut ramadhan and syawal di malaysia...

afiq said...

i c...
sy dduk dkt tampoi,jb..
asalny sy kne fly 29 hb ni..
tp x jd bcs senior yg kt sne pn ad lg kt msia..
so xd org la yg nk guide kt sne..
kireny sy fly skali dgr senior la..

RoyalTLady said...

We did enter your zone in the night of 20th Of August recently on the way to have dinner at Tmn.Cempaka.

I was in Skudai for my son's convocation. Just took a short trip and put up in Pulai Springs Resort.

afiq said...

tmn cempaka tu x jauh sgt pn dpd rumah afiq..
itu mmg housing estate..
bnyk tmn2 kt situ..
rumah afiq dkt dgn angsana..
dkt bndr baru uda..
pulai spring resort tu dkt jalan nk gi ke pontian...
aunty pegi convo abg hafiz kn??

RoyalTLady said...

Ya, Abang Hafiz's convo it was, alright.

So, we have reached your area then? We had dinner at one "probably Kelantanese" food corner. Passed Angsana by its side, then back to Pulai Spring.

afiq said...

i dont sure wer is d restaurant that u say bcs there are numerous restaurants that looks like kelantanese restaurant..

actually,they are not kelantanese..
they all came from south thai..

of course they kecek klate bcs there is barely no dfference in words they use..

my house is right in front of angsana..

royaltlady said...

I honestly cannot tell the location of the was night time.

Ya they are probably from Southern Thailand. The food is commonly Simese dishes. Okay by their standard.

so, you are in Angsana area?