Sunday, November 29, 2009

OH DEAR! Part Three

Where Have I been?

I have been looking for this Canon IXUS that went missing after the last photo shoot of a small accident along the road to the bank on the 11th...
mY real LAST LAP WITH picture rendezvous was the 10th November 2009:- referring to my earlier posting...Who Went Missing After The Last Lap?). Was searching for it high and low... already described in that posting, I think!

The 19th, I was going to the airport (KLIA) to see an old friend off. Before leaving the car, I place my MP3 in the dash board. Nothing was there except our small papers, pen, scissors and odds and ends..

The 20th morning, I was going out with Hafiz to get some breakfast (roti canai and lontong)... While he was closing the gate, I put my set of house keys in the dash board. OPS! Whoopy! What did I see? Was it a brand new one? Was it bought by Harith's Mama to surprise me?

I asked Hafiz what everyone was saying about the missing cam? He told me, Tasha was going to buy a new one, next month when she gets her pay. I told him, I too was going to buy next month but don't tell her. Then I showed him what I found in the glove compartment... IT WAS our missing IXUs. BUT where did it come from?

I called Tasha in case she wanted to surprise me. She was also over excited over the discovery but she was equally surprised How On Earth It came about since yesterday afternoon IT was not there while I put the MP3????

When I reached home after buying breakfast, she took the cam, checked the battery level which was empty the day I last used it (that was why I had put it away then... in my large hand bag)...checked the pictures that I shot that day.

Answers??? The battery level was full, the pictures were all missing and the counter started with number one instead of a thousand over ...

NO ONE in our household managed to solve the mystery of this little adventure of our cute Canon Ixus for 9 days...(from the 11th -20th)... has anyone encountered such mysterious incidences... AM sure some have.

This is the lady in pink that went off and came back so mysteriously after her nine days trip to "no one knew where!". The wall paper is a beading project that caught my attention so much.

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Laura in Paris said...

I am not very happy with my new Canon .. prefered by far my old Fuji which I broke last summer ...