Friday, November 6, 2009


 It is so refreshing after it rained... 
they really cheered me up. 


...Including this little butterfly and a bee... (bottom pic)

They helped to pollinate these flowers
I was extremely careful though
In case the bee decided to turn on me!

The rain that came early  morning... 
Keeping us cool and cozy

the dew collected on each petal
Is still visible and fresh

There is no sun today

  It is just getting warmer this instant
with no clouds to see
but only the plain whitish-gray sky
The little bee's color is almost the same as the middle portion of this yellow flower.... am not too sure if you could spot it... 


OPs!  Another birthday went  by and was unintentionally yet comfortably forgotten 
although I have written in my desk calender.....  

I heard a chirpy birthday song sung by little Harith 
as his Mama was just leaving for her final exam today
.. here it goes... Happy TO YOu Happy To YOU! 
and I turned and asked my sil shyly... 
is it already 6th today?

What has become of me?  I have forgotten Di's birthday a week ago..and today.. another birthday went by ... my eldest daughter must have expected my wishes early in the morning as I was saying prayers for her... like I always do, so faithfully every day on her working days... and  to Zaza and my sil too.

Happy Birthday Tasha (Harith's Mama)
May Allah answers all of your prayers, 
mine and all of us for each other. Amin.

I certainlly hope that I won't forget my 55th birthday next month..


Ginnie said...

Your photos are lovely. Don't worry about your memory ... I'm sure they all know that you love them !

Laura in Paris said...

Flowers! They always cheer me up too.

tip said...

MasyaAllah! the pictures are lovely..

RoyalTLady said...

Ginnie, Laura and TIP (My long lost friend)...

Thanks for viewing and glad you like them. They are form my phone cam.

Tip, you made it. It's very easy once you get the hang of it... from now on, whenever you drop by, please do not forget to leave even a dot of trace, ok?