Thursday, November 26, 2009


Where Have I BEEN? It's already over a week since my last post? So soon.

The afternoon of 19th Of November took me to the KLIA by ERL.... An old schoolmate had offered a lift but I had to leave later than her proposed time. It was to see another long lost friend going back to her work place, in Muscat, Oman. In over 36 years, I have just met her last April when she came home for a short holiday... away from work. She works in a hospital.

Part of the Merridian Hotel and Tower Block near the KLCentral.
This was snapped while I was in the traffic jam.

After my eldest daughter dropped me off and picked up her younger brother who had just arrived from the South, I had to trudge along to find the counter for ERL ticket. I was dropped off on the opposite end this huge KLCentral.

This is the terminal where I was supposed to get down. But Hafiz was waiting to be picked up on the opposite end... so trala la this old grandma, trudged along.

After making an inquiry about "Golden Age cum Senior Citizen's" ticket, I got my ticket (at full price because I am just a little too early for my eligibility) and down the escalator I went. What did I see? Green bags, black suits, TV cameras and cameras. Who were they? From their appearance it was obvious that they were Asian, having pale complexion, some are very young and beautiful, some looked so formal.

Some of them were busy taking pictures and not forgetting to smile at me as I was leaning against this huge pole. I saw some dignitaries with escorts. Anyway, when these two beautiful young ladies were taking pictures, I was there right smack in their frame. Politely they asked me to join them. It was a sheer luck. I almost took up the whole frame of their cam. Hahahhahaha.

I almost filled up their entire "frame"... huge and cuge (cute + huge). I was leaning against the orange pole that was just as huge... How I wish I could put them both in front of me ... hahaha what a wish.

We greeted each other (after the picture taking??) and obviously... this old lady who happened to be talkative most of the time even to strangers, asked who they were, why were they here, when did they arrive, where is their next destination... OH MY! My o my!... Was I that busy body? I was, wasn't I? Yes, I was. But they appeared okay... they responded well.

They were from Thailand, on a visit to our Malaysian Railway finding out about ERL (really?), had arrived the day before and going on to Singapore! OK, satisfied? As soon as the ERL arrived, I jumped on board and managed a seat as fast as I could because there were 60 of them in the entourage (I learned this later). I was seated next to a young man whom I have forgotten his name. It was quite long. He told me, the Governor of Thailand was also on board. I told him I thought I saw some dignitaries in the next coach.

The twenty-minute-ride over 40 kilometers ended abruptly as the ERL reached its terminal. I learned later as I was walking among them, the two beautiful ladies were their Channel 7 newscasters. Well, the trip was worthwhile indeed.

When I reached the departure lounge, the people going on a pilgrimage were ready at the check in counters. My long lost friend was going to be missed and lost again. She was no where to be seen. The telephone of this other friend was not responding. What should I do? Do I wait, jog the long corridors, walk the whole walkway? My thinking cap started working. There were three of them there. I did not have her phone number. What must I do? OK, lemme try this number. Okay no answer. Second number, no answer. My luck stroked with the third try. Smart ideas proposed and counter proposed. Finally, they were coming towards me but already leaving the airport.

We were left all alone to recap whatever on our minds and sufficient time to see her off down the escalator, waving and waving. Until the next time we see each other... good bye my friend.

Guess what? I forgot to take pictures with her... but memories linger on and on fresh and crisp on my mind.

managed these shots on my way back to KLCentral.

Empty seats in front of me.. this time no one to ask, no one to answer me.
It was a boring ride home.

While waiting for Hafiz to fetch me, I turned right, left, top to the roof and
out of the KLC...arrival hall.

That's the end of the 19th Nov's short trip to and from KLIA... this is on our way home... just outside the KLC, along the Bangsar Road.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lady, what an interesting post. I was afraid you would get lost. I am highlighting all my followers for my birthday month and you are up tomorrow Nov. 26. Stop by for a visit.

GrandmaK said...

What a busy lady you have been!! Lovely
pics! Cathy