Friday, September 19, 2008


Earlier, I had posted a scribe The Hair Cut, The Scissors, The tears. This time it has nothing to do with any haircuts....

There was an earlier attempt to sell my C Evasion when Citroen Zara arrived. The negotiations with the buyer turned sour and the sales man from Bangsar branch absconded. Thus the dream to own C Zara remained buried deep down. It was not meant to be.

Then came the year 0f 2006...after the serious and expensive problems, we decided to sell off and buy a smaller car instead.

Lucky me. The good guy in Eon wanted to buy it for such a rock bottom price...but it was better than offered by other second hand car dealers. The early morning call came through...the feeling of ...sadness enveloped me. I was shy to write this but...........YES I was in tears...NOW as I am writing this sentence, Harith's Mama, The Lady Who Lives Down The Stair Case...also admittedly confessed...she was also crying ...why! The thought of departing with our nine year old CE...saddens us all. We sort of belonged to each other...CE and us, and US and CE.

The guy on the other side of the receiver had a shock of his life...

"Assalamualaikum kak (sis) Emy, don't you want your cheque?"

"Is it ready, already?"

"Why? don't you want to collect it?"

"I am sad...(I was crying...beyond tears). BECAUSE That car took me places, knew what I went through, how I went through it all, it is part of me, if only it knew how to talk it sure would tell you how, what , when, where and ALL those events in my life ever since I started owning it"

I went on almost in one or two single breaths...Is there such thing as two single breaths...???

Anyway, he was laughing away endlessly, in amusement...NEVER had he heard in his whole profession as a car salesman, that a lady owner cried at selling off her car. Never ever, he said.

Well, as he continued lauging, I suggested he should write in the Proton newsletter about this "unusual event" of the century.

It was emotional send off for our faithful, Hafiz, Zaza, Diyanah and Tasha were there. Before that, Hafiz had his last CE car wash and took several pictures. But I have not been able to retract them from our old computer. Sad for us depart with such a dear, dear, dear "part-of-our-lives-vehicle"...

Sound stup? Nope!..I asked a cousin sister later, she also told me the same thing had happened to her before she sold off her Fiat Punto.


Ginnie said...

The same thing happened to me. I remember my husband and the car salesman laughing at me as we traded in my beloved old and trusty Chevy. I was getting a better car, but it didn't matter. I shed a bushel of tears for all the good times I'd had in that car.

RoyalTLady said...


There you are. Hahahahhhahahahaha, now we could laugh at ourselves. So I was not the ONLY ONE, eh?

Emotions across the cyber space, I should call it. I thought people would laugh at me...I was contemplating before posting this scribe.

But I thought, why waste it. At least it should make ME feel accomplished. And was hoping someone else would be the same...

SO, It's YOU! Great!

Used cars by owner said...

I would tell you from a straight man's perceptive I also felt sad when selling my old honda two years ago. But of cause I didn't show any drops of tears. Well, my wife did.

I used to think women are just so emotional. But I was wrong.

Women are just free to leash their emotions.

RoyalTLady said...

Hi there UCBO,

I just wondered how did you find your way here?

Thanks for sharing and making me feel a lot better with such a confession.

I thought I was the only weird ONE...

azahar said...

I almost cried when I had to depart with my beloved Volvo 240GL sometimes back. Its registration number was AAQ 4923.

I had to sell it just because nobody wanted to look after it while we were away in the States from 1994 - 1996.

The car was a part of our life in our trying time - that was when our late son was having leukemia.

We had to travel from Sg Siput to KL Hospital at odd hours and sometimes to Chukai too just to be with our beloved son.

Still remember when Diyana (she was six then) and I had to sleep in the car for two weeks in anticipation of my wife (she was with Syakirin in the ward) giving birth to our Syazwan.

I had to once in a while leave Diyana in the car, and gave a peek through the windows of the ward just to see that my wife was ok or not.

Finally an old gentleman bought my car for RM23,000 and he paid cash in old notes. Still remember how he carried the money - in an old envelope! He bought it for his daughter-in-law - how generous!

Parting with it was sad at that time. I would not want to be labelled as ungrateful...habis madu sepah dibuang... it was just that nobody wanted to take care of ir while we were away...

RoyalTLady said...

Hey doc,

Haven't seen you visiting us for quite a while... and I am just back online because the world was suddenly cut loose of blog sphere and the internet was just connected by TM last night, (a serious failure for three days...3 long, long days).

SO, again! I am not the ONLY one...glad to hear some people share this emotion with their CARS.

We are such a bunch of grateful-easily-attached-humans, aren't we?