Wednesday, November 4, 2009


After such a long wait, alas! They are here... these layered hibiscus do not last long. They started to open slowly in the morning, by noon they show off their brightest color with their full bloom and before you know it.....they are already saying bye bye bye adios, cheers and blessings.

I have no intention of telling you who came by and had a taste of them and their buds.... I felt quite sad but how could I stop them... the naughty wild monkeys , yes, they came!


Melissa said...

I have missed you and your wonderful blog.

Your blog keeps getting better and better.


azahar said...

I remember having a go at their sweet and succulent parts when I was small, these hibiscus.

Besodes hibiscus, there is this bunga pecah periuk...I just loved to suck their soothing nectar and also their sweet fruits!

Laura in Paris said...

How beautiful! Didn't know monkeys liked them - I'm sorry for your flowers and buds - but confess the story made me laugh!

RoyalTLady said...


It's been quite a while... I missed you from this blog land. Gald you are back with more stories and a facelift.


Isn't bunga pecah periuk...called ixora?

Laura, a couple more shots from the phone cam for you to see... that included the buds.

azahar said... slipped off my is Ixora indeed